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Christmas decoration with wine glasses tinker: Cute DIY ideas for table and windowsill

Every year you try to make a creative Christmas decoration? We also love homemade, because it increases the anticipation of the coming holiday! This year we would like to try a new idea and make a cheerful Christmas decoration with wine glasses. Whether it’s a snowman, a Santa Claus or maybe a Christmas tree – the possibilities for imaginative decorations are simply endless!

Christmas decoration with wine glasses: Candle holders in Skandi style

Christmas decoration in wine glass make yourself with polar bear and candles

Wine glasses can be easily converted into candle holders. You can use tea lights or pillar candles. And at the bottom of the wine glass, you can continue to decorate for Christmas. A winter landscape is created quickly and easily – they need only artificial snow, fir trees made of fir branches and a polar bear figure. Proceed as follows: First, cut out a circle from clay cardboard, to which you glue the fir branches and the polar bear figure. Then fill some artificial snow into the wine glass. Then glue the clay cardboard to the opening of the wine glass.

Then turn the glass upside down and voila – you have made a snow globe . Now all that’s left is the plain pillar candle and you can stage the Christmas decoration on the mantel, windowsill or coffee table. Best used together with other decorative figures or with pine cones and branches.

Make snowmen from wine glasses

Snowman from wine glasses to make instruction

For the next decoration idea, you will need artificial snow, check fabrics, self-adhesive colored paper, various natural materials (fir branches, rose hips, etc.) and cardboard. Craft hat for the snowman from the cardboard. Stick the hat with clay cardboard and decorate it with the natural materials. Then coat the inside of the wine glasses with transparent glue. Fill a bowl with artificial snow and dip the glasses into the artificial snow. Then cut out the nose, mouth and eyes from the self-adhesive paper and attach them. Tie a bow from the plaid fabric and attach the hat.

Make your own Christmas tree from wine glasses and tulle

Wine glass with spout cover Christmas tree illuminated make yourself

You want to make a sparkling and fanciful winter decoration for the windowsill, but you have already tried all sorts of ideas with lanterns? Then the next idea offers itself. You will need cardboard, tesa tape, scissors, a string of lights, a wine glass and spout with glitter.

Lanterns in wine glasses Christmas tree tinkering with fabric

Proceed as follows: First, cut the clay cardboard to size. Then shape it into a cone and glue the ends together. Place the tulle fabric over the cone, cut it to size and shape it into a cone. Do not glue the tulle to the box. Drape the string of lights into the wine glass. Then take only the tulle fabric and place it on the glass.

Decorate wine glasses for Christmas

Wine glasses christmas decorate instruction

You have invited the family for lunch and want to create a Christmas atmosphere on the table. Then you can decorate the wine glasses in a Christmas way. With green pipe cleaner and satin ribbons, this DIY idea can be done in minutes. Suitable even for complete beginners.

Candle holder with frost effect

Candlestick from wine glasses make tutorial

For a beautiful frost-effect candle holder, you will need the appropriate paint from the craft store, several Christmas tree balls in red and gold and a red pillar candle. First spray the glass with the frost-effect paint and let it dry for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, you can form a ring from floral wire and tie the decorative balls to it. Ready is the beautiful Christmas decoration for the coffee table.

Paint wine glass and decorate it for Christmas

Christmas decoration with wine glasses tinker instruction

Another cool idea is to paint the glass with acrylic paint. Leave only a small transparent square in the front. Place small decorative figures like fir trees and Santa Claus in the glass and drape a string of lights. Place the jar upside down on a wooden disc. Sprinkle the disk with artificial snow and decorate it with pine cones and red Christmas tree balls. Sprinkle a ball candle with red glitter or buy a glittery red ball candle.

Santa Claus from felt

Santa Claus with candle tinker instruction

You can make many beautiful decorations yourself out of felt. Especially a Santa Claus can be made quickly and easily. Glue the felt details on the jars to assemble the decoration. Also experiment with other materials to make the eyes, nose or other details.

Craft Christmas decorations with wine glasses: Paint candles

Snowman from wine glass and candle and

You can achieve a similar effect by buying a wine glass made of white frosted glass and turning it into a Santa Claus. You will need red buttons, decorative ribbon for the scarf and red felt fabric for the hat. A pink candle will serve as the head. You just need to paint a face on it with special paint.

Classic Christmas decoration with wine glasses.

Candlestick from wine glasses make and decorate yourself

By the way, there are also different variants for a classic Christmas decoration with wine glasses. For example, you can decorate the glasses with red Christmas tree balls in different sizes, with pine cones and with fir branches. The red pillar candles are absolute classics and will enhance the red accents of the decoration even more. If you wish, you can additionally cut out letters from felt fabric and attach them to the jars.

The possibilities for a charming and creative Christmas decoration are simply endless. Get inspired by the suggestions and surprise the family and friends!