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Christmas decorations for balcony railings do it yourself: so the balcony parapet gets a festive touch!

Would you like to decorate your balcony for Christmas ? For the upcoming Christmas season, we tell you how to make a beautiful Christmas decoration for balcony railings yourself. This wintry arrangement of branches, candles and winter greenery is easy to make, costs little and is durable, withstanding cold and weather. This DIY idea is also ideal for decorating your windowsill outside . It is important that it is well attached to the railing, so that it does not fall over and endanger passers-by below.

Christmas decoration for balcony railings from twigs and greenery

diy christmas decoration for balcony railings

All materials can be found in the garden or conjured from old Christmas decorations. You will need floral foam (about 0.50 euros) and a spray can of white paint (about 2 euros) to color the branches.

Materials needed:

  • 10 willow branches at least two meters long, straight and unbranched
  • 5-6 curly hazelnut or willow branches, freshly cut, i.e. with bark still green, 80-100 cm long
  • spray paint in white
  • Plug-in foam with its plastic plate
  • 3 large pillar candles, preferably in different heights
  • branches of ivy, Arizona cypress, holly, thuja and elaeagnus shrub
  • jute string, wide ribbon
  • flower ribbon, plastic spatula or eufeun needles 120 mm
  • Christmas balls with a diameter of more than 10 cm and silver florist wire

Tying the branches together

balcony balustrade decoration from branches make yourself

After measuring your balcony railing, cut the willow branches to the desired length. As a rule, about two meters is optimal. The branches should be arranged so that each end has both thin and thicker sections. Once the bundle is formed, tie it in the middle with string long enough to hold it in place (Photo 1).

Hold the bundle in the middle and spray the branches with the white spray paint (photo 2). Make sure the wind is blowing in the right direction so the particles don’t reach you. It is best to work in still air and outdoors, always away from flammable materials and from walls or surfaces where “flying” spray particles can stick and leave stains. Rotate the bundle to paint it on both sides. Finally, place the bundle on the floor on a sheet of newspaper or on a work mat and paint the rest with small, well-aimed bursts of spray. If you use disposable gloves, don’t get your hands dirty. Let the paint dry for a few minutes.

The curly hazelnut branches should be freshly cut, because the green bark should contrast strongly with the white branches in color and shape. They should be half as long as the others, so that they form a kind of fullness in the middle. Remove the leaves and all thinner branches. Attach them to the white bundle, arranging them one by one, and tie them together with the jute string (photo 3).

Fix the candles on the stick foam

christmas decoration for balcony with candles do it yourself

Now you are to fix the three candles on the floral foam. This step is more complex than it may seem and requires attention. To begin, place the fully soaked foam on the plastic base, a kind of saucer (photo 4), because we need a stable part with which we can fix the flower foam to the balcony railing.

To fix the candles on the sponge, put a plastic spatula in the bottom of each candle, so that they partially stick out. These should be at least half or one-third the height of the candle to provide stability. If they are too long, shorten them with scissors. You can also use ivy needles or another type of holder. The candles, which are close together but slightly offset, must now be inserted into the plug foam using the clamps (photo 5).

For even more security, insert more plastic pins into the sponge, creating a kind of fence around them (photo 6). The whole thing is then wrapped a few times with tape to permanently attach it to the candles. It’s important to pay attention to this step so that the candles don’t fall over later because of strong winds.

Create the green waterfall

christmas decoration for outside on balcony railing

Now it’s time to cover the floral foam with greenery – anything you can find for free in the garden is suitable. We used green ivy, variegated holly and elaeagnus, thuja and Arizona cypress. The branches, which are easy to bend, are perfect for creating a waterfall effect. Start with the cypress branch (photo 7), next to it comes the holly. Then move over to the sides, making way for the elaeagnus with its shiny, bright leaves and the ivy hanging down. Finally, fill the top with the scraps so that the plastic clips and tape at the base of the candles are not visible (photo 8). The arrangement should look good both from the front (full and without gaps) and from the side. It should fall harmoniously and naturally, supported and not heavy (photo 9).

Putting the Christmas decoration on the balcony railing

balcony railing christmas decorations

The first elements to be attached to the balcony railing are the branches. Tie the bundle tightly to the railing with two different strings. First, use the regular jute twine, knotted in the middle (photo 10); then use a wide green gift ribbon, which is not very malleable, to attach the branches even more securely. The longer white branches will fan out under the action of their weight, while the hazelnut or willow branches will not deform.

Now you are to make the bundle of Christmas balls. Each ball is attached to a very thin, but strong florist wire. Adjust the length so that the balls are at different heights (photo 11). When the desired effect is achieved, tie all the threads together so that their position does not change. Then tie the wire bundle to the balcony railing as well, at a central point in relation to the branch bundle.

Finally, fix the flower foam with the candles (Figure 12). Fixing to the handrail with a ribbon may present different difficulties depending on the type of railing. The wider the handrail, the better. The candles must stand up straight and the whole thing must be attached to the railing as tightly as possible. There should be three anchoring points: one in the middle and two about 10 cm from the ends. Use the tape and not string, which can cut the sponge with repeated use.

make your own christmas decoration for balcony balustrade - step by step instructions

To make your balcony Christmas decorations even more beautiful, place lanterns and lanterns on the floor. Never leave the burning candles unattended.