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Christmas decorations cheap make yourself: With floating noodles conjure up beautiful decorations for indoors and outdoors

December is just around the corner and you already want to put your house and garden in the Christmas spirit? A beautiful decoration for indoors and outdoors does not necessarily cost a fortune. From inexpensive materials or things that you just have available, you can conjure up beautiful decorations . Today we show you how you can make a pretty Christmas decoration from floating noodles cheap and fast yourself. Let us inspire you!

Use pool noodles for a cheap Christmas decoration

How to make a Christmas decoration cheap from swimming noodles themselves

Do you have some pool noodles that are just collecting dust in the garden shed? You can use the flexible tubes made of PE foam, which usually serve as a floating aid, to craft various elements for your Christmas decorations. From a beautiful table decoration to playful Christmas decorations for the garden – the ideas are quite diverse. Even if you don’t have floating noodles on hand, they can be found quite cheaply. You can buy inexpensive floating noodles for as little as 3 euros and use them for many creative craft projects. Here are the best DIY ideas from pool noodles for your Christmas decoration 2021.

Christmas decoration for home cheap do it yourself

The first few ideas are ideal for decorating your home for Christmas. Which of them would you try?

Christmas table decoration craft

DIY table garland with Christmas balls

Who does not like an opulently decorated festive table at Christmas? A magnificent table decoration simply can’t be missing for Christmas, and now we’ll show you how to make a richly decorated table garland yourself. Here is everything you need for this DIY project:

  • A floating noodle
  • Christmas balls and ornaments in different sizes and colors
  • Hot glue gun with matching glue sticks*.

* If you want to use the hot glue gun for temperature-sensitive materials such as PE foam or Styrofoam, we recommend using special glue sticks with a low processing temperature (low-melt glue).

Table decoration make yourself from swimming noodle and Christmas balls

And so easy to make the table decoration:

First, cut the pool noodle in half lengthwise or run a stick through the middle to keep it from bending. Then begin attaching the Christmas balls to the pool noodle with the hot glue gun, working from the sides up. Once all the baubles are attached, fill in the gaps with smaller Christmas decorations, flowers, pine branches, etc. Once the table garland is ready, you can spray it with artificial snow.

Such a festive table garland is perfect for the holiday table, as a decoration for the sideboard or for the console table

Table decoration from cheap floating noodle make yourself DIY

You can decorate a similar floating noodle table garland in a color, theme or look that matches the rest of your Christmas decorations. You can also make the table decorations glow by attaching a battery-operated string of lights. Cut a hole for the battery compartment at the bottom to hide it under the table garland.

Large Christmas wreath for indoors

DIY Christmas decoration cheap for the wall Christmas wreath

Want to decorate the area above the mantel or a blank wall for Christmas and are just looking for ideas? With inexpensive pool noodles and matching Christmas decorations, you can easily make a giant Christmas wreath yourself. For this project, first make a wreath blank from the pool noodles, then decorate it with garlands and Christmas balls.

This is how to make the big Christmas wreath:

Instructions Christmas wreath craft from floating noodles and Christmas decorations

If you want to pull the wreath apart again after Christmas, we recommend using floral wire instead of hot glue.

Candles from floating noodles as a Christmas decoration do it yourself cheaply

Christmas candles from floating noodles in bowl

Christmas and Advent flower arrangements with candles are a classic way to decorate your home during the Christmas season. However, if you want to make a flower arrangement yourself that will stay fresh forever and whose candles will burn continuously, then take a look at this idea. Here’s all you need to make a table decoration with candles from pool noodles:

  • white pool noodles
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks for PE foam
  • scissors
  • cutter knife
  • thin craft wire
  • glitter
  • white paint (optional)
  • battery-powered LED tea lights
  • bowl or tray
  • artificial greenery

How to make candles from pool noodles yourself

First, cut out as many candles as you want from the white floating noodles. For a nice effect, the candles should be of different sizes. You also determine the number yourself, and in the example, a total of 7 candles were made. To recreate an Advent arrangement, use 4 candles.

Since you want to attach the LED tea light to one end of the pool noodle, you should cut the hole a little larger to fit the candle. Cut the hole deep enough so that the tea light is flush with the pool noodle.

Then apply some hot glue around the edges of the candles to mimic melted wax. You can then paint the hot glue white or sprinkle with some glitter if desired.

Once the candles are ready, arrange them on the tray and tie them together with some thin wire. Then add artificial greenery around the candles and turn on the lights.

