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Christmas plants: Incredibly gorgeous winter flowers for a festive home

The short dark days and bitter cold of winter can sometimes be distressing, but Christmas plants decorating the interior always lift the mood.  Plus, these plants are the perfect gift for someone who you struggle to find something suitable for. Christmas plants are a beautiful and bright addition to any room, and many of the best of them require very little maintenance.

What are the most festive Christmas plants?

Christmas plants - enchant your home

Here are 9 of our favorite indoor Christmas plants, from poinsettias to something a little more exotic. These winter plants not only bring festive cheer, but also give off scents that evoke nostalgia and create aromas that fill homes with undeniable warmth.

The easy-to-care-for Christmas cactus

The festive Christmas cactus is pretty and easy to care for

Christmas cacti are so pretty, they could rival the beauty of the ornaments on your tree. They are among the hardiest of permanent plants and can last for decades. Different species bloom at different times of the year, including winter and spring.

Poinsettia – a classic for the holidays.

The classic poinsettia is always a good choice

This beautiful houseplant is a Christmas classic that will add a touch of red and green to your holiday decorations. The poinsettia’s angular silhouette is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem, making it a must-have for the holiday.

Christmas plants for the holy night: large amaryllis.

Christmas plants - the amaryllis with spectacular flowers.

Amaryllis have spectacular flowers that can bloom for weeks with just a little care. They come in a few colors: white, red, coral, burgundy, pink and others. With a little care, the large bulbs can even bloom again after a dormant period.

If the plant comes in a plain pot, put it in a decorative container or cut off the long-stemmed flowers and put them in water with flower preservative. The cut flowers are stunning in tall, clear glass cylinders, but they can be a bit top heavy, so make sure the container you use doesn’t tip over.

Note: Be careful with this plant around pets as they are toxic if eaten.

Azaleas – the delicate winter flowers.

The festive azaleas are the Japanese lucky charm

With their bright blooms so rare and precious in winter, azaleas are classic gifts for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. However, since they are quite fragile, special care is required to make them last long.

Part of the Rhododendron family, azaleas originated in Japan, where they are given as gifts for good luck. In Germany, they are presented in flower stores in the middle of winter with bright red, white, purple or variegated flowers. A recent study has even shown that azaleas have a positive influence on the mind’s ability to concentrate.

English Holly – a holly for Christmas

The English holly - English Holy brings a lot of joy at Christmas

There are about 600 species of holly, but the English variety has become a Christmas classic with its forest green leaves and bright red berries. It is excellent for growing in planters and pots, unlike some other species that can only grow in plant beds.

When choosing your plant, look for sturdy stems with dense leaves. Make sure the berries are firm, evenly colored and close to the stem. These shrubs are very hardy and grow well in full shade or full sun. English holly can live for years in a pot if regularly pruned back to a height of 60 to 90 inches.

The charming Kalanchoe

Christmas plants - the delicate Kalanchoe is the perfect gift

With their plump, green leaves and bright flowers, kalanchoes are another Christmas favorite. Varieties with white, pink or red flowers bloom for weeks and go well with seasonal colors. You can also find them in bright orange and yellow.

Christmas plants for decoration: the cyclamen.

Cyclamen in different colors will fit any Christmas decoration

Cyclamen may not be as well-known a Christmas plant as poinsettia or amaryllis, but they can brighten up your festive decor just as much. Their heart-shaped leaves and flowers in lilac, purple, white, pink and other colors look beautiful. Add a ribbon and a bow and voila! Foil-wrapped cyclamen make a welcome gift for teachers, co-workers and neighbors.

Stored in a cool place, these plants will bloom well into spring. They go dormant after blooming, but are usually revived after a dormant period.

The Norfolk pine – an evergreen festive plant.

The Norfolk pine can also be used as a Christmas tree

This long-lived plant makes a great tabletop tree if you don’t have room for a large one, but its branches aren’t too hardy, so stick with light Christmas tree decorations. Just spray weekly or get out the humidifier to keep these tropical plants thriving well into the new year.

Christmas Plants: The Christmas Rose

Christmas plants - the delicate Christmas rose is an excellent decoration

Not technically a true rose, the Christmas rose gets its name from an old legend that claims it sprouted in the snow. It’s actually a hardy perennial that blooms during the winter months, so it’s often referred to as the Lenz rose or snow rose. Its papery flowers stand out stunningly against the waxy evergreen leaves, and it can be planted outdoors in the spring.