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Christmas decorations for the living room: great ideas how to decorate your living room for Christmas 2022!

Pulling out your favorite holiday decorations can be both a beautiful and overwhelming experience. With any box of decorations, the question arises: where to start? The answer is simple: in your living room! First of all, this room is the most popular place in the house for the Christmas tree, with its twinkling lights, garlands, Christmas tree topper, and of course, all the carefully wrapped gifts that lie under the tree. But the Christmas tree alone does not make a festive living room. The Christmas mantel holds a lot of potential for a magical Christmas decoration. Festive accessories such as Christmas stockings, pillows, blankets and other Christmas elements will complement the overall theme of the decoration. Below you will find beautiful Christmas decorations for the living room – these are the best ideas and trends 2022.

Traditional red and white Christmas decorations for living room

Christmas decoration ideas 2022 - red and white living room

This country-style living room decorated for Christmas was inspired by classic red and bright white with stylish accents. A classic fir garland and an evergreen Christmas wreath provide simple, festive accents and let the Christmas tree shine in all its glory. The secret to a lavishly decorated fir tree lies in creative and traditional decorations.

Traditional red and white Christmas decorations for living room

In addition to plaid pillows and blankets, collectibles such as lanterns, candles, thermoses and beautiful mugs bring cheerful, red splashes of color to the living space.

Christmas decoration idea for a small living room

Christmas decoration idea for a small living room

Finding a place for a Christmas tree in a small living room can be a challenge. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this small and elegant living room that makes use of the space between the furniture. The most important thing is to choose the right size Christmas tree and decorations for the room that fit your decor and the size of the room you have to work with.

Small fir tree for Christmas - decoration ideas

A small Christmas tree can look just as Christmassy as a large Christmas tree when elevated with a planter and given a bold color scheme. Let the colors of the tree define the rest of the Christmas decorations to create a unified look.

Minimalist Christmas decorations for the living room

Minimalist Christmas decoration for living room

White furniture and a modern rug make a clean palette for this classic, green and minimalist living room Christmas decor. You can sparsely decorate your Christmas tree with a garland and colorful baubles. Complete the style with a stack of wrapped gifts in matching patterns.

Christmas decorations for living room - simple ideas

Neutral details like pillar candles, plain stockings and assorted gifts blend seamlessly with the classic red and green tree.

Decorate living space for Christmas – modern colors.

Decorating living room for Christmas - modern colors

Complement your Christmas tree and all the decorations for the living room with artificial flowers, ribbons and lots of ornaments in metallic colors. Gift boxes instead of paper wrapping will match the color scheme of the interior.

Christmas decoration trends 2022 - gold and silver color

A gold or silver Christmas wreath and elegant Santa boots will add a touch of glamour.

Use traditional elements for a classic look

Use traditional elements for a classic look

A Christmas living room doesn’t have to be completely redesigned. Bold, red decorations and natural greens combine with existing wooden elements to create a cozy cottage style.

Decorating living room for Christmas - trends 2022

Faux fur blankets and a blazing fire make the space warm and inviting.

Blue and green cozy Christmas living room.

Blue and green cozy Christmas living room decorations

Red and green are traditionally the primary colors of the Christmas season, and there are so many ways to decorate a modern home. However, in the Christmas decorating trends for 2022, people like to pick up other colors as well. You can decorate your living room with modern, blue and green decorations.

White Christmas decorations for the living room – enjoy magical Christmas.

White Christmas decorations for living room - enjoy magical Christmas

Revive the magic of white Christmas with a modern Christmas tree that subtly creates a snow effect. This year, neutral colors like gray and white are a big decorating trend for an updated look, and mimicking that at Christmas only adds to the coziness of the holiday.

Use vintage finds to decorate

Use vintage found objects to decorate

If you’re craving the feel of Christmas past, take inspiration from vintage Christmas decorations. Burlap, subtle red accents and vibrant greenery are perfect for showcasing painted furniture and vintage glass ornaments. Fir branches can give your living space that classic Christmas feel.

Vintage Christmas decorations as a trend in 2022

Old-fashioned candies complete the vintage Christmas style. Antiques can add personality and history to your handmade Christmas decorations. In this living room, there are ornate candlesticks above the fireplace and many generations of Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Coordinate dark interiors with black and gold Christmas decorations

Coordinate dark interiors with black and gold Christmas decorations

Dark and moody interiors have not gone out of fashion, and more and more households are opting for the dark walls and furniture to bring out the coziness and relaxing side of a room. This is also true for this year’s Christmas season. Dark Christmas decor is a popular choice that blends in and complements moody interiors to create a festive and calming ambiance.

We love the subtle black Christmas decorations that you can use in your cozy living room, from modern Christmas baubles to plaid bows that run throughout the room and add to the style of the decor.