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Door decorations for Christmas: Get into the festive mood and be inspired by our colorful decoration ideas!

In a few weeks it’s finally that time again – Christmas is just around the corner, and literally so! We have already opened the Christmas bakery, decorated our homes and thought of Christmas dinner. In order for the anticipation of the most beautiful season to increase day by day, a colorful Christmas decoration is an absolute must. But what about the entrance to the house? A door decoration for Christmas welcomes our guests and immediately puts them in a festive mood, and isn’t that the best part of the holidays? After all, the front door is the first thing we see when we come home, right? Beautiful wreaths, fairy lights and garlands instantly make the outside look that much more beautiful and always put us in a good mood. Do you need some inspiration? Then you should definitely read on and remember our creative craft ideas for a Christmas door decoration!

Colorful door decorations for Christmas for a good mood

fancy christmas wreaths ideas door decoration christmas tinkering

Let’s face it – the holidays would be only half as contemplative and beautiful without a suitable decoration and the get-together is much more fun in a cozy ambience. Christmas decor trends for 2022 are more exciting than they’ve been in a long time and a great way to really let off steam creatively. A winter door decoration for Christmas always puts you in a good mood and transforms the entrance to your house into a little winter wonderland. Whether you want to DIY Christmas decorations or add more life to store-bought garlands and such, with our ideas your home will instantly amaze all your neighbors!

DIY Christmas wreath from craft sticks

Christmas wreath DIY sustainable Christmas decoration craft ideas

A beautifully decorated door wreath with baubles and fir branches is an absolute classic at Christmas time. But why not try something new and make your own door wreath from craft sticks as a door decoration for Christmas for a change?


  • 40-50 small craft sticks
  • 20-30 larger craft sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Wreath form
  • Red bow

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Paint the craft sticks different shades of green and let dry completely.
  • Hot glue the craft sticks to your heart’s content onto the wreath form and let dry.
  • Decorate with the red bow and your homemade door wreath Christmas decoration is ready.

Elegant door wreath with old Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations recycle ideas door decoration Christmas make yourself

Instead of throwing away the old Christmas tree ornaments, you can use them to decorate the door wreath. A door wreath in shiny silver looks super elegant and is perfect for all fans of minimalist Christmas decorations. The door decoration looks puristic, small and yet exudes a festive flair.

Bright door decoration for Christmas

inexpensive door decorations for Christmas Christmas decoration trends 2022

Christmas may be the most beautiful season of the year, but at the end of December it gets darker outside much earlier and often very uncomfortable. A luminous door decoration for Christmas illuminates the entrance to the house and immediately creates a good mood. Add a few garlands, a small Christmas tree and some artificial snow and you have the perfect Christmas decoration to feel good. Alternatively, you can also use fairy lights for the door decoration and either decorate the whole door with them or simply subtly spice up the door wreath.

Sustainable Christmas decoration with pine cones

with pine cones door decorations for Christmas make yourself

For a beautiful and effective door decoration for Christmas, we do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. If you also don’t feel like all the kitsch and plastic stuff from the store, then you’re in the best place with a sustainable Christmas decoration made from natural materials. Just take a long walk through the park and collect some pine cones. You’ll be amazed at what you can craft from them. Whether it’s a cool door wreath or a small bundle like in the photo above, be creative and have fun!

Glowing Santa Claus as a door decoration for Christmas

Christmas wreath do it yourself simple door decoration Christmas DIY ideas

Make the front entrance shine by crafting this glow-in-the-dark Santa as a door decoration for Christmas! Quick to make and super easy – a perfect DIY activity for the whole family!


  • 35 cm wide wreath
  • 25 cm wide wreath
  • 2 x 10 m battery operated fairy lights
  • Black scrapbookin paper
  • Red satin ribbon
  • Spray paint in white

fancy door wreath ideas door decoration for Christmas do it yourself

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First, spray the wreaths with the white spray paint and allow to dry completely for 1-2 hours in a well-ventilated area.
  • Glue the wreaths together with the hot glue gun and hold them firmly together until the glue dries.
  • Wrap fairy lights around the wreaths and glue the ends with the hot glue gun.
  • In the meantime, draw out a cylinder (templates are plentiful online) and cut it out.
  • Glue the cylinder on the wreath, in such a way that you use it to hide the battery of the fairy lights.
  • Tie the red satin ribbon around the neck and your glowing snowman is ready to hang!

Christmas tree wreath as a door decoration for Christmas

Christmas wreath alternatives do it yourself door decoration for Christmas

Who says that the Christmas wreath always has to be round? Meanwhile, there are many more interesting alternatives that look just as festive. So get creative and opt for a triangular wreath in the shape of a Christmas tree. If you feel like it and have the time, you could also make it yourself from a few twigs and garlands. But whether bought or homemade, such a door decoration for Christmas is guaranteed to amaze everyone who passes by.

Skates for a sustainable door decoration for Christmas

upcycling christmas decoration ideas door decoration christmas do it yourself

Instead of spending money on overpriced decorations every year, we’re going to use old stuff for them in the spirit of sustainability. DIY upcycling ideas are now many and they are a great way to bring old items back to life. For example, how about filling your ice skates with a few twigs and hanging them up as door decorations for Christmas? It probably doesn’t get much quicker or easier than this, and the decoration not only looks pretty, but also brings back great childhood memories.

Let the Christmas decoration speak for you

Christmas decoration trends 2022 door decoration for Christmas make yourself

Christmas is a celebration of love and the Christmas season is all about spreading good cheer. And of course, you can do that with a fun door decoration for Christmas like the one in the photo above, which is guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Door decorations for Christmas: A few more great decoration ideas at a glance

Scandinavian Christmas decoration pictures door decoration for Christmas tinkering

A Santa Claus made of garlands will always put everyone in a good mood

Snowman door wreath craft door decoration for Christmas do it yourself

Christmas decoration in American style

Door decorations Christmas do it yourself Christmas decoration trends 2022

Or why not decorate the door like a big present?

decorate outside for christmas door decoration for christmas make it yourself

Christmas wreath alternatives for a Scandinavian Christmas decoration

Christmas wreath from Christmas tree decorations door decorations for Christmas pictures

Red and green are real classics for a festive door decoration for Christmas

Christmas decoration trends 2022 door decoration Christmas DIY ideas

Seasonal Christmas wreath with apples, pomegranates and pine cones

Christmas decoration from natural materials door decoration for Christmas tinker