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Decorate with pine greenery: These ideas for Christmas decorations are guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

Christmas is every year something very special and undoubtedly the most beautiful season! A festive decoration around the house conjures up glamor and contemplation in the rooms and immediately puts us in a festive mood. More and more people are doing without the plastic stuff and the classic ball decorations from the store in recent years and opt instead for a natural Christmas decoration. Whether self-made ornaments for the Christmas tree or as small accents in the living room – a Christmas decoration with branches and twigs is very much in vogue and radiates an indescribable warmth and comfort. Would you also like to transform your home into a true winter wonderland? Then bring nature into your own four walls and learn here how to decorate with fir greenery and conjure up great Christmas decorations!

Make fir branches last longer: It’s so easy!

Make your own Christmas tree from twigs Decorate wall with fir greenery

You want to decorate with fir greenery this year? Great! But so that you can enjoy the natural charm and pleasant fragrance of your Christmas decorations beyond the holidays, we explain very briefly how to make fir branches last longer. So that they do not quickly lose their fresh green color, you should always choose fresh branches in the store. It is also recommended to slightly re-cut the fir branches and put them in water for 24-48 hours. In case you are making a fir greenery decoration and want to make door wreaths or garlands out of it, for example, you should seal the bottom ends with some candle wax.

Decorating with fir greenery: door decorations from natural materials tinker yourself

Window decoration Christmas ideas decorating with fir greenery

The very best thing about homemade fir greenery decorations is that you can determine the look yourself and really let off steam creatively. A beautiful door wreath is undoubtedly an excellent option to put us in the Christmas mood even before we enter the door. You do not feel like the classic version from the store or you are not so good at handicrafts? Don’t worry! Below we will show you how you can easily and just as stylishly decorate the front door with pine greenery!

Materials needed:

  • Fir greenery
  • Holly
  • Mistletoe
  • Wire
  • Red ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Other decorative items of your choice such as red berries, dried fruit, etc.

Advent wreath from branches make door decorate with fir greenery

Make your own door decorations from pine greenery:

  • For a more interesting look, cut the fir greenery and twigs into different lengths using garden shears.
  • Arrange as desired and tie the branches tightly into a bundle with wire.
  • Tie a bow and attach to the bundle with the hot glue gun.
  • Now decorate the door decoration with other decorative elements of your choice and hang it up. And your modern fir greenery decoration is ready!

Effect and stylish: make your own fir garland

Hallway Christmas decorating ideas decorating with fir greenery ideas

If you want to save some money this year or simply celebrate more sustainably, you should decorate with fir greenery. Whether on the fireplace, stair railings or as door decorations – fir garlands always look great and come out wonderfully everywhere in the house. But so that your beautiful natural Christmas decoration does not burst into flames, you should not hang it too close to the fireplace. And here’s how easy it is to make a pine garland yourself!

Materials needed:

  • Fir branches
  • Floral wire
  • Garden shears
  • Sisal
  • Other decorative elements such as pine cones, small tree balls, fairy lights and anything else you can think of.

Living room Christmas decorating ideas decorating with fir green images

Make your own fir garland:

  • First, cut the fir branches into small pieces. A length between 10 and 15 centimeters is ideal.
  • The fir garland is tied first from one side and then from the other, so that the branches meet in the middle. To do this, lay the fir branches on top of each other like roof tiles and then tie the ends with floral wire. For right-handed people, it is easiest if you tie from left to right.
  • So that nothing can come undone, twist the ends slightly.
  • Now place a bunch of the small cut greenery at one end and wrap the stems well with the floral wire. The important thing to remember is that the closer you get to the center, the shorter the stems will be.
  • Once you get to the center, cut the floral wire and tie it tight.
  • Repeat the above steps on the other side.
  • Finally, decorate with decorations of your choice and your pine garland is ready!

Make your own gnome from pine greenery

Christmas gnome from twigs do it yourself decorate with fir greenery

Want a fun and entertaining way to decorate the outdoors with pine greenery this year? Super easy and a real eye-catcher – this pixie is guaranteed to create a Christmas mood and good cheer.

Materials needed:

  • Fir branches
  • Moss
  • Lichen
  • Red Christmas tree balls
  • Floral wire
  • Pliers and side cutters
  • A small piece of wire mesh
  • A bit of absorbent cotton

Make your own fir branch gnome:

  • First, tie a bunch of fir branches tightly with some cord and place it upside down on the ground. If it does not stand stably, then you should tie in a few more twigs.
  • For the cap, roll up the lattice into a small cone and fix it.
  • Attach the moss to it with the floral wire.
  • Form the beard from the white absorbent cotton and glue it in place.
  • Then add a red Christmas tree ball for the nose and one for the hat and your pixie made of fir greenery is ready!

Decorate chandelier with fir greenery

Christmas decoration living room 2021 decorating with fir green simple ideas

Are you looking for a way to make your dining room look a little more festive for Christmas? How about decorating the chandelier with pine greenery? Since Christmas is a feast for the palate, the decorations at the dining table should also be beautifully lush and atmospheric. Whether modern, playful or purist Christmas decoration – there are no limits to your imagination and you can choose from a wide variety of decorations. The only important thing is that you match the chandelier with fir greenery to the ambience and style of living. Simply craft a fir garland as described above, wrap it around the chandelier and decorate it. Pure nature and a real eye-catcher – this is the best way to describe this fir green decoration.

Table decoration with fir greenery

Fir green decoration ideas simply table decoration Christmas make itself

Also on the coffee table makes a fir green decoration a very good figure and provides incidentally for a wonderful smell. Already a few fir branches contribute to the stylish and festive atmosphere and immediately put us in a beautiful Christmas mood. Light and candles exude coziness and warmth in your own four walls and are simply part of the perfect Christmas decoration for us. Get a piece of nature by simply arranging a few fir branches in empty jars and placing scented candles in wintry aromas on top. Wouldn’t it be nice if the living room smells deliciously like speculoos or baked apples?

Decorate with fir greenery: The most beautiful ideas for a natural Christmas decoration at a glance.

Advent wreath made of twigs table decoration with fir greenery

Fill a flower vase with fir greenery and decorate with Christmas tree ornaments for an inviting arrangement

Fir green decoration living room Christmas decoration with natural materials make itself

Pure nature: Decorate the window with fir greenery

decorate with fir green puristic Christmas decoration for the outside area

Decorate with fir greenery is ideal for an atmospheric and puristic Christmas decoration suitable

Christmas decoration with branches and twigs do it yourself Christmas decoration with fir greenery

Fir greenery decoration always provides a cozy and cozy atmosphere

Sustainable Christmas decoration with branches fir greenery decoration ideas

Also in the garden, a Christmas decoration made of natural materials comes into its own perfectly

Christmas decoration garden puristic Christmas decoration with fir greenery

Decorate the old sleigh with fir greenery and turn it into a real eye-catcher

Christmas decoration outdoor decorating with fir greenery ideas

Fir greenery is an excellent and creative alternative to the classic Christmas tree

Wall decorations Christmas decorating with fir greenery pictures

Also in the hallway you can decorate wonderfully with fir greenery and thus set small accents

Stairs Christmas decoration with branches and twigs decorate with fir greenery

The fir garland as a wall decoration transforms the room into a real winter wonderland

Fir greenery garland self make Christmas decoration with branches and twigs

Bring nature into your home with a pretty Christmas decoration with branches and twigs

Fir green decoration living room puristic Christmas decoration make yourself

Canning jars are ideal for a simple yet super elegant fir greenery decoration

Christmas decoration with branches do it yourself fir greenery decoration ideas