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Edible Christmas Decoration 2022: Delicious and creative ideas for homemade snacks decoration!

From the Victorian era with its baubles and plants to the lights of today, Christmas decorations have evolved greatly. In recent years, people have returned to a more organic Christmas style, and of course, this includes the inclusion of edible decorations in the Christmas festivities. Why have regular decorations when you can eat them? These fun ideas look – and taste – great! Not only do edible Christmas 2022 decorations add a unique DIY flair to the holidays, but they also serve the dual purpose of being enjoyable beyond aesthetics.

Decorating fruit for Christmas – citrus fruits sprinkled with cloves as table decorations

Decorate fruit for Christmas - citrus fruits sprinkled with cloves as table decoration

Herbalists of the Middle Ages used sachets of fragrant dried herbs and flowers known as pomanders (musk apple) to ward off illness and invoke good luck. Even plague doctors, with their strange beak-shaped masks and goggles, filled the tops of the masks with a similar mixture to alleviate the smell of illness.

Edible table decoration do it yourself - creative ideas

To make pomanders, carve decorative patterns into the peels of citrus fruits with a paring knife and stick whole cloves onto the fruit. You can arrange a single bowl of the spiked fruit as a table decoration or place several bowls around the house to spread a warm, calming aroma.

Edible Christmas decorations for kids and adults – popcorn cranberry garland.

Edible Christmas decorations for kids and adults - Popcorn cranberry garland

When the idea of decorating Christmas trees first came about, evergreen trees were often decorated with fruit, which eventually led to the widespread practice of using popcorn and cranberries to make a garland. To make this edible Christmas decoration, use a tapestry needle and baker’s twine and thread alternating plump, firm cranberries and popped popcorn. The garland can be hung on the tree or draped over the mantel. For an extra classy look, you can sprinkle the cranberries with sugar before stringing.

Bake Christmas decorations – mini meringue tree ornaments.

Homemade mini-baisers as a decoration for Christmas

We love a good edible wreath, although this mini meringue tree ornament may not last through Advent. With their snowy hue, these decorations stand out well against the deep green pine needles of the tree, but don’t be afraid to jazz them up a bit.

Christmas decoration baking - mini meringue tree decorations

Get out your piping bag and squirt a few Christmas-themed designs on each wreath before sprinkling them with edible snowflakes.

Cool ideas – edible Christmas decorations with dried orange slices.

Cool ideas - edible Christmas decoration with dried orange slices

You’ll see the humble orange in a whole new light with these fruity Christmas tree decorations. Simply slice and bake these pretty oranges to jazz up your tree this year. And they make a great festive air freshener too!

DIY ideas – make your own gingerbread snowflakes

DIY ideas - make gingerbread snowflakes yourself

The real challenge is not to gobble up the whole batch before you decorate your tree. You don’t have to limit yourself to snowflakes – although they are very pretty. Try your hand at gingerbread men, Christmas trees or reindeer before decorating each cookie with snowy white icing. Try adding edible glitter to add an extra touch of festive sparkle.

Edible Christmas decorations – cinnamon stars.

Edible Christmas decoration - Cinnamon stars

The sweet smell of cinnamon is the epitome of Christmas. That’s why these star creations are not just a treat for the eyes. Your room will be filled with wonderful aromas – from the warming spice of the cinnamon sticks to the wonderful fir scent of the tree itself. And you don’t have to limit yourself to stars. Wrap a bundle of cinnamon together with festive ribbon to create a simple but effective decoration.

Make sleds out of popsicle sticks or candy canes.

Make sleds out of popsicle sticks or candy canes

If there was ever an excuse to eat an ice cream lolly, this is it. These sleds are great to craft with kids and can be decorated however you like. Once you have your sled assembled, you can paint it with festive colors and patterns to really show it off on the tree.

Edible sleighs made from candy canes for Christmas 2022

There’s nothing more festive than a candy cane – and there are lots of clever ways to use it. For example, if you stick a cookie on the candy canes, you can easily turn them into a fun sleigh.

Christmas 2022 decoration ideas – hanging ice cream cones.

Decoration ideas for Christmas 2022 - Hanging ice cream cones

This fun idea is so simple and there are so many different variations you can make. Thick, high-quality ice cream cones can be carefully pierced and ribboned to turn them into pretty and edible hanging baskets.

Make stocking cookies yourself as decorations

Cookies for the stocking make your own decoration

Personalize these pretty cookies with your family’s name and hang them in a row on your tree. A candy cane is a fun, edible alternative to a bow – just glue it on with some chocolate!

Bake spicy Christmas wreaths

Baking spicy Christmas wreaths

So if your tree is looking a little too sweet (not that you’re complaining!), we thought you’d need something savory. These cheese dough wreaths are so easy to make and have a nice festive glow.

Edible Christmas Decoration 2022 – Snowman Doughnut Bars.

Edible Christmas Decoration 2022 - Snowman doughnut sticks

The kids will love these fun snowman doughnut bars. Assemble the ingredients and let the kids put the doughnuts on skewers and decorate with different, colorful candies. They also make a great edible gift .