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Christmas decorations craft from a tomato rankturm: Try these cheap upcycling ideas!

The fewer days until Christmas, the more the excitement increases. To make the time go faster, you can use the weeks before Christmas to make a festive Christmas decoration yourself. And who does not like a nice upcycling project ? In today’s post, we show how you can make an atmospheric Christmas decoration from the tomato vines that helped to grow tomatoes in the summer. Let’s go!

The tomato cane tower – a great base for crafting Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration from tomato vines idea for Christmas tree in a bucket

Do you remember our original Halloween decoration ideas from tomato climbing frames ? Recently we showed you how to turn the wire constructions into spooky ghosts, witches and gnomes. If you still have some trellis posts available, you can also put them to use when making Christmas decorations. They are the perfect base to make inexpensive decorations like Christmas trees, snowmen or pixies. We now show how to do it!

Craft Christmas tree from tomato vines

Artificial fir trees as decoration for the front door make yourself

Christmas decorations without a Christmas tree is simply unthinkable. But why buy a new Christmas tree when you can upcycle your unnecessary tomato trellis and make the Christmas tree from it yourself? You can use both artificial and real greenery and decorate the tree as you like. There are also many unusual ideas for Christmas trees that use the tomato vine support as a base. We have collected the most beautiful of them for you.

Make an artificial Christmas tree for Christmas decoration

Christmas tree from Rankturm decorate

Crafting a simple Christmas tree from vine supports is actually no magic trick. Only a few materials and tools are needed for this project and you will surely love the result.

You’ll need:

  • Tomato climbing pole made of wire
  • Adhesive tape
  • some bendable fir garlands
  • Christmas tree ornaments of your choice

Christmas tree tinkering from trellis instruction

Start with the rankturm upside down on the ground so that the largest ring serves as the base. Gather the ends of the wire sticks together and tape them down with some duct tape. Then the construction for the Christmas tree is ready.

Now start wrapping the base from the top down with the green garlands. Also wrap individual pieces around the horizontal support rings to prevent the garland from sliding down.

Gradually plump up the garland to form it into a tree. You can bend the branches a little to hide bare spots.

Once the Christmas tree is ready, attach the tree ornaments, garlands and possibly a string of lights.

Christmas tree in a tub for outside

Simple Christmas decorations for outside DIY artificial fir tree craft

Now that you know how to make a simple Christmas tree from the tomato rankturm, you can let your imagination run wild and add beautiful homemade Christmas trees to your 2021 Christmas decorations. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors and can be designed and decorated as you like.

Tannenbäume tinkering from trellis and green artificial garlands

For example, how about some fir trees in a natural look? For this, again wrap the wire construction with artificial fir garlands, but instead of Christmas balls and garlands, use some fir cones as tree decorations. You can put the trees in suitable tubs and use them to decorate the entrance to the house in winter. If the tubs are filled with soil, you should remove the bottom ring of the border tower to put the sticks directly into the soil.

DIY minimalist Christmas tree made of wire

Colorful decorated Christmas tree from tomato rancid original DIY idea

However, you don’t necessarily have to decorate the tomato rankturm with garlands to make a beautiful Christmas tree. It’s even easier if you dye the wire (or use a colored rim tower right away) and hang the tree decorations directly on the wire rings. To do this, again place the climbing aid upside down and tie the rods together with tape or a cable tie.

DIY fancy Christmas tree from tomato rankturm

For the tree topper, you can either use a classic poinsettia or simply tie a pretty fabric bow. This decoration also serves to hide the cable tie or tape.

To attach the Christmas baubles to the tree, paper clips are perfect as hangers. Simply bend the middle part of the clip down, hang the bauble by the shorter end and hang the longer end on the wire ring.

Make your own wire Christmas tree for outside

Festive decorations for outside do it yourself idea and tips

Such a minimalist Christmas tree also fits well outdoors. For a nice effect, you can place it in an empty bucket. To anchor the trellis in the tub, attach a bungee cord to the lowest support ring and weigh it down with a stone, as shown in the picture above.

Christmas decoration craft: Illuminated Christmas tree for outside

Upcycling Christmas decoration craft lighted Christmas tree for outside

Of course, the atmospheric lights can not be missing in the Christmas decoration. To make your tomato vine Christmas tree glow, attach a matching string of lights. Another great idea would be to make the Christmas tree exclusively from lights. Here’s how:

DIY illuminated Christmas tree from tomato climbing aid and fairy lights

Get two expandable strings of 100 lights or one longer string of lights. Untangle the string and tie the end without the plug along with the rods of the wire construction with a zip tie. If the string of lights has an open end, put a piece of fabric tape on it to protect it from the weather.

