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Decorate ladder as a Christmas tree: creative alternatives to the classic Christmas tree

Probably in every garage or basement there is an old wooden ladder. If you do not need it to paint your apartment or build shelves, you can use this simple tool as an interesting decoration for your home. It doesn’t always have to be the classic Christmas tree. Creative alternatives to the green tree are not only modern, but also unique. You can easily decorate a ladder as a Christmas tree and make it ideal for your interior style.

Can you use a ladder as a Christmas tree?

The modern alternative to the classic Christmas tree

You wouldn’t normally guess that a device like “ladder” could be used in the same sentence as “Christmas” and “decorating”. Well, for some incredibly creative people, these words go together.

Christmas tree alternatives have been around for a few years now. And if you have a ladder at home, you’re guaranteed a Christmas tree. A few baubles here and a few lights there and you have a Christmas tree that will leave no one indifferent. And since these Christmas tree alternatives are usually not very big, you can put them at the entrance of your house so that everyone can see them when they come in.

Here’s how to craft your ladder Christmas tree

How to decorate a ladder as a Christmas tree

A wooden ladder is perfect for this minimalist, handmade look. Make sure it has rungs on both sides.

For decorations, you can go many different ways. However, fairy lights are a must if you want the Christmas tree on the ladder to have the same look as a real or artificial tree when decorated. You can wrap the strings of lights around the sides of the ladder and/or the steps. If you want the ladder to look even more like a Christmas tree, you can wrap it with lighted garland.

When the lighting is done, decorate the ladder with ornaments. You can fill the entire inside of the ladder with ornaments on strings or hang a few on garlands. Or attach baubles of your choice with fishing wire and tie them to each rung. Use as many ornaments as you like, and adjust the colors and shapes as you see fit. Once you find a design you like, don’t forget to add a tree topper.

Our example tree consists of clear, fillable balls with dried foliage, plus some green and silver balls for added color.

For a natural, handmade look, you can add some small dried flowers to the design.

Attach a star to the top of the ladder and decorate the top with dried foliage. Finally, wrap copper fairy lights around the frame of the ladder. Then sit back and admire your handiwork!

Save space with this snowy ladder Christmas tree

Save space with a rope ladder as a Christmas tree on the wall

Short on space and worried you won’t be able to put up a Christmas tree in your apartment or house? Why not try this innovative Christmas tree hanging from a ladder made of wood and rope instead?

It’s a very clever idea and perfect for small living spaces. The tree consists of a rope ladder sprinkled with artificial snow. To liven it up and make it appropriately festive, jazz it up with colorful pom-pom lights.

A leafless ladder Christmas tree

A ladder as a Christmas tree is a modern and cheap alternative to the classic tree

You can decorate your ladder only with lights and various fun things. Without rhyme or reason, just things that you like. Small chipped pots, a hanger or two, Christmas tree decorations of any shape, just everything tone on tone, with a touch of fresh greenery. Hydrangeas, garlands of twigs and a few green plants, you can use anything your heart desires.

Ladder Christmas tree decorated with baubles.

A ladder as a Christmas tree decorated with baubles, brings a festive mood for all

It has the shape of a tree and is hung with baubles, and that’s enough for us to love this work of art. It’s true that you have to buy a lot of baubles. But nowadays there are so many inexpensive sets, so don’t let that scare you away.

Decorate Christmas tree from ladder with potted plants

Decorate ladder Christmas tree with poinsettias and green potted plants

If you don’t want to miss out on the green branches of a Christmas tree, you can add potted plants to the rungs of your ladder to give it a natural look. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to stick to the usual fir or coniferous trees, you can choose any plant you like. The beautiful poinsettias with their bright red, Christmas colors are especially popular for this purpose.

Decorate as you like

Beautify beautiful alternative to festive tree with ornaments and various items for Christmas

If some parts of your ladder don’t look so nice, you can simply cover them with some Christmas napkins or add them to some steps to add a splash of color. The ladder tree is especially nice because you can not only hang Christmas tree decorations, but also put other items – such as candles, figurines and framed pictures – on the steps.