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Folding napkins for Christmas – 9 simple instructions

Folding napkins for Christmas simple instructions ideas for festive table decorations

Christmas folded napkins like fir tree, star, cottage and bow are a real eye-catcher on the festive table and always cause great enthusiasm. On the other hand, the napkin folds such as lace hat, candle, boots and screw give structure to the magical table decoration, because the napkins are placed on the plate standing. Check out all the easy tutorials related to Christmas napkin folding and choose your favorite!

Folding napkins – A little house with a pointed roof

Folding napkins Christmas red cottage with saddle roof

This little house with pointed roof is super easy to fold. Kids can also trace the window, door and shingles. This way they won’t get bored at the family dinner.

  1. Fold the paper napkin lengthwise into a rectangle.
  2. Fold the left and right corners down symmetrically.
  3. Now fold the top ends back toward the center to make a triangle.
  4. Fold the bottom half up and then down once, underneath the triangle formed.
  5. Push the edges inward a few millimeters, just below the roof of the house.
  6. Turn the napkin over and you’re done!


Folding napkins Christmas candle patterned standing

Fabric napkins are more suitable for this folding tutorial. Plain or patterned, the choice is yours. A golden bow completes the overall look.

  1. Fold the napkin into a triangle. The tip points up and lies flush on the bottom.
  2. Now fold the tip down.
  3. Bend one end upwards. It should stick out about 4 inches.
  4. Now loosely roll the napkin from one end to the other.
  5. Then tuck the free end into the fold.

Folding napkins – A pointed elf hat

Christmas napkins folding elf hat red plate

The elf hat is one of the easiest designs and is folded super quickly. The result looks very cute and can also be jazzed up a bit. For example, you can fix a little bell on the top or put a place card in the cuff.

  1. Fold the napkin into a rectangle.
  2. Grasp one end and roll up the napkin to form a cone.
  3. Fold bottom half outward to make cuff of hat.

Fold cloth napkin into a bow

Napkins folding cloth napkin patterned bow fan

Use these instructions to fold the napkin to make it look like a bow.

  1. Lay the cloth napkin spread out in front of you.
  2. Fold the left end to the vertical center line.
  3. Then repeat the same with the right.
  4. Fold the rectangle from bottom to top in an accordion fashion.
  5. Secure in the center with decorative ribbon.

Fold paper napkin into an elf shoe

Christmas napkins folding elf shoe small paper napkin

This folding instruction is a little more elaborate than the lace hat. With a little practice, you will be able to fold the perfect elf shoe.

  1. Lay the napkin open.
  2. Fold both ends inward, along the center line.
  3. Fold the napkin in half again.
  4. Fold left and right napkin sides up (45 degrees) so their edges meet in the center.
  5. Repeat this step.
  6. Fold the resulting triangle in half.
  7. Fold the front right flap to the back, folding it to the top left.
  8. Fold the small triangle down at the back.
  9. Push the protruding bottom part into the tip part.
  10. Adjust the top of the boot only.

Christmas napkin folding – The star

Napkins folding star paper napkin green white plate

The poinsettia is not only a beautiful Christmas symbol, but it also makes quite a visual impact. It also creates a nice 3D effect.

  1. Lay the paper napkin open in front of you.
  2. Fold the top and bottom halves towards the center line.
  3. Turn the napkin 90 degrees and repeat this once more.
  4. Open the last two folds again. The napkin is divided into eight squares.
  5. Now fold the napkin from the bottom to the top in a zig-zag.
  6. Place the napkin in front of you so that the top zig-zag layer is open at the bottom.
  7. Lift the first layer and press the top edge inward.
  8. Repeat this with all layers on the left and right sides.
  9. Fold in the middle and unfold the star. Connect the open prongs with paper clips.

Napkins fold star Christmas green paper napkin

The elegant screw

napkins folding screw instruction elegant table decoration

The screw is super suitable especially for festive occasions. It is best to use a cloth napkin in a slightly stiffer quality. This way, your creation will stand stably on the plate. To prevent the rolls from falling apart too much, you can simply pin them with a paper clip.

  1. Fold the napkin into a two-ply rectangle. The open side faces down.
  2. Fold the bottom right corner up and place this on top of the bottom left corner.
  3. Place the top right corner on the center of the bottom edge.
  4. Now repeat the entire process with the other half of the napkin.
  5. A large triangle is formed.
  6. Now fold the left half symmetrically onto the right half.
  7. Roll up the triangle from the side and place it vertically on the plate.

Napkins folding elegant screw standing cloth napkin

Fold the napkin into a fir tree

Folding napkins Christmas decoration table fir red plate

In this video we showed you how to fold an original Christmas tree. But there is also an even simpler variant.

  1. Put the napkin in front of you so that it looks like a diamond.
  2. Now fold the left and the right tip inwards so that a pointed triangle is formed at the top.
  3. Fold the bottom tip up about 1 cm.
  4. Fold the bottom right part toward the center. Do the same with the lower left part.
  5. Fold the diamond in half.
  6. Then fold the bottom half down again.
  7. Turn the napkin over.

A flame in a glass

napkins folding elegant festive flame cloth napkin in glass

This napkin fold looks quite wonderfully classy. Like real flame coming out of the glass. At the same time, it can be implemented amazingly quickly.

  1. Fold the napkin in the middle.
  2. Fold the rectangle into a square.
  3. Turn the napkin.
  4. Take the first two layers and fold them upwards.
  5. Turn the napkin over and fold the other two layers upwards. This will create a triangle.
  6. Fold the triangle in the middle.
  7. Take the top layer, fold once to the right and once to the left.
  8. Turn the napkin over and do the same with all three layers.
  9. Place the folded napkin upright in a wine glass.
  10. Pluck apart the individual layers of napkin.