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Folding napkins for Christmas: Simple and quick ideas that even beginners can succeed with

With the right folding technique, even the plainest napkin becomes a real eye-catcher on the festive table. We show you 5 simple and quick folding techniques that are guaranteed to earn you compliments. Folding napkins for Christmas – made easy!

Christmas napkin folding: Simple idea with place card

Napkin simple wrap like gift

Whether plain or with a festive print, a cloth napkin adds the finishing touch to festive table decor. You don’t have to be an expert in napkin folding to do this. With a little creativity, you can create beautiful designs. Like, for example, folding the napkin first in the middle and then again in the middle. Then wrap it with decorative ribbon like a gift and add a “tag” with the guest’s name on it.

Folding napkin for Christmas: Ideas with cutlery pocket

Napkins with cutlery pocket folding at Christmas quick and easy tutorial

A folding technique for beginners: the next idea for napkin with cutlery pocket I easily succeeded last year. And I’m not really known for my crafting skills. Luckily, the instructions are super simple and then with a little practice, the folding will go smoothly on the festive day.

Fold napkin with diagonal cutlery pocket in four steps

Follow the photo tutorial to fold the napkins. If you’re expecting lots of guests for Christmas, then it’s worth practicing this week. This will save you time on the day.

Christmas napkins with cutlery pocket folding

Another super simple idea for napkin with cutlery pocket: the casually tied fabric ribbon makes the charm of this folding technique. It’s best to cut the ribbon to size and keep the ribbon pieces with the napkins. That way, you’ll always have everything you need on hand in case things speed up.

Fold napkin with cutlery pocket for Christmas

Take a fabric ribbon that picks up the colors of the rest of the decor or even better the dishes. Use a cloth napkin in a solid color for maximum impact.

Knot cloth napkin instead of folding it.

Napkins to knot folding Christmas instruction

Complete beginners will also have no problem with the next idea. However, you will need napkins made of an airy fabric like cotton, linen or silk. Knot the napkins instead of folding them.

Fold napkin into bow and decorate with napkin ring

Christmas napkin folding bow with napkin ring

If you like to try a new folding tutorial, you should go for a bow. This technique is very simple, but the final result will convince you with a simple elegance. And the best part – you can use napkin rings of your choice.

Christmas napkin folding technique bow

Fold the napkin in half and fold one tip to the center. Then turn the napkin over and do similarly with the other tip – fold it over to the center. Then fold first one and then – the other end to the center. Turn the napkin over again and fix it with napkin ring of your choice.

Folding napkins for Christmas: Simple techniques

Christmas napkins folding different ideas

Sometimes it is enough to fold the napkin several times in the middle and then fix it with a napkin ring. So that the design does not look boring, you can spice it up with a tag. Cut it out of clay cardboard or cardboard and write the guest’s name on it.

Fold napkin into a Christmas tree

Christmas tree napkin folding tutorial

Perhaps the most popular fall technique at Christmas is the fir tree. Whether you have cloth or paper napkins, the Christmas tree always succeeds and always looks good. If you want, you can also spice it up with cardboard poinsettias or a string of lights. Or just arrange several mini Christmas balls between the “branches” of the tree.

Follow the instructions in the video to make the beautiful Christmas tree. Then you can cut an organza ribbon and tie it into a bow. Decorate the Christmas tree with it.

In the best case, you should have a green napkin for this craft idea. But other colors also work quite well if you additionally decorate the Christmas tree with mini Christmas balls.

Folding napkins for Christmas: Fan

Christmas fan folding quick and easy

A fan can be perfectly staged not only on the Christmas table, but also on the wedding table. For this folding technique it is best to take cotton or damask. The napkins need to be square so that you can fold them.

Christmas napkin fan folding

The folding instructions themselves are super simple. First, lay out the napkin on the work surface and smooth it out. Then, fold the bottom edges up and fold the napkin back. Then fold the edge back up again. You will repeat the process until you reach the napkin napkin. Now fold the left side of the napkin to the right. Fold the right side to the left to form a point. Then place the napkin on the plate and slowly unfold the fan.

Especially at Christmas, you want to set the table festive and effective. But then the question arises – where to put the napkins? Instead of just putting them under the cutlery, you can fold them and put them in the plates of the guests. In this way, you will then have made an effective decoration that is guaranteed to earn you compliments. Our tip – choose a simple design and test in advance how long it will take you to fold.