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Fancy Advent wreaths 2022: 5 DIY ideas for a colorful, modern and festive decoration.

An Advent wreath is a beautiful and cozy way to pass the time until Christmas Eve. Now is the time to bring out the Christmas decorations, cute cones, twinkling stars and moss. Fancy Advent wreaths need to be made for Christmas 2022!

5 DIY ideas on how to make an advent wreath yourself

Simple and quick DIY projects to make an Advent wreath

Making Advent wreaths yourself is fun and easy! With a fallen branch from the garden, a plant wrapper and a few Christmas balls, you can craft a holder for the Christmas candles – atmospheric and guaranteed unique. They are also beautiful because they last throughout Christmas and are easy to make, even for beginners.

Fancy Advent wreaths 2022: simple and fast.

Fancy Advent wreaths 2022 - easy and quick to make yourself

All you need to make this festive Advent wreath are 4 candlesticks, 4 white candles, a tray, some fir greenery and a handful of baubles.

Simply place the candlesticks on the tray and scatter fir greenery and the baubles of your choice around them.

If you choose gold tones and glass baubles, the colors will reflect beautifully when the candles are lit. You don’t need four identical candle holders, use what you have. The tray doesn’t have to be round either. If you have an oblong one, it will go well with a long dining table.

Minimalist Advent wreath made from a metal ring.

DIY project for a minimalist advent wreath for Christmas

If you love the simplicity and ease of Scandinavian homes, this decorating idea is for you. Just decorate with a touch of anticipation and Christmas feeling and go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Golden wrapping wire
  • Light colored ribbon
  • A long sprig of cones with pine cones on them
  • A sprouting onion
  • A golden metal ring
  • 4 pearl white candles
  • 4 candle holders

Here’s how it works:

Place the metal ring on the table and place the larch cone across. Secure it by wrapping the gold wrapping wire tightly around the branch and the ring. Once it is tight, you can place an onion on the right side. You can also secure it with the string. Try holding the ring up by the loop to make sure the onion doesn’t have as much weight and cause the ring to “fall over”. Tie a grosgrain ribbon to the ring. Hang the ring and finally place the candlesticks with the candles. Remember, they should sit on the outside of the branch so they have some distance from the wall. This Advent wreath is best for hanging in a window or outdoors where there are no flammable materials nearby.

Abusive Advent wreaths 2022 with porcelain bowl.

Craft Advent wreath with porcelain bowl for Christmas

This natural Advent wreath requires little finger work and can be used year after year. You will need a beautiful bowl, four candles, elephant wire, four skewers, fabric ribbons, moss, pine cones and some greenery.

Make three skewers per candle from the elephant wire by cutting pieces about four inches long. Heat them over a flame and then insert them into the bottom of the candles.

Fill the bowl with the moss and spread the greenery and pine cones on top. Tuck the four candles into the moss and knot pretty fabric ribbons around each candle.

Eye-catching Advent wreaths: blooming Advent wreath.

Fancy advent wreaths 2022 - make a flowering advent wreath

Materials needed:

  • One plug-in foam wreath
  • Four 60 cm long candles
  • Velour ribbon
  • Small spruce tips
  • Pine cones
  • Holly
  • Colorful pampas grass
  • Pink or red berries
  • Paper buds
  • Dried flowers (for example, cornflowers or daisies).

Wet the plug-in foam wreath and attach the long candles to the wreath at even intervals. Cover the edge with small spruce tips and twigs and place the cornflowers, berries, paper buds and pine cones in small clusters until the plug-in foam wreath is completely covered. For a lighthearted expression, feel free to float individual flowers with the greenery over the edge of the table. Finish off by adding a large bow made of velour ribbon. Alternatively, you can tie four smaller bows and wrap them around each candle.

Fancy Advent wreaths: a decorating idea for nature lovers.

Fancy advent wreaths - natural decoration made of wood and pine cones

If you love nature and the rustic look, this is the Advent wreath for you.

You will need: A piece of split firewood or a piece of wood that is flat on the bottom so that it lies stably. Plus four candle holders, glue gun, green twigs and pine cones, a small animal and a stone board or bowl.

How to make it. Place the wood on a nice stone board or tray. Cut the ends of the candle holders and decorate the piece of wood around the candles with greenery and pine cones. Unobtrusively glue the greenery in place with a glue gun if necessary. Decorate the stone board with the greenery and a small animal. If you have elves in your Christmas box, you can replace the animal with a pair of elves.