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Christmas decoration with ring: how to decorate a decorative ring with dried flowers, fir greenery and baubles

Christmas is approaching and soon it will be the first Advent . Now is the right time to festively decorate the front door and thus put the family in the Christmas spirit. Especially popular at the moment is the Christmas decoration with ring. In today’s article we will explain how you can make Christmas decorations yourself with a decorative ring made of wood or metal.

Traditional Christmas decoration with ring do it yourself

Christmas decoration with ring made of metal and fabric and natural materials as window decoration

The basis for the homemade door, wall and window decorations is one or more decorative rings. In the craft stores you can find decorative rings with a diameter of 5 to 50 cm. Especially models made of metal are suitable for outdoor use. Wooden decorative rings can decorate the living room wall. Alternatively, you can use a barrel ring.

What you will decorate the decorative ring with depends on your own preferences. If you choose a traditional Christmas decoration, then the following elements should not be missing:

Christmas decoration on ring for front door with cones and LED candles

1. evergreen tree branches: fir, pine and conifer branches are suitable for outdoor use. They can tolerate frost and snow well. If you want to hang Christmas decorations indoors, then you can choose cypress branches. Eucalyptus can also tolerate temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius well. Fresh eucalyptus branches dry directly on the wreath and then turn copper.

2. cones, cotton and various (non-edible) berries. These natural materials also last a long time.

3. LED candles made of real wax look confusingly similar to real wax candles. There are also models that are equipped with a sensor and can be blown on or off.

4. on request: wooden balls, knitting yarn and classic Christmas figures.

Decorate the decorative ring with evergreen branches.

Christmas decoration with fir greenery and cones and red Christmas balls

The first step in crafting is to shorten the evergreen branches. If the decorative ring has a diameter of 40 cm, then you should cut them to a length of 15 cm. For smaller or larger decorative rings, the length is adjusted accordingly.

Then it’s time to start tying. It is best to tie the evergreen branches together with berry branches into small bouquets. Then place them on the ring and glue them. Arrange the bundles so that the ends are not visible.

Christmas decoration on the ring with natural materials cones and rosehip and fir branches

Unlike a wreath, the upper part of the decorative rings is left free. If you want, you can first wrap the decorative ring with red knitting yarn.

Christmas village in the ring and decorating rings with various figures.

Christmas decoration on the ring do it yourself instructions and ideas

If you want to spice up your decorative ring, you can also decorate it with Christmas decorative figures. Well suited little houses made of clay cardboard, Christmas trees made of bottle brushes and various animal figures.

In addition, the wall decoration can be decorated with plaid fabric, fabric bows and homemade gnomes from socks. The bells, preferably made of bronze, should not be missing either.

Modern Christmas decoration: decorate the ring with baubles.

Christmas decoration ring with balls modern design

Unlike classic designs, a Christmas decoration with a ring and colorful balls looks modern. Combinations of large and small baubles are especially trendy. Combine colors and shapes boldly – a modern Christmas decoration should be colorful and fancy.

Alternatively, you can opt for a minimalist Christmas decoration. Silver baubles, Christmas trees made of bottle brushes and fir greenery in a frost look create a charming yet understated ensemble. Our tip: Wrap a string of lights around the decorative ring so that you can also showcase it to great effect in the evening.

Make creative Christmas decorations yourself: Decorate the decorative ring with flowers

Christmas decoration with dried flowers and artificial flowers on the ring ideas

Similar to the Christmas door wreath, the decorating ring can also be decorated with fresh, artificial or dried flowers. The fresh flowers add a natural touch to the Christmas decoration. The dried flowers bring a romantic touch from the past into the home and the artificial flowers create a durable arrangement.

Christmas decoration ring with flowers decorate ideas for door decoration

Our tip: Attach the fresh flowers to the ring one at a time. That way, you can quickly replace them after they wilt.

Purist Christmas decoration tinker

Decorating wooden ring with fir greenery ideas

The purist Christmas decoration has successfully established itself as a trend. Without great opulence and as natural as possible – so decorate more and more people their home. Those who opt for a simple arrangement, rely on several decorative rings made of wood. They play nicely with fir greenery, fairy lights and stylized bells.

Christmas decoration on the ring with family photos and fir branches and cones

If you want, you can add more character to the purist decoration and decorate it with family photos from the last celebration.

Decorate decoration ring with bells and cypress branches

A purist wreath can also be staged nicely with other decorative elements such as garlands and ceramic figurines.

Decorating ring at Christmas with cypress branches and fairy lights

You can also illuminate the purist wreath by wrapping a battery-powered string of lights around the decorative ring and branches.

Christmas decoration with decorative ring and natural materials do it yourself

Crafting a Christmas decoration with a ring is really child’s play. You’ll need far fewer materials than you would for a wreath, and it’s also much easier to attach. Experiment with colors and shapes and let your creativity run wild.

Christmas decoration do it yourself with decoration ring for front door