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Coffee table decoration for Christmas: 22 glamour-pur ideas for your living room table!

The coffee table: a true all-rounder , which even makes the sofa more comfortable. But he is not only a storage space for the coffee cup, the new magazine and reading glasses, but also offers space for imaginative seasonal decorations. In today’s article we show 22 ideas for a glamorous coffee table decoration for Christmas.

Coffee table deco for Christmas: So it will be cozy in the living room in the Advent season

Christmas decoration for the coffee table do it yourself ideas and instructions

At Christmas, even purists go for glamour. With a stylish Christmas decoration on the coffee table, we get in the mood for the upcoming holiday. For a decoration to be truly Christmassy, there doesn’t necessarily have to be a common thread. The most important thing is that the individual accessories are color-coordinated and that they match the overall interior. Vintage lanterns, heirlooms from grandparents and modern Christmas baubles in an accent color make a charming ensemble. Fir branches soften the glamorous look and add a natural touch to the arrangement. Our tip: To ensure that the Christmas decoration not only looks modern, but also spreads coziness and a cheerful mood, go for classic elements such as reindeer, Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations.

Decorate living room tables for Christmas: The materials

Coffee table christmas decorating ideas with fir trees

A few fir branches loosely draped on the living room table, several Christmas balls and four pillar candles: that always works. However, if you want to try something new, go for a modern combination of materials. Glass, crystal, metal and high-gloss paper refine the coffee table and are best suited as a contemporary alternative to wood, ceramics and textiles. Silver, brass, bronze and copper never go out of fashion and if dosed correctly, bring a touch of glamour to your own four walls. Dried flowers, like the white hydrangeas soften the ultra-modern look and create the perfect background for the minimalist decoration.

Decorate coffee table for Christmas: How to combine the individual elements

Side table decorate Christmas lanterns under glass hood

A small coffee table offers limited storage space. To keep it from looking cluttered and chaotic, these tips will help:

1. keep the number of decorative elements to the minimum. 3 or 5 decorations are quite enough.

2. leave a certain distance between the decorations and free space for the TV control, favorite book and reading glasses.

3. opposites attract and create an exciting ensemble. Combine high with low and glossy with matte decorations.

4.Stick to the color scheme in the living room. It just looks better when the Christmas decorations pick up on the accent colors in the room.

Decorate Christmas bowl and set the scene effectively

Christmas bowl decorating ideas for the coffee table with glass balls

If you have a small coffee table, then you should invest in a bowl. Modern give themselves bowls made of metal, which can be staged anew for every season. Especially at Christmas, the possibilities are simply endless and there are no limits to your own imagination. However, if you are decorating a Christmas bowl for the first time, go for the classics – Christmas tree baubles in different colors and sizes. Super effective also look decorations, which are composed of several tone-on-tone elements.

Christmas decoration in silver bowl: Vintage touch

Christmas bowl decorating ideas for glamorous Christmas decoration in vintage style

If you want to bring a touch of romance from bygone times into the living room, arrange your Christmas decorations in a silver bowl. Fabric Christmas baubles, richly decorated with sequins and lace, shimmering silver Christmas baubles and modern glass Christmas tree decorations make the small coffee table a real eye-catcher.

Staging Christmas decorations in silver bowl

Christmas decoration in silver bowl and candles on the coffee table

An effective Christmas decoration in a silver bowl should not stand alone on the coffee table. Combine it with a pillar candle in a vintage candle holder and with a purist decoration under glass hood. Crystal, glass and silver are popular partners on the festive living room table. A wooden tray will frame the glam trio. Use few decorative elements and leave a space between them so that the coffee table doesn’t look cluttered.

Decorate Christmas trays: A winter fairy tale for purists

Christmas bowl decorate with candles and faux fur overblanket and bay branches

Christmas decoration without any kitsch: a faux fur cover instead of a table runner or tablecloth, a round serving tray or a Christmas bowl, several white pillar candles or lanterns in frost look and silver decorative balls add a purist touch to the winter decoration. In addition, some greenery, for example, from fragrant laurel branches, and that’s all it takes to stage the coffee table Scandinavian.

Christmas bowl decorating ideas in chalet style

The silver Christmas tree baubles, as well as the white bedspread, look particularly good on the dark wooden table in a dark bowl. Add a few green cypress branches and laurel leaves, and the understated decoration is ready. Our tip: LED candles or lanterns are confusingly similar to the real thing, but much safer.

Decorate a side table for Christmas

Living room table Christmas decorating modern table decoration with lanterns and Scandinavian Christmas tree with fairy lights

A sculptural glass vase is a true multi-talent and can be imaginatively staged at any time of year. In winter, it is adorned with a green fir branch and forms the perfect arrangement together with an abstract fir tree made of metal, a lantern in old gold and a Christmas tree ball in copper. So simple, so stylish.

Christmas bowl and tray festive decorate in glamour look

The next ensemble presents an eclectic combination of classic and modern. Four fir trees with a sculptural look, a lantern, fir branches and cones have Advent written all over them. The Christmas decoration picks up the decorating theme of the Christmas tree and completes it effectively.