To make and arrange a single pool noodle candle yourself, you can use a kitchen paper holder as a base

DIY idea with floating noodle large candle

Make decoration with birch logs from pool noodle itself

Birch logs from pool noodles make yourself as a Christmas decoration

In winter and at Christmas, the apartment decoration from natural materials is very popular. For example, a few birch logs look very decorative and give coziness in the room. But where to find just a few birch logs to decorate the apartment with them? Instead of looking for real logs, you can make these faux birch logs yourself from pool noodles.

To turn the floating noodles into birch logs, wrap them with kraft paper and use the decoupage technique to recreate the texture of tree bark. Then paint the pool noodles with white and gray paint and you’re done.

Cheap Christmas decorations for the garden

DIY door wreath made from pool noodles.

Door wreath from pool noodle and Christmas balls cheap make yourself

From a pool noodle and several Christmas balls, you can also make a festive door wreath for the front door itself. Let your imagination run wild and play with different colors and shapes. There are simply no limits.

Tip: If you want to attach the Christmas balls with usual hot glue on the pool noodle wreath, wrap it first with fabric tape so that the hot glue does not burn the foam.

Christmas decorations cheap do it yourself: Giant lollipops as garden decorations

DIY Christmas decoration cheap for outside from floating noodles

For Christmas decorations in the garden, decorations in large format are perfect. Whether large Christmas balls or Christmas bells, the XXL decoration sets beautiful accents outside. From floating noodles, for example, you can make such huge lollipops for Christmas decoration cheap yourself. We show how it goes!

What you need:

  • colorful floating noodles
  • wide fabric adhesive tape in different colors
  • hot glue
  • PVC pipe
  • cellophane
  • Decorative ribbon or large bows

Pool noodle roll up DIY Christmas lollipop

Once you have gathered all the materials, wrap the tape diagonally around the pool noodle. You can go for classic color combinations of Christmas colors like red-white, green-white or red-green or opt for any other combination you like.

Roll up the striped pool noodles tightly to make the lollipop. This will take some skill. You will need to hold the pool noodle when you finish rolling it, and then use some packing tape to keep everything in place. Alternatively, you can use hot glue or shish kebab skewers to hold the spiral together.

Pool noodles lollipops as a garden decoration for Christmas make yourself

Then use the cutter to cut a hole in the spiral and glue the PVC pipe into the hole. Wrap the decorative lollipop in cellophane, tie it closed and add a bow. All that’s left is to stick the giant lollipop in the ground anywhere in the garden and you’re done!

Christmas decoration cheap for outside make yourself giant lollipop

However, these decorative lollipops are not just for Christmas. You can bring them out of the basement again for Easter or Halloween to decorate the garden.

Candy canes from floating noodles for Christmas decoration outside

Swimming noodle Christmas decoration for house entrance cheap

For a sugary sweet Christmas decoration for outside, you can also make some candy canes from floating noodles yourself in addition to the giant lollipops. The American candy canes look very decorative and are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe as a Christmas motif. So this Christmas decoration is made cheaply and quickly.

First gather the following materials:

  • Floating noodles (red or white)
  • colored fabric tape (white or red)
  • Cutter
  • fishing line
  • Wire

Candy cane make from pool noodle as a cheap Christmas decoration

If your float noodle doesn’t have a hole, first cut it lengthwise and push a piece of wire into the slot halfway up the pool noodle. Then wrap the pool noodle diagonally with the tape (use white tape for a red pool noodle and red tape for a white one), making sure the strips are evenly spaced. Then, bend the end of the floating noodle with the wire into the appropriate shape and tie it with the fishing line. This way the pool noodle will get used to the new shape. The next day you can remove the fishing line. If you don’t want to use wire, just leave the fishing line on the noodle. It will hold the candy cane in shape.

If you want to place the candy canes free standing in the garden, put them on garden sticks. Another option would be to arrange the candy canes in a bucket with other decorations or hang them on the wall of the house.

Make reindeer for the garden out of pool noodles

Reindeer as a garden decoration at Christmas make yourself from pool noodles

You can also use the pool noodles to make some cute reindeer outdoor Christmas decorations. To do this, paint the pool noodles brown and let them dry. Then bend the top end and tie it with some fishing line. Buy some wooden reindeer heads from the decor store, paint them with exterior paint and decorate them as you like. Glue the faces to the pool noodles and stick the decorations on garden sticks. Done!