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Disney tree ornaments: these DIY ideas are very simple to make, but will bring a lot of joy

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to make your own Christmas decorations. This year we wanted to share with you some special homemade ornaments. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of Disney tree ornaments that are quite easy to make, but will bring extra joy to your home, especially if you make them together with your kids.

Simple DIY Disney tree ornament – Mickey Mouse

Easy DIY Disney tree ornaments - Mickey Mouse

Beautiful DIY Disney tree ornaments featuring the popular Mickey. They are very easy to make, but look extra pretty on the Christmas tree.

What you need:

  • Plastic ball ornaments
  • Glass paint
  • Soft brushes, large and small
  • Large paintbrush
  • Silver gilding
  • Ribbon

This Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament is very easy to make and looks wonderful on the tree


  1. First, prepare your surface. Clean and dry the clear balls.
  2. Apply 3 coats of paint and allow to dry for a few hours between coats. (Note: Some paints require more coats than others. Be aware of this when painting and repeat the process if necessary).
  3. You can paint one of the balls with silver gilding. If you use the gilding, be sure to have brush cleaner on hand, as it will not come off with soap and water. Also use the silver gilding to paint the tops of the ornaments.
  4. For the Mickey silhouettes, use black paint and a large brush. Draw a circle with the brush and then use a small brush to expand the circle. Make sure you have a steady hand when you do this. Don’t make the Mickey Heads if you just drank coffee.
  5. Tie the ribbons closed and you are done!

These ornaments are so cute that toddlers are instantly drawn to them! Make sure you hang them high on the tree!

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Every Mickey needs a Minnie by his side on the Christmas tree

Every Mickey needs a Minnie by his side on the Christmas tree

This easy DIY Minnie Mouse ornament is so simple and you can make it in any color you can find in two different sizes! However, make sure your ornaments are plastic. This will not work with glass or other breakable ornaments.

How to make your own Minnie Mouse Christmas tree ornaments

Materials needed for Minnie Disney tree ornaments:

  • Colored plastic ball ornaments
  • Smaller, colored plastic ball ornaments
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • string or twine

You will use the small ball ornaments as ears for your mini


  1. Start by removing the decorative cap from the two smaller ornaments (the part that looks like a metal lid).
  2. Then use scissors to carefully cut off the neck of the ornament.
  3. Put a small amount of hot glue on the freshly cut ornament.
  4. Place the smaller ornament on top of the regular ball ornament. Repeat the process for both ears.
  5. Make a small bow out of ribbon and hot glue it to one ornament to make a Minnie Mouse ornament.
  6. Thread some twine through the cap of the middle ornament to hang it on your tree!

You can make this simple DIY Minnie Mouse bum ornament in any color

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DIY Disney Princess Tree Ornament …

If you have a little daughter, you can make a Disney princess tree ornament together

If you have a little daughter or, like me, a niece, you know how much they love Disney princesses. I mean, imagine the excitement and joy they would experience if they saw a few of them on the Christmas tree. It’s so easy to make this Disney tree ornament – and the joy it brings is soooooo great.


  • small plastic Disney princess figurines
  • Screw hook
  • Wire hangers for ornaments

For this DIY project, all you need are plastic Disney princess figurines, screw hooks & wire hangers


  1. Twist a screw hook into the top of a plastic figurine, then add an ornament hanger.
  2. Use several different figurines to create a set of ornaments.
  3. Hang them on your tree to add a little Disney magic to your living room.

Tip: The homemade Disney princess ornaments also make a great gift for your Disney-loving friends and family!

… or choose another popular Disney character.

Get rid of your kids' old toys when you turn them into Disney tree ornaments

Make a sustainable decision and get rid of your kids’ old toys when you turn them into Disney tree ornaments. It’s a personalized Christmas decoration that will remind you and your kids of specific moments from their childhood every year. Like a time capsule, but not buried, but hung on the tree.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic toy figures
  • Electric drill
  • Ornament hook
  • Screw hook

The homemade Disney tree ornaments will make a great gift for your Disney-loving friends & family!


Drill a hole in the top of each Disney character. Insert the hook and turn clockwise to make sure it is all the way through. Add an ornament hook and ribbon and hang. That’s it! The easiest, cutest, and least expensive ornament ever!

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