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Folding banknotes Christmas: How to wrap beautiful and original cash gifts

Do you always have the problem, you do not even know what to give the family and friends? Fortunately, then there is always a gift that goes down well with everyone: money. But a gift of money does not have to be boring in any case. Make it special by folding the bills in a Christmassy way. We offer several ideas and instructions.

Folding banknotes christmas: Create greeting cards with 50 euro bill

Money gifts on postcard folding origami

Christmas cards are loved by all. Craft a Christmas card as a thank you to a special person. A nice greeting card will remain as a memory of Christmas with family and friends. The recipient will be all the more pleased if he suddenly finds lovingly folded banknotes on the greeting card. But also on a photo with a beautiful picture frame, the money gifts can be perfectly staged. Or arrange in a jam jar with various thematic decorative pieces. But you can also display the poinsettia in a Christmas tree ball and then hang it on the Christmas tree. Or maybe you bought a bottle of wine / liquor? Hang several money hearts.

Original Christmas gift: Fold Christmas tree from banknotes

Folding fir tree from euro bills for Christmas

Four 5-euro banknotes can be used to make a small giveaway for the guests at the Christmas party. For the branches, simply fold three banknotes into triangles and for the tree trunk, first fold in a third of another banknote. Then fold the bill again and roll it up additionally. After that, all that remains is to assemble the Christmas tree and loosely attach it to a sheet of colored paper with double-stick tape.

Such a fir tree also looks good in a jam jar, along with artificial snow and other decorative pieces. Give the whole jar as a gift, and the recipient will continue to enjoy the decoration long after the euro bills are spent.

Christmas wishes and money on a homemade card

Christmas tree folding ideas for origami money gifts with postcard

You can also fold a banknote into a triangle, decorate it with a bow and a snowflake and then stick it to a homemade greeting card. In this way, the greeting card will remain as a beautiful reminder of the time spent together at Christmas.

Fold money gifts Christmas: Fold banknote into a star

Money bills christmas folding to star

A Christmas star made of banknotes is always well received, too. You can use the star to decorate another gift. For example, edible gifts from the kitchen, lovingly packed in jam jars, can be decorated with it prima.

If you want to fold a money star, then you can simply follow the step-by-step video instructions. For the poinsettia you need a little more skill and experience with origami. If you are a complete beginner, then you should just allow more time for folding.

Folding money into hearts: Instructions

Money bills heart folding at Christmas useful tips

If you want to fold money Christmas style, but you only have 1 bill, then you should go for the next idea. You can fold a money heart. The heart symbolizes love, reliability and security. Therefore, a money heart is always well received and will bring a lot of joy to the recipient.

Fold gifts Christmas: Heart

Money bills creative wrapping for Christmas garland

The heart can be folded from any bill, the hearts from a 10 euro and 50 euro bill are different sizes. By the way, you can also fold several hearts and tie them together to form a garland.

By the way, heart motifs are well received not only at Christmas. You can make a similar gift for a wedding, Valentine’s Day or for a best friend’s birthday.

Money gifts ideas: Four-leaf clover as a good luck charm

Christmas money gift folding ideas

The four-leaf clover has long been considered a good luck charm. It can be made up of four money hearts. Glue them on a sheet of colored paper and write a nice message underneath. This Christmas card can be given as a gift or simply put under the Christmas tree.

Lovingly folded into a star, Christmas tree or a heart, money gifts look like modern pieces of art. They can be perfectly staged and look good both on the greeting card, and as a pendant for the bottle of homemade liqueur. Surprise your loved ones with this decoration for Christmas from.