Then wrap the fairy lights around the tree, leaving enough cable at the bottom to connect the fairy lights. This outdoor Christmas tree may not look very appealing during the day, but provides beautiful light accents in the garden in the evening.

A combined DIY Christmas tree of fir garland and fairy lights looks just as great

Tomatoes climbing aid upcycling idea Christmas decoration tinker

Christmas gnome craft from tomato vine aid

Tomato-mantel make gnome as a Christmas decoration for outside

Christmas gnomes are among the most popular decorations in recent years. For Christmas 2021, you can craft some cute gnomes for the garden by upcycling tomato vine helpers.

Secret santa made from real greenery

Secret santa for Christmas decoration outside

Have you ever seen these cute Christmas gnomes made from pine greenery? They adorn gardens and patios in the winter and add Christmas cheer. Want to try this fun DIY project for Christmas? Here’s everything you need:

  • Tomato Rankturm
  • wire cutters
  • evergreen branches
  • hedge trimmer
  • cable ties
  • red leatherette or other water resistant fabric
  • golden Christmas ball
  • red children’s gloves
  • Stapler

Tying gnomes from real greenery instructions

The first thing you need to do is craft the base for the gnome. To do this, place the ranch tower upside down and tie the loose ends with a cable tie. If your construction is too tall for a gnome, cut the bottom part down to the middle wire ring with wire cutters.

Then begin to gradually tie the evergreen branches upside down to the wire rods. Again, use cable ties to do this. Work forward around the design until it is completely covered.

Then craft a pointed hat out of faux leather and place it on the gnome. Add the gold Christmas bauble just below the hem of the hat and attach two mittens as arms.

You can also craft the Christmas gnome with artificial fir greenery if you wish.

DIY Christmas gnome made from fabric

Secret Santa or Santa Claus for the Christmas decoration tinker with climbing help as a basis

If you are looking for a simpler DIY project for Christmas gnomes, you can simply wrap the wreath towers with fabric to craft clothes for the gnomes.

Craft angels for Christmas decoration

LED Christmas decorations angels from tomato cane

So, with a little creativity, you can turn the tomato climbing towers into almost any character you want. For example, how about decorating your home or garden with beautiful Christmas angels? For this, in turn, you can put the vine towers to use and make a wonderful Christmas decoration out of them.

Angels craft for Christmas decoration for the house entrance

All you need to do to make a beautiful angel is to shape the tomato vine support into a cone and then dress it up to match. Here are some ideas:

  • For the angel’s head, you can use a Styrofoam ball that you stick directly onto the wire.
  • Also make a halo out of garland and put it on the head.
  • For the angel wings are perfect wire coat hangers, which you first attach to the wire construction with craft wire or cable ties and then dress up with fabric. Alternatively, you can also craft the wings from garlands.
  • Finally, craft a dress out of fabric by simply dressing up the rank tower with tulle or other white fabric. Another idea would be to use scraps of fabric and tie them directly to the ribbon.

Make your own snowman as an outdoor Christmas decoration

DIY snowman as Christmas decoration for outside

Families with children will surely love this idea. No snow is needed at all for this snowman, just a tomato rankturm, a styrofoam ball and lots of decorative ribbon. The snowman can be equipped with a string of lights inside, if desired, so that it also decorates the entrance to the house or the garden in the evening .

To make the snowman, again build a conical wire construction from the tomato rankturm by tying the loose wire rods together. On top of it you then stick the styrofoam ball, which you still provide with eyes, nose and a hat.

For the body of the snowman, you can use wide white or blue decorative ribbon (preferably mesh) by tying individual pieces to the wire. This step requires some skill, but even beginners will succeed. There should be no bare spots left in the process. Once the whole border tower is covered with ribbon, finish the snowman by attaching three Christmas balls as buttons and sticking two arms made of sticks into the sides.

Such a cute snowman will create a cheerful mood in the garden until the end of winter.

Christmas tree inspired by “The Grinch”.

Grinch Christmas tree as Christmas decoration for indoors tinker

No one loves Christmas more than the residents of Whoville. Join their Christmas celebration and create a Christmas tree inspired by Dr. Seuss’ classic story about the Grinch.

Instructions tomato rankturm and chicken wire Christmas decoration tinker Grinch theme

This fancy Christmas tree is really easy to make yourself. First, make the shape with a tomato cane and some chicken wire. Wrap the finished shape with green boas, add Christmas balls and garland and you’re done.

Tip: You can also use the same construction to make your own Christmas hat as a home Christmas decoration. Use red and white feather boas to wrap around the shape and add a large white Christmas ball at the end. Add a thin string of lights around the Christmas hat to make the decoration glow.