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Christmas table decorating for kids: Delight your little ones with these festive and colorful ideas!

Why should the adults have all the beautiful decorations on their table at Christmas dinner? We often have a “kids table” at our Christmas parties that is specifically for the little ones. We think it’s a lot of fun to make this little table a special and interesting place, and here are some ideas on how to decorate a Christmas table for kids in a fun and cute way!

Christmas table for kids with colorful paper fans

You can decorate kids Christmas table with colorful paper fans

Planning a Christmas party has never been easier or cuter than with some adorable Christmas table templates and fun party supplies. Here’s how you can bring a little magic to the holidays at your home, too.

To create a Christmas table for kids, you’ll need:

Bright and cheerful paper fans
Elf and Santa Claus banners
Cheerful and bright banners
Festive paper plates
Festive napkins
Silver charging stations
Pear tree centerpieces

Decorate Christmas table for kids - Delight your little ones with these festive ideas


  • First, hang fans behind your table to create a pretty backdrop for your party. Layer large and small fans, and use lots of green, white, and red!
  • Next, hang banners and garland over the paper fans in the background. Santa and elf banners are adorable.
  • Start the table decorations by using a white tablecloth.
  • Add felt garlands along the tabletop to add color and texture.
  • Set out silver place settings for each place setting. Place a pretty, festive paper plate on top of the silver tray.
  • Then place festive napkins on top, and wrap them up!
  • It’s so much fun to personalize each place setting with place cards!

Festive decor for kids with snowman tablecloth

Make the festive decoration for kids with snowman tablecloth

You’ll love decorating a table just for the kids. And the kids will really enjoy having something unique and fun just for them.

Shopping list for Christmas table decorations for kids:

rectangular white tablecloths
Snowman tablecloth
kids cups – white, red, green
organic party straws
white plates
white napkins
silver cutlery
1 string of lights
snow globes
small christmas ball ornaments
wooden ornaments for each plate

Decorate kids table for Christmas - Put the cute snowman tablecloth on the table


  • Place the cute snowman tablecloth on the table – it really adds a fun aspect to the table decorations.
  • Attach the fairy lights. Use a long enough string of battery operated lights.
  • Provide plates, napkins, cutlery, cups and the straws. To add more color – you can use children’s cups and straws that are either white, red or green.
  • Place the round snow globes with the snowmen on the tablecloths . Also place round ornaments around the table to create a fun, festive look.
  • Put something cute on each child’s plate, such as cute ornaments.
  • The wooden ornaments came out great with the kids who are younger than 10 years old.

Decorate children’s table with bottle brush tree and ornaments.

Decorate kids table with bottle brush tree and ornaments

You can decorate a fancy dining table for your little ones for Christmas that they will enjoy! Treats and toys will come into play, of course!

What you need:

white bottle brush tree and ornaments to decorate it with
matching plates, cups and cutlery
homemade baked goodies

You will love decorating a table just for the kids


  • Let’s start with the table decoration made of white bottle brush tree in the center of the table. Decorate it with festive ornaments of your choice.
  • Then place the plates, cups and cutlery for each child.
  • For the sweet treats, you can bake mini chocolate cupcakes and sprinkle them with crushed peppermint.
  • To make the table extra colorful, you can spread additional ornaments everywhere.

Great decoration with Christmas tablecloth for coloring

Make great decorations with Christmas tablecloth to color for kids

We love decorating for Christmas and the kids’ rooms usually get the royal treatment when it comes to Christmas decorations at our house, we think.

What you need:

Christmas tablecloth to color
Table runner
Light bulb garland
golden placemats
colorful paper plates
flower arrangement
glass milk bottles
organic straws

In fact, the little ones appreciate the decorations the most


  • Start with the Christmas tablecloth that the kids can color. And the best part? It’s reusable! Yes, the tablecloth can be washed (provided you use washable crayons or markers) so you can reuse it year after year. With this tablecloth, you can keep the kids at the table and prevent them from wandering around the house while the adults are trying to enjoy the meal.
  • Place the table runner on the table along with a strand of glittery light bulb garland.
  • Place the gold place settings and colorful paper plates.
  • Also arrange the napkins and cutlery.
  • The colorful Christmas table for kids consists of a golden plate, a red paper plate, a colorful dessert plate and forks and spoons.
  • You can wrap a handful of crayons in cellophane bags so that there is a bag at each table setting.
  • The reusable glass milk bottles add a cute look to the table decorations.