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Christmas tree decorated in white: 50 ideas for stylish Christmas tree decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree heralds the coming family holiday. With a Christmas tree in red and gold, the Christmas mood comes up for young and old and a cozy ambience is created. Christmas balls, garlands and poinsettias make the Christmas tree shine. In any case, a stylish Christmas decoration wants to be well thought out, because especially the color combination makes the Christmas tree stand out. We show you ideas on how you can effectively stage your Christmas tree decorated in white and explain what you can combine the puristic color with. With black, for example, results in a stylish minimalist ensemble, together with pink the Christmas tree becomes a vintage piece of jewelry, with silver – a classic beauty and blue brings a touch of summer into your own four walls. Let the combinations inspire you!

Modern Christmas tree decorated in black and white

Christmas tree black white decorated Christmas tree gold and black and white with silver star and glass balls decorate modern decoration idea

Black and white creates a charming minimalist ensemble. Since the purist trend has successfully prevailed in recent years even decorating the Christmas tree, more and more people are opting for a stylish and elegant decoration in non-colors. Especially trendy at the moment are the black colored artificial Christmas trees, which are the perfect background for accents in white and gold. If you opt for the monochrome color scheme, you can create a charming contrast with a white underblanket made of artificial fur.

Christmas tree black white decorated decoration ideas in vintage style with crystal tree decorations and white wooden houses and LED candles

Green Christmas trees can also be decorated in a modern way. Add a modern touch to Christmas decorations with a black garland and paper Christmas decorations. White and silver decorative elements can break up the color scheme. Here’s how to recreate the look: Buy or craft houses out of white clay cardboard, arrange strings of LED lights and make old Christmas decorations shine with rhinestones!

Christmas tree black and white decorated modern minimalist look with wooden star and white Christmas tree and black and silver Christmas tree balls

It also works the other way around: if you have a white artificial Christmas tree, you can decorate it with silver and black Christmas balls. Combine Christmas tree baubles with shiny surface with those with matte surface to create effective contrasts. Complete the look with a white garland of wooden baubles and two black and white decorative ribbons draped around the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree black white decorated large self painted Christmas balls without poinsettia

Don’t have any black and white Christmas decorations at home? No problem. Buy white balls with matte finish and draw hearts, stripes and dots on them with black marker. In addition, you can cut out strips of white fabric 8 cm wide and 20 cm long. Then fold them lengthwise in the middle and sew the ends together. Stamp dots in anthracite, light gray and slate gray on them with acrylic paint. Tie the strips to the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree decorated in white and blue: Mediterranean touch

Christmas tree blue decorated Christmas tree festive decorating ideas with frosted glass tree decorations and autumn leaves

You dream of Mediterranean islands, sun, blue sea and of course summer? Bring an exotic flair into your own four walls. Inspired by the southern countries comes a decoration in white and blue, which fits especially harmoniously into interiors in modern country style. However, it also cuts a fine figure in vintage and Schabby Chic interiors. In this case, rely on Christmas decorations made of frosted glass in a subtle light blue nuance. Characteristic of Christmas decorations in the meditarran style is not only the color scheme, but also the motifs. Christmas motifs are hardly found on the Christmas tree, instead it is decorated with lantern, shells and starfish.

Christmas tree white blue decorated small space-saving Christmas tree in the corner with organza garland and Christmas tree balls

Bring a touch of bygone times into your house or apartment. Arrange old vases made of Chinese porcelain and other finds from the flea market around the Christmas tree. Additionally, you can embellish the Christmas tree with old Christmas tree balls in farmhouse silver. Leave traces of use and scraped paint untreated, because it is precisely these quirks that make the charm of vintage Christmas decorations.In addition, you can wrap a string of lights around the tree and drape a beautiful wide organza decorative ribbon around the Christmas tree to great effect. It will reflect the twinkling light of the fairy lights.

Christmas tree white blue decorated with lights rocket and beautiful decoration ideas with fabric and natural materials

Another option for vintage decorations, especially popular in the US, are the large flowers made of fabric. They add the finishing touch to the Christmas tree and add a natural touch to the decoration. Choose decorative flowers in one color, any white and combine them with the trend color of the year – Pantone blue. Thus, you will give the Christmas decoration a romantic touch that will surely fascinate your guests!

Christmas tree in white and gold

Christmas tree white gold decorated Christmas tree ornaments with large golden balls and three stars and white polar bear - figurines and artificial snow

Christmas tree in white and gold is perfect for those who like to experiment. Gold baubles make a particularly glamorous appearance on the Christmas tree. Those who do not want to do without the glitter, but still want a more or less subtle nuance, can reach for Christmas decorations in old gold. Also chic, brass has successfully crept into the hearts of interior designers in recent years. The metal also makes a festive figure and can be combined prima versatile.

Christmas tree white gold decorated festive Christmas decoration with fairy lights and gold balls Christmas tree next to the fireplace

Rose gold and white form a playful color duo. A garland of feathers, artificial snow in the branches, gilded fern leaves and, of course, many Christmas balls in different sizes make the festive Christmas tree shine. It will look super effective if you combine the Christmas baubles in rose gold together with gold, bronze and brass Christmas tree baubles.

classic Christmas tree decorations make your own from paper and paint in gold

It does not always have to be Christmas balls: With Christmas decorations made of paper you can set super accents. You can download templates for Christmas trees, door wreaths, animal figures, sleigh and present silhouettes, print them out and transfer them to glitter paper. Then cut out your new Christmas decorations, poke holes in the ornaments with a compass and run a thread through the hole. Then tie its two ends and embellish the Christmas tree with the finished pendant.

