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Christmas flower arrangements make yourself: Ideas for simple Advent flower arrangements with foam

For the first day of Advent is always nice to have a homemade Advent wreath with candles. However, tying a wreath is complicated and time-consuming. A nice alternative to the classic are the Christmas flower arrangements. In today’s post, we’ll explain how you can make Christmas flower arrangements yourself using stick foam and natural materials.

Make your own Christmas flower arrangements: The necessary materials

Christmas flower arrangements instructions and ideas

An Advent arrangement made of natural materials is something special. The materials for it – fir greenery, dried flowers, fresh flowers, cones, etc., you can find not only in nature. Most flower stores, craft stores and even supermarkets offer a wide range of natural materials for crafting. As for the rest of the decorations such as Christmas balls, Advent candles and decorative rings or candle holders, you can order them on the Internet or use certain Christmas items from last year. The same applies to the base of the Advent arrangement: you can convert a bowl, a dish or a tray. Special plastic bowls are also sold on the Internet. Very important for the long life of the Christmas arrangement is the plugging foam. You can buy wet sticking bricks and cut them to size. In the craft stores you can also find wet stick rings with plastic bottoms. They are super suitable for Christmas flower arrangements.

The necessary materials at a glance:

  • Plug-in foam (wet plug-in ring or plug-in brick). If you want to make Christmas flower arrangements by yourself only with dried flowers, then you can choose dry plug-in bricks.
  • A container of your choice: a bowl, a dish, a tray or special plastic bowls for Advent arrangements. You can also use coasters for flower pots.
  • Natural materials: pine, cypress, fir branches, fresh flowers, dried flowers, eucalyptus, moss.
  • Christmas decorations: stars, Christmas balls, etc.
  • Plain stick candles, pillar candles or Advent candles
  • Accessories: floral wire, scissors, cutter knife, glue

Make Advent flower arrangements yourself: Properly process the plug-in foam

How to make small Advent flower arrangements with foam

Before you can start tinkering, you should water the plugging compound. For this purpose, pour lukewarm water into a container. It should be large enough for the flower foam to float freely. Do not add any additives (liquid fertilizers, aspirin tablets, etc.) to the water. Place the pegs on the water. Do not press the flower foam down, do not douse it with water. The upper side of the plug-in bricks should remain dry until the flower foam has soaked up with water. Otherwise, dry spots will remain in the foam and the flowers will not be adequately supplied with water. You can remove the fully soaked plug foam from the water after about 10-15 minutes and trim it. The flower foam should not be pressed or squeezed.

If you are using fresh flowers or pine greenery, then you should cut the stems at an angle. If the stems are soft, then you should only lightly score them. Cut flowers and grasses with medium-hard stems at an angle and slash them. You can also cut twigs at an angle.

Make Christmas arrangements yourself:  Ideas with fir greenery

Small Advent flower arrangements to make with wax candle

After you have shortened and cut the stems of the flowers and natural materials, you are ready to start decorating. Start at the outer edge of the flower foam. Fill in the gaps with small decorative materials. In the center of the Advent arrangement, you can stick one or more candles.

Small Christmas flower arrangements

Christmas balls and small stars are suitable as gap fillers, in addition to small decorative figures. Succulents , moss and eucalyptus are also the perfect gap fillers.

Puristic Advent flower arrangement instructions

In purist arrangements, the candle may stand out a little more. A beautiful Advent candle, a seasonal candle in the form of a Christmas tree or a scented candle in an accent color: the possibilities are simply endless and there are no limits to your own imagination.

Christmas flower arrangements small with one candle

Alternatively, you can “stamp” plain candles. For this purpose, you will need the following materials:

  • Plain white candles
  • Stamps with Christmas motifs
  • Stamping ink
  • Tissue paper
  • Baking paper
  • Hair dryer or hot air gun

Simply stamp the tissue paper with the desired motif and let it dry. Then cut out the motifs with scissors and place them on the candles. Carefully wrap the candles in baking paper and heat their surface evenly with a hot air tool. After about several minutes, remove the baking paper and let the candle cool.

Ideas for Advent arrangements from dried flowers

How to make your own Christmas arrangements from dried flowers in bowls

Dried flowers are not suitable for outdoor use. They cannot tolerate frost, wind and rain. Therefore, an Advent arrangement made of dried flowers is best suited for the living room and kitchen.

Advent arrangements do it yourself in bowl

As for the design, nothing stands in the way of your own creativity. You can color the dried flowers as you like, spray them with frost spray or metallic spray, or embellish them with glitter.

Advent arrangements from other natural materials

Advent arrangements from natural materials with Steckschaum make yourself

It doesn’t always have to be fir greenery. There are many modern alternatives to the classic Christmas arrangement with four candles and fir branches. Several examples:

  • Combine ferns and palm leaves in an exotic-looking Advent arrangement.
  • Christmas arrangements with succulents have become very popular in recent years.
  • Wintergreen foliage ornamental plants and grasses are used primarily in purist Advent arrangements.
  • The combination of exotic flowers in bright colors and fir green make the Advent arrangement a real eye-catcher.

Christmas floral arrangements do it yourself in bowl with stick foam instructions

  • For experimenting craft enthusiasts offer the following options: Advent arrangements from dried moss, from pampas grass or from lagurus.

Christmas flower arrangements do it yourself Advent flower arrangement from natural materials and high candles

  • The Advent wreath made of dried hydrangea flowers is romantic and playful at the same time. The blue hydrangeas can be combined in any way with ornamental grasses and other dried flowers.

Advent wreath make your own from dried flowers hydrangea

Of course, combinations of fresh and dried flowers are also possible. In this case, you should use wet stick foam.

Make your own Christmas arrangements for outside

Christmas arrangements for outside make yourself which materials

If you want to make Christmas arrangements for outside yourself, it is best to choose seasonal natural materials. Of course, you can also opt for extravagant combinations of tillandsias, succulents and rose petals. However, in order for the festive wreath to stay fresh longer, you can bring it into the house in the evening.

Advent flower arrangements from natural materials to make instruction

Make small Christmas arrangements yourself

Advent flower arrangements with dried flowers to make

Small, but nice: even small Christmas arrangements can have a big effect. Advent wreaths in small format and individually decorated pillar candles are the trend. The tall pillar candles can also be perfectly staged in glasses, wine bottles, cans or tea cups.

Make your own elongated Advent arrangements

elongated Advent flower arrangements do it yourself tutorial

The classic Advent arrangement is round, while modern variations are elongated. A tray made of recycled wood fascinates with rustic charm, metal baskets add a minimalist touch and wooden boards are perfect for those who want to craft a last-minute Christmas decoration.

Advent flower arrangements ideas for 2021

Soon it will be the first Advent. Now is the right time to craft a suitable Christmas decoration and decorate the house for the feast of all feasts. The Advent wreath is an absolute classic and an important element of Christmas home decoration. An alternative to this are the Christmas flower arrangements, which can be designed according to your own wishes. From dried flowers, to exotic flowers and ornamental grasses: There are no limits to your own creativity. For a successful end result, you should follow the rules below:

  • Use dry cut foam only for floral arrangements with dried flowers.  Use wet plug-in foam for Advent arrangements with fresh flowers.
  • Allow the floral foam to soak up and only then cut or use it.
  • Always cut the stems of fresh flowers at an angle.
  • Make Advent arrangements for outside from seasonal materials such as fir greenery, cones, etc.