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Christmas village craft: Instructions and templates for a beautiful Christmas decoration

An idyllic winter landscape and a picturesque village surrounded by tall fir trees: This winter dream creates a homey flair like no other decoration. On the windowsill, next to the Christmas tree or on a cupboard: A Christmas village can be staged effectively. In today’s post, we offer several ideas on how to craft a Christmas village. Made of wood, cardboard or old toys: the next DIY ideas are easy to implement.

Christmas village craft: Scandinavian Christmas decoration made of wood

Christmas village from small houses

A snow-covered town with small fir trees between the houses – this winter decoration can decorate the windowsill or the dresser in the living room long after Christmas. For the DIY project you will need the following materials:

  • a fence post (1, 25 length, 9 cm width, 9 cm thickness) made of European larch
  • a jigsaw
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • green bottle brushes
  • white modeling clay
  • artificial snow (spray)
  • scissors
  • a pair of pliers

Simply draw the cottage silhouettes on the fence post and then use the jigsaw to saw out the shape. You can use black marker to paint additional windows and doors. Then craft the Christmas trees from the bottle brushes. For this purpose, first remove the handles of the bottle brushes with pliers and then cut the bristles with scissors to a point. Form the base of the Christmas trees from the modeling clay. Then stick the Christmas trees into the base. Then spray with artificial snow. Arrange the Christmas trees and the little houses on the windowsill.

Small Christmas village made of deco houses from cardboard

Christmas decoration craft birdhouses convert

Homemade deco houses and fir trees made of cardboard, together with Christmas trees made of bottle brushes make a charming ensemble. Templates for the little houses to print and cut out can be found at the end of the article.

Christmas village craft people from clay cardboard glue on tree slices

In addition to this, you can cut out various Christmas figures and glue them on clay cardboard. Then glue the figures on small tree discs (diameter 3 cm).

Advent calendar Christmas village craft: Convert bird house

Christmas village from birdhouses and Washi Tape tinkering

Christmas village and Advent calendar in one : for the next Christmas decoration birdhouses are converted. You will need the following materials:

  • a wooden cake stand
  • 24 birdhouses
  • Washi Tape with Christmas motifs
  • paints
  • a flat brush
  • metal foil
  • scissors

First cut out the numbers from 1 to 24 from the metal foil. Then paint the birdhouses and the cake stand in Christmas colors.  You can use green, yellow and brown. Then stick the birdhouses with the washi tape. In addition to that, you can decorate the Christmas village with fir trees made of bottle brushes.

Craft Christmas village with lights: Instructions and templates

Christmas village from cardboard craft instructions and templates

The next decoration is puristic. Use the templates at the end of the article to make beautiful little houses out of cardboard. Cut out the windows and the doors with a cutter knife and fold the little houses together. Then glue the peak roofs in place. Place an LED tea light in each little house. Drape pine, fir or cypress branches around the little houses. If desired, you can also wrap a battery-operated string of lights around the fir greenery. Ready is the sparkling Christmas decoration for the windowsill.

Christmas decoration tinker: Paint birdhouses with children

Christmas village from birdhouses tinker guidance and ideas

Decorative birdhouses made of wood can be designed differently depending on the season. They also make good Christmas decorations. Paint different sized decorative houses in different colors, sprinkle the roofs with glitter and arrange decorative figures around the house. You can additionally decorate the little houses with golden ribbon. You can hang the decorative birdhouses or arrange them on a dresser along with decorative Christmas trees. Instead of artificial snow, you can drape a cozy white bedspread.

Cardboard houses toy paint and make Christmas village

This craft idea is also a great DIY project for families with children. The little houses can be painted with both water-based and acrylic paints. Even kindergarten-aged children can easily master the task.

Christmas village craft cottage paint instruction

As for the decoration, there are no limits to your own creativity.

Arrange Christmas village in wine boxes

Christmas village craft from wine boxes and toys

You have a small empty niche and want to put a creative Christmas decoration there? Then you can arrange a Christmas village there. The individual deco houses look especially good in wine crates. The wine crates also serve as room dividers. You can arrange a different scene in each wine box.

Christmas village from small houses tinker instructions and decoration ideas

A Christmas village creates a distinctive atmosphere at home. With the homemade decorations, they create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The small decorative houses are guaranteed to increase the anticipation of the feast of all feasts. Crafting has a relaxing effect and can relieve stress after a long day at work. It is also a good activity for families with children on rainy weekends. Crafting a Christmas village also gives parents the opportunity to tell the children more about the traditions. Singing Christmas carols together, reading Christmas stories, or simply adding a little something to the decorations every day until Christmas – Christmas time is family time.

Christmas village craft: Templates for decorative houses

Christmas village craft instructions and decoration ideas

Print out the templates, cut out, fold and glue them

Christmas village craft instructions

Christmas village make your own from clay cardboard instruction