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Christmas gnome crafts from natural materials for outdoor: decorate your entrance or balcony!

Create a great outdoor decoration this season by crafting festive Christmas gnomes from natural materials. Gnomes have been a classic trend in Christmas decorations for centuries. While they’ve always been popular, in recent years the bearded characters have been popping up everywhere. To decorate your entrance or balcony with a few friendly characters, we’ll show you how to make a Christmas gnome with just a few natural materials. You can also finish a whole group of them, so you can decorate for the Christmas season in no time.

Christmas gnome craft from natural materials for outdoor use

Christmas gnome craft from natural materials for outdoor use - entrance or balcony.

Not only is it easy and fun, but making a Christmas gnome from natural materials is a creative and eco-friendly craft idea. With it, you can please the whole family and also impress your friends who will visit you over the holidays.

Materials for the cute craft from moss and fir tree

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to make a Christmas gnome for outside

  • Pots (different sizes)
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Moss
  • Scissors
  • Fir or various greenery
  • Dryer ball made of wool
  • Berries – optional
  • 3 dowels
  • Cable ties
  • Fluffy white fleece

Follow step-by-step instructions

Materials needed for the cute craft with moss for Christmas.

Follow these simple instructions to make a Christmas gnome out of natural materials for your outdoor space or other inviting place. You should be able to complete this Christmas craft project in less than an hour.

Step 1: Stack the pots

The first step is to decide how many pixies you want to make and how big you want them to be. For example, you can stack a 20 cm pot on top of a 30 cm pot to make a large gnome, and just a 30 cm pot for the smaller gnome. When you stack the pots, place them open side down and hot glue the smaller pot to the larger one. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 2: Attach the moss

Once you have the pots prepared, glue the moss to the pots. Starting at the bottom of the lower pot, use hot glue and a glue gun to stick the moss vertically onto the pots. Leave about 5 cm free at the top. Glue so that the pieces overlap slightly on the sides until the entire body of the pot is covered.

To make the characteristic high, pointed hat, start with a square of non-woven fabric

Step 3: Add a beard of greenery.

Next, cut some stems of greenery, such as fir. Hot glue them to the front of the pot to form a beard. Once you have glued the greenery on, trim the edges as needed. Once the beard is complete, glue a wool dryer ball directly over the beard (this will create the Secret Santa’s nose) and use berries to decorate the beard for a festive look.

Step 4: Shape the hat structure

To form a structure for the Secret Santa’s hat , attach three dowel rods to one end with a zip tie, creating a three-sided shape. Insert the ends of the dowels into the drainage holes of the pot so that the wide part of the tripod is at the bottom and the ends attached with the cable tie are at the top. If your pot does not have drainage holes, you can simply attach the ends of the dowels to the top of the pot with hot glue.

So easy you can make Christmas gnomes from natural materials for outdoor use

Step 5: Put the hat on

To make the characteristic tall, pointed hat for your Christmas elf, start with a square of fleece. First fold the square in half and cut it diagonally from the inner folded edge to the outer open edge. Then glue the right sides of the fabric together at the cut seam and let the glue dry. Then turn the fabric right side out and place it over the dowels to make a hat. As an alternative, you can make the hat out of moss if you don’t have fleece. Create the hat shape out of cardboard and cover it with moss, attaching it with the glue gun.

Step 6: Add arms

Give your little gnome arms: wrap two sections of dowel rods with fleece and attach the fabric with hot glue. Cut a small piece of fluffy white fleece to form the cuff of each sleeve, and glue them to each dowel. Attach the fleece-covered arms to the gnome’s body with hot glue. Add more embellishments as desired and place the friendly decoration on your balcony or next to the front door!