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Craft tree decorations for outside: With these DIY ideas, the outdoor Christmas tree is decorated quickly!

Are you the proud owner of a garden and can’t get enough of looking at it? That’s probably how everyone feels, but during the cold season there’s often not much to see except bare branches and maybe an evergreen shrub here and there. Luckily, we are in the midst of the cozy, romantic Christmas season. Extend that unique and warm atmosphere to the outdoors and add Christmas tree ornaments to the usual string of lights for evergreens. Whether you have a fir tree in your yard or a simple conifer, they will all look even prettier if you craft outdoor tree ornaments for them!

Wooden discs and flowers from pine cones for the outdoor Christmas tree

Tree ornaments for outside tinker from wooden disk and cut pine cones

Tree ornaments made of wood pleasing? Wooden discs are optimal! Drill a hole in a small tree slice and cut apart pine cones with pliers. You need, more precisely, the individual rows of the cone, which, separated from the others, look like small flowers. Then glue these individual “flowers” in a small arrangement on the wooden disc. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie a loop to hang the cute pendants made of natural materials.

Decorate conifers and other evergreen hedge plants.

Tree decorations for outside tinkering - conifers with bows design or turn into pixies

The easiest way to get some pretty-looking little trees in your yard is to simply wrap strings of lights around them and then top them with a nice, big bow. This decoration is wonderful if you don’t want to craft anything complicated as an outdoor tree decoration, or just prefer it more simple. Especially with groups, this looks very pretty.

In turn, you can completely transform especially tall trees and shrubs into Christmas gnomes with only a really few materials. You need tulle for the cap pom poms and the brim. You will also attach white fabric strips to the brim. For the nose, you can spray paint a large bowl in skin color. Large styrofoam balls that you cut in half are also suitable.

Craft tree ornaments for outside – garland with mushrooms.

Tree ornaments for outside tinkering - A garland from mushrooms or other natural materials

Not only mushrooms, but natural materials in general are best for outdoor use. Thread mushrooms on yarn or dried orange and lime slices, pine cones or even small twigs with berries. We just recently gave you a few ideas for window garlands, including one with just such natural materials you could use. Jute twine is wonderful because it’s eye-catching and rustic. It is perfect if you want to make Christmas tree decorations Scandinavian.

Nice idea for a decoration with orange slices for the garden fir tree

Tips for longer lasting mushrooms: spray them with hairspray, paint them with clear nail polish or dry them in advance. You can also use artificial mushrooms, of course, as long as the material is suitable for outdoor use.

Make small pendants from acorns to hang on the fir tree in the garden

Or how about collecting acorns (maybe you have some left over from fall crafting) and using them for the outdoor Christmas tree? You can either use them for a garland or tie small wire tags and hang the acorns on the branches as an alternative to Christmas tree balls.

Decorate your garden for Christmas with simple Christmas tree decorations made from pine cones

Likewise, you can tie string to a pine cone and then decorate with a bow for inexpensive and natural Christmas tree decorations.

Recycling idea for plastic bottles as pendants

Tree ornaments for outside tinker from PET bottles as pendants

You can make tree decorations using empty plastic bottles. Here you can also combine different sizes with each other – just as with the classic Christmas tree ornaments with baubles.

You need a bottle, from which you cut off the upper part. Now you can design the plastic: paint it with acrylic paints or glitter glue, hang glittery tinsel inside or tie ribbons around the necks – be creative! Poke a hole through the top, tie string around a small stick or piece of toothpick and stick it through the hole to make the pendant.

Craft outdoor tree ornaments with popsicle sticks for colorful snowflakes

Make your own snowflakes for the outdoor Christmas tree with popsicle sticks or coat hangers

We have already told you how to make snowflakes from popsicle sticks. In terms of material, these are ideally suited for outdoor use, so you can also design your green trees in the garden with such ornaments and in any colors. Or how about an oversized snowflake for a particularly large tree? If you want to make such a tree ornament for outside: From coat hangers such are made quickly and easily!

Craft tree ornaments for outside – idea for the bare trees and bushes.

Make tree decorations for outside - Decorate naked trees with small wreaths

These tiny wreaths with pendants are perfect if you want to spice up the deciduous plants in the garden. Evergreens would benefit less from this, however, as the artificial fir greenery would not stand out. Get artificial fir greenery. This can be from a fir garland or the branches of an old artificial Christmas tree that you no longer use. In the case of the latter, you also have wire integrated at the same time, which makes crafting much easier.

If you want to tinker this tree decoration for outside, cut pieces of any length and form wreaths from them. In the variant with garlands, you can take floral wire for tying to help. Now tie a pretty pendant and let it dangle in the wreath. Finally, add a loop of string for hanging – done!

Wreath made of cones as a Christmas tree decoration for the outdoors

Decorate tree trunks with wreaths or use them as tree tops

Decorate not only the branches, but also the tree trunks! A simple wreath will turn any tree into an eye-catcher. Just make sure that you use colors that will also look good with the dark bark as a background. How to make such a wreath, you will learn in this article . Finally, just spray it with the desired color.