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Christmas decorations for balcony 2022: With these ideas you spread the magic of the holidays even outside

When autumn is at its gloomiest and you feel slightly depressed, many people are looking for something uplifting. At the same time, Christmas is slowly but surely approaching and you may be dreading all the things you need to get done. So why not start your 2022 balcony Christmas decorations now? According to studies, those who start decorating for Christmas early feel better about themselves. This is because many associate Christmas with nostalgia and the people they love. Your childlike self comes out and you feel more joy – something that allows happiness to overcome the tension that Christmas can bring.

Ideas for Christmas decorations for the balcony 2022

Christmas decorations for balcony 2022 - With these tips you will spread the magic of the holidays outside

Unfortunately, we often use our balconies in winter to park bikes or other less necessary things, but we should change that. During the coziest time of the year, bring the magic not only inside your homes, but also outside. It doesn’t take much to create a 2022 balcony Christmas decoration that will spread warmth and joy to all who pass by. Here are a few ideas.

Decorate with spruce

Spruce garlands create a wonderful green environment on the balcony

Spruce garlands create a wonderfully green environment on the balcony. Wrap them around the balcony railing or place a few simple spruce branches in a vase to give your balcony a Christmas update. Combine the spruce with a string of lights in a warm hue for a truly cozy balcony.

Christmas decorations for outside – but like inside

Ideas for Christmas decorations for the balcony 2022 - Decorate with inviting seating and potted plants

Do you have a glazed balcony or otherwise sheltered outdoor space? Make the most of it and decorate as if you were indoors, with soft, inviting seating, textiles, potted plants, a rug on the floor and decorative fairy lights and candles to top it all off.

Note: Warm up your balcony. This winter, blankets and throws are a must on balconies and patios. Whether you have a glazed balcony or not, the temperature will be lower in the conservatory. If you do not have glazing, there are different types of heaters that allow you to use your balcony even in winter. However, if you have glazing, the temperature will be a few degrees higher than outside because it traps the heat that escapes from your house. Glazing also acts as a buffer, protecting the balcony from wind and dreary winter weather. If you also add a balcony heater, you can celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your loved ones on your balcony.

Christmas decoration for the balcony 2022 – Soften with textiles.

Increase the coziness factor outdoors with soft textiles

Faux fur, sheepskin or a soft wool rug will add fluffy texture and coziness to your balcony. Replace the thin textiles of summer with thicker options that will warm and increase the coziness factor outside.

Invest in cozy balcony lighting

A hung light bow or garland frames the outdoor area

What could be cozier during the dark winter months than lights? Set the mood and decorate a stylish balcony by combining a variety of light sources. From strings of large bulbs or hundreds of small LEDs to lanterns and candle holders, you can place them on the balcony table as well as on the floor.

Tip. A rechargeable portable lamp is easy to transport and take around the apartment or balcony.

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Christmas decoration for the balcony 2022 – Decorate with a tree.

Christmas decorations for balcony 2022 - Decorate with a tree

A table tree in a pot adds Christmas spirit and is an easy Christmas decoration for balcony 2022. Decorate it with a small string of lights or a few other decorations, but remember to attach them securely so they don’t come loose in a gust of wind.

Tip. Do you have a large balcony? If so, a real spruce that is a little smaller can also be a nice choice for your balcony.

Frame the balcony

A hung light bow or garland frames the outdoor area

A light loop or garland hung over the balcony creates the feeling of an oasis and frames the outdoor space. Opt for a soft, warm light to set the right mood in the winter darkness.

Update your balcony boxes with hardy plants

Update your balcony boxes for Christmas

Are your balcony pots and boxes looking empty after the glorious days of summer and fall? Refresh with hardy plants or create your own outdoor Christmas groupings with small trees, red berries and hardy greenery.

Turn your balcony into a showcase for Christmas

Turn your balcony into a showcase for Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when we look out for each other. There are many things we can do to add a little more warmth and Christmas cheer to our surroundings. Adding decorations to your balcony is a great way to bring a smile to the faces of passersby. So make your balcony a showcase with lots of beautiful Christmas decorations.

Note: There are actually no specific guidelines for how much your balcony can be decorated, so just do it! However, don’t disturb the neighbors with too many twinkling lights.

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