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Create Christmas decoration in the flower box – Decorate windows, balcony & railings

Garden, balcony and terrace, that is, the outdoor areas of your home , should not be neglected in the Christmas decorations, of course. After all, it’s a nice thing to come home after a long day of work and already outside in a wonderful Christmas mood. You emptied all your flower boxes in the fall and put them in the shed? Why, when you are perfect to create for the Christmas season? Today we would like to introduce you to beautiful Christmas decorations in flower boxes that you can quickly and easily copy. No matter whether flower box made of wood, plastic or another winter-proof material – dreamlike eye-catchers are guaranteed!

Christmas decoration in flower box on porch railing with red accents

Have you perhaps even already planted some evergreen plants in your boxes, but somehow the whole thing still seems a little too boring? Just add some typical Christmas decorations like Christmas tree baubles and fairy lights and the box will radiate a completely different atmosphere. What should you consider when decorating outside flower boxes for Christmas?

Christmas decoration in the flower box – How to design?

The box and the potting soil

Christmas decoration in flower box by the window - Christmas tree balls and cones in a bow

If you want to decorate flower boxes for Christmas, you do not need to specially prepare the boxes. You do not need to replace the soil, nor completely remove the old plants. In fact, the roots of the old plants that remain in the soil will ensure that all the elements you put in later are well fixed. So just cut back the plants to the surface of the soil.

The greenery

Christmas decoration in the flower box - instructions for arranging the arrangement

In winter and at Christmas time, fir greenery looks particularly pretty in balcony boxes or flower boxes – as well as in Advent wreaths, Christmas bouquets or Christmas trees. This typical Christmas element may not be missing as a Christmas decoration in the flower box and exactly with it you also start with the design. Very suitable are branches of balsam fir, Fraser fir, white pine, red pine and spruce tips. Of course, these are just suggestions and you can also use any other type of evergreen branches that you like.

Green fir branches and red twigs as accents in Christmas arrangement in the box

Very pretty will also look arrangement with Christmas decorations for balcony boxes, if you combine branches of different shades of green for Christmas decoration in the flower box. Start by sticking some branches upright into the ground in the middle area. Then, in front of that, create a row of shorter branches and those that hang forward beyond the edge of the box. Then, at the very back, you can arrange some more taller branches. This will give you an even arrangement.

If the box is not hanging in front of the window, but, for example, on a railing where it is viewed from all sides, there is no foreground and background. Then you will also start pinning in the middle, but the elements will then become lower on all sides. So: arrange lengthwise in the middle the long and upright branches and around them the low or hanging ones.

Set accents with colors and structures

Christmas decoration in the flower box - tips for materials such as magnolia, dogwood and eucalyptus

Since only green can look a bit boring, you can now set some accents with the help of branches. It’s best to choose ones that provide a color contrast, such as the red branches of dogwood, the interesting twigs of corkscrew willow or birch branches. Of course, you can also spray or paint branches yourself in an accent color of your choice (gold or silver, for example). Don’t go overboard with the amount. Just tuck a few twigs here and there among the fir greenery. These are the high accents for the background (or for the middle area if on a railing).

Now you’ll also need some accents for the front areas, which you’ll also tuck into the ground between the fir branches. For example, how about magnolia, silver-green eucalyptus, branches of red eucalyptus or boxwood as Christmas decorations for outside?

Last elements as Christmas decoration in the flower box.

Christmas decoration in flower box - evergreen branches and Christmas decorations in gold and red

In principle, you have created a relatively neutral winter decoration in the flower box. Now you can get creative and start with the actual Christmas decoration. For example, the long branches can be wrapped with a small LED light chain . Or you can spread a string of lights on the flower box and over the whole arrangement. Very popular are also bows, which you can hang down from the box. Between the branches again distribute Christmas tree balls, pine cones, bells, stars and even fruits such as apples and tangerines or whatever else you like.

Artificial Christmas decoration in the flower box

Christmas decoration in flower box with artificial fir greenery and poinsettia

Just as you can create a Christmas decoration in the flower box with fresh plants, you can of course do the same with artificial elements. In this case, you even have a much wider choice, which is durable to boot. For example, you can include the beautiful poinsettia, which as a cut flower would otherwise quickly wither and freeze planted.

Christmas decoration for balcony, terrace and window – inspirations for Christmas boxes.

Christmas decoration in flower box at window with bird house as accent

Flower box in front of the windowsill decorate for Christmas

White box with red berries and silver balls

Decorate flower box for Christmas completely with baubles

Christmas decoration in the flower box - colorful Christmas balls and dried flowers

Fruits for flower box as decoration for Christmas

Christmas decoration with arrangement of fruits in box

Simple, yet Christmassy

Lush flower arrangement with red berries and branches of conifers

Colorful arrangement with snow

Christmas decoration in flower box from colorful and evergreen plants with berries

Fir greenery and large Christmas baubles

Christmas balls in Christmas colors on evergreen branches

Combine planted small trees in the box with fairy lights and Christmas baubles

Decorate planted flower box Christmas and with fairy lights

Evergreen little tree and silver baubles

Festive flower box arrangement with evergreen tree and Christmas balls

Christmas decoration for flower boxes with artificial plants, branches and bow

Christmas decoration in flower box with fir greenery, white branches and red bow

Fir tree top and pine cones

Christmas tree top as a highlight in flower boxes and pine cones with evergreen branches

Flower box winter decoration for Christmas additionally decorate with matching elements

Evergreen branches in different colors for window flower boxes

Christmas decoration outside combine with flower box

Christmas decoration in flower box with house number and artificial flowers in white and red