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Decoration ideas with poinsettias: spread festive mood in any room of your home

Decorate your home with poinsettias for the holidays that go beyond a simple pot with a red bow. Create elaborate arrangements to impress your guests. In this article, we present decorating ideas with poinsettias that are suitable for any room in your home.

What does the poinsettia symbolize?

Poinsettia symbolizes love, hope and goodwill during Christmas season

Each country and tradition has its own understanding of the beautiful poinsettia. However, in modern traditions, it is considered a flower for Christmas Eve, which can be given and received in the run-up to Christmas.

The poinsettia symbolizes love, hope and goodwill during the Christmas season and can be given as a gift to convey positivity and Christmas cheer.

Although the poinsettia seems to be firmly entrenched in modern Western tradition, its history goes back much further. This stunning flower has ancient roots, which makes it all the more interesting!

It was actually the Aztecs who first cultivated the poinsettia. They believed that the flower was a symbol of purity and peace, and probably used it for natural remedies and medicine as well. The Aztecs used these flowers from the 14th century to make red dye to decorate their beautiful, bright clothing.

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Use poinsettia for table decoration – how to cut it correctly.

Use poinsettia for table decorations - how to cut it properly

“Mini Star” poinsettias are grown with one flower per plant in a tiny plastic pot. In an espresso-sized cup, they are the perfect decoration for a table setting. If you can’t buy “mini star” poinsettias, achieve the same effect with a cut poinsettia in a cup or vase.

Helpful tips for cutting poinsettias for a floral arrangement that will last up to two weeks:

Tips for cutting poinsettias for a flower arrangement - create a grid

Create grid: Stretch a piece of tape (any kind will do) across the top of the container to create a grid. The tape will ensure that each stem is vertical in the container.

A little bleach can help your cut poinsettias survive

Prepare the water: Help your cut poinsettias survive! Add 1/4 teaspoon bleach and one tablespoon sugar to two cups of water. The bleach will help contain bacteria that can cause the stems to rot. While the sugar provides energy to the stems, they no longer get it from the roots.

Burning the poinsettia stems prevents the sticky sap from getting into the water

Burn stems: First, cut the stems with the bracts (the colorful modified leaves we think are poinsettia flowers) to the desired length. Remove the lower leaves and quickly burn the end of each stem. Burning prevents the sticky sap from getting into the water.

Once your DIY flower arrangement is ready, spray the poinsettia bracts with hairspray

Finish by spraying: once your DIY flower arrangement is complete, finish by spraying the poinsettia’s bracts with hairspray. The hairspray on the leaves will help prevent water loss from the bracts as much as possible.

Decoration ideas with hanging poinsettias

Decorating ideas with hanging poinsettias

You don’t have to worry about the shape of your plant when you cut the flowers and put them in water. Place the cut poinsettia flowers in hanging macramé vases. Change the water frequently to keep the cut poinsettias fresh.

Decoration ideas with poinsettias – wreath for indoor use.

Decoration ideas with poinsettias - create wreath for indoor use

Spice up a plain gold wreath hoop with cut poinsettias in floral water bowls. The “Jingle Bells” variety is red with pink speckles. Attach the bracts with floral wire and pin cut evergreens and greenery on top. Place the wreath indoors, as the flowers will not last in cold weather.

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Christmas flowers in a glove

Tuck a cut poinsettia into a knitted glove as a decoration

Why settle for simple decoration ideas, with poinsettias in a pot covered with foil? For a new look, cut poinsettia flowers and evergreen branches and place them in flower water bowls. Put the cut poinsettia in a knitted mitten and tie it with a bow.

Ideas for decoration with poinsettias – Create a display.

Ideas for decorating with poinsettias - create a display

Not all gifts are under the tree! Create a festive entryway with a few wrapped gifts and potted poinsettias. Place wrapped packages on the floor and cover them with patterned wooden boxes to create this display. Place a poinsettia in each box and decorate them with ornaments.

Create a poinsettia tree

Create a poinsettia tree as a festive decoration

Cut off the flowers with about six inches of stem and remove the leaves. Let the cut poinsettias sit in a vase of cool water for 30 minutes to allow the cut ends to close. Then, insert each stem into a flower stick filled with water and stick it into the ivy.

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Combination of Christmas tree and poinsettia as table decorations

Combination of Christmas tree and poinsettia as table decorations

A few colorful poinsettias and a table Christmas tree can have a stunning effect. Display them in a simple wooden planter with a classic bow. Complete the simple Christmas decorations with colorful star ornaments and a simple knit garland.