Edible Christmas decoration on the coffee table

Living room table christmas decorate with fir tree made of cardboard

For the colorful living room in the trendy retro style is also suitable colorful edible decoration. A homemade gingerbread house , several origami fir trees and, of course, colorful cookies will create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, you can arrange several cinnamon sticks, dried lemons and bay leaves. The wonderful scents of the Christmas season put us in the best mood for the upcoming holiday.

Side table christmas decorating ideas in pastel colors

Several beautifully wrapped presents perfectly match the edible decorations, which will make children’s anticipation of Advent even greater. For a sense of security lanterns and Christmas tree balls under a glass hood add the finishing touch. So you can also receive your guests in the living room and enjoy the beautiful pre-Christmas season with cake and coffee!

Coffee table decoration for Christmas: Craft presents

Coffee table Christmas decorating with gifts

If you have a small living room and have dispensed with the large coffee table in favor of a side table, then you should also keep the decoration to the minimum. 2-3 presents in accent colors are enough to spread a Christmas mood. This Christmas decoration offers another key advantage: it is extremely durable.

Coffee table decorations for Christmas with fresh flowers and lettering elements.

Living room table christmas decorating ideas in green and pink

You have a larger coffee table? Then you can decorate it imaginatively! Fresh flowers (roses are the absolute classic, but you can also experiment with hydrangeas) together with fir branches and rosehip form a charming bouquet. Several abstract mini fir trees in accent color, reindeer figurines in gold, emerald green tea lights and a lettering detail go great with this. They can be staged especially effectively in front of a picture with winter landscape, of course, tone-on-tone with the color scheme.

Christmas bowl decor: Bells as accents

Christmas bowl decorate with bells in different colors and Christmas tree balls

You want to make a festive coffee table decoration yourself? Then fill a Christmas bowl with bells. Make sure that all the bells have the same shape, but are made of different materials. Sometimes sprinkled with glitter, sometimes in brass look, sometimes in old gold look and sometimes vintage with traces of use: the materials and colors set subtle accents and make the Christmas bowl a great eye-catcher on the living room table.

Decorate coffee table for Christmas: Natural materials for a rustic touch

Side table Christmas decorating ideas with rustic wooden fir tree

The next trend is unavoidable during this winter season. Black and red form a traditional yet modern color duo for a casual look at Christmas. The combination of natural materials like wood or cotton and traditional check pattern simply can’t be missing in a country look living room and makes the room look cozy and inviting. A modern vase in metallic look adds a certain glamour touch.

Christmas decoration for coffee table in boho style in black and white

Red and green was yesterday. Today, boho fans go for black and white and look forward to a purist coffee table decoration for Christmas. A deceptively real deer antler, a macramé table runner and a garland of wooden balls form the perfect background for vintage brass candle holders.

Christmas decoration for coffee table: vintage glamour

rustic christmas bowl decorating ideas shabby chic

A living room in shabby chic or vintage style, furnished with found objects from flea markets and heirlooms from grandparents, is a great challenge at Christmas. In this case, champagne bowls, rattan serving trays and old Christmas ornaments with chipped paint add a nostalgic touch. Silver, antique silver and white have been making a spectacular comeback to the Christmas color scheme for a few years now. They look especially beautiful on a dark table or tray.

Christmas decoration in silver bowl do it yourself ideas and instructions

And if you don’t have a vintage silver bowl, you can fake the look. Just spray a glass bowl with glitter spray, and you’re done with your Christmas bowl. Macramé ribbons, fabric flowers and single cypress branches complete the Christmas decor.

Coffee table decor for Christmas: The trend color for 2020 is pink

Side table Christmas decorate with candle with four wicks and artificial fir tree

Red my ass: this year, pink is replacing red on the Christmas table. Pink and emerald green go surprisingly well together and give the interior a feminine touch. Especially on a small side table, a decoration in soft pink shades cuts a good figure. A fir tree in powder color together with a lantern in emerald green perfectly round off the Christmas decoration. Vases and bowls from white ceramics as well as golden accents fit to it. A string of lights can also be hung above the side table or even draped on the table.

Glamorous coffee table decor for Christmas: Conclusion

Christmas decoration with fresh flowers and tea lights

It does not necessarily have to be expensive accessories. A glamorous coffee table deco is much more about successful color and material combinations. Soft pastels, white and green together with metallic shades like bronze, antique silver, rose gold or copper create a charming color scheme. Accessories made of fabric add a touch of coziness. As for materials, glass, metal, crystal and paper are used abundantly. Wood and ceramics ground the look and soften the strict minimalist look. The accessories are abstract, have a scuptural design language and make the decoration look reduced. Festively patterned fabrics are deliberately avoided. Instead, the focus is on color and material contrasts. The right lighting sets the scene for the decoration in a particularly effective way. From lanterns with several wicks to fairy lights: discreet lighting creates the right atmosphere.

Coffee table Christmas decorating ideas with sleigh and LED candles and fir branches