Christmas tree decorated with paper garland and star and faux fur fir rug

The Christmas tree will look similarly glamorous if the Christmas balls and the pendants are also spiced up with glitter. Sparkling ornaments provide light reflections that give the Christmas decoration a festive touch. The atmospheric Christmas decoration is effectively rounded off by a Christmas tree top made of crystal. By the way, pendants in silver, as well as ornaments made of glass also match this. An underblanket made of faux fur completes the decoration in the style of “Winter Wonderland”.

Christmas tree decorated in white and green

Christmas tree white green decorated modern Christmas decoration ideas in milk green and snow white

White and green create a great look for the Christmas tree. Depending on which shade of green you choose, the Christmas tree can look modern, classic or simple. The first idea reinterprets the classic combination. Reseda green Christmas balls with matte surface together with white fabric flowers and golden ornaments make the Christmas tree a real eye-catcher. The checkered black and white garland made of stof, which is effectively draped around the flowers and baubles, looks especially beautiful.

red rose hip and berry branches as accents and bird figurines and birdhouses

A winter fairy tale with lots of artificial snow, vintage green glass baubles and red bird figurines: that’s how the charming Christmas tree above presents itself. The decoration is inspired by nature. The string of lights is skillfully hidden behind the semi-transparent glass balls and artificial snow, so the most beautiful decorative elements are illuminated. Of course, the Christmas gifts are also coordinated with the color palette of the Christmas tree, so that the end result is a harmonious overall picture.

Christmas tree white green decorated Christmas tree decorations in grass green and gold Christmas tree balls and artificial snow and garland

You can save time and effort by decorating with garland in white. Especially for tall and narrow trees, it can completely replace the artificial snow spray. On the white background, even bright ornaments will look better and Christmas decorations in contrasting colors can make a real statement.

Christmas tree decorations in copper and snow white and grass green and turquoise

White and light green is in itself a classic color combination. For variety in this case can provide a new color partner: brown. And since they go very well together, you can even paint the green Christmas baubles in brown and additionally embellish them with golden rhinestones. To make the reseda green ornaments stand out better, the fir branches are first abundantly sprayed with artificial snow.

Christmas tree white green decorated narrow Christmas tree festive decorating ideas

When it comes to Christmas decorations, anything goes. No matter what color scheme you choose in the end, white is always present. The non-color, along with red and green, traditionally plays the main role, but in modern combinations with gold, it subtly fades into the background. We show you more cool color combinations in the photo gallery. Get inspired and recreate the festive look.

Christmas tree decorations in white and pink

Artificial snow pastel colors ideas for Christmas decorations with vintage Christmas tree decorations

Playful Christmas decoration with Christmas tree in subtle pastel pink and white

Christmas tree white green decorated festive Christmas decoration make yourself

Modern artificial Christmas tree white and pink decorated

Ideas for small artificial Christmas tree homemade origami ornaments

Completely white Christmas tree with red, orange and pink Christmas tree balls

Christmas decoration ideas in modern style artificial Christmas tree with semi-transparent orange and pink Christmas balls

Christmas tree white decorated: artificial snow and baubles

Christmas tree white pink decorated ideas for winter wonderland decoration in house with artificial snow for Christmas tree

Christmas tree white, pink, gold decorate

Christmas tree white pink decorated artificial Christmas tree with LED fairy lights and green Christmas balls as accent

Christmas tree white and red decorated

Christmas tree red white decorated living room with fireplace cozy winter decoration ideas

Christmas tree decorated white and red: make paper ornaments

modern small Christmas tree festive decorating angels and red poinsettias

Christmas tree decorated in white and red: Decorative ribbons in silver and red, crystal balls and glittery ornaments

Christmas tree red white decorated red bow and white Christmas tree balls

Decorate Christmas tree in red and white: star as a Christmas tree top

white Christmas star and Santa Christmas tree decorations

Decorate Christmas tree in white and silver

Christmas tree white silver decorated artificial snow and dark blue baubles and presents under the Christmas tree

Christmas tree in white, silver festive decorate and accent with gold ornaments

Christmas tree white silver decorated glass balls and fabric garland

Decorate Christmas tree in white, blue and silver

Christmas tree white silver decorated small fir tree festive decorate with blue balls as accent

Decorate Christmas tree in white and silver

artificial christmas tree with light chain ideas for lighting christmas decoration on mantelpiece

Decorate Christmas tree in white and gold: fabric flowers, vintage Christmas balls and paper snowflakes

Winter wonderland decoration idea with paper Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations in different shades of gray

artificial Christmas tree red white decorated in the corner of the living room with crystal Christmas tree decorations ideas

Vintage Christmas baubles and natural materials set accents

Christmas tree white silver decorated build vintage Christmas tree balls and artificial snow as decoration

Make your own star from tree branches

Christmas tree white silver decorated decoration ideas with natural materials like pine cones artificial Christmas tree with fairy lights

Decorate Christmas tree in “Winter Wonderland” style

Christmas tree white silver decorated ideas for Christmas decoration in living room with fir tree top and gold balls

Decorate Christmas tree completely in white

classic Christmas decoration idea with garland and silver Christmas tree balls and snow blocks as Christmas tree tops

Christmas tree decorated in white: folding paper poinsettias

Christmas tree white silver decorated

Spray Christmas tree with artificial snow and color it white

Christmas tree white silver decorated artificial snow garland

Christmas tree white silver decorated white bow and silver Christmas balls decorate