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Christmas decoration with candles make yourself: Simple last minute ideas for a festive home

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive mood is already everywhere. But sometimes December is busy with many tasks that the time is not always enough to decorate the apartment festively. For all latecomers, today we offer a few ideas for quick Christmas decorations with candles, which are easy to implement and succeed even last minute.

Decorating with candles – simple ideas to try out

Floating candles decoration trend at Christmas

Candles simply can not be missing in the Christmas decoration. Their warm glow creates a Christmas atmosphere in any room and the best thing is that you can get them really cheap. An atmospheric Christmas decoration with candles belongs to the Christmas pleasure and is not at all difficult to tinker. With some glass vases, simple floating candles, a few decorations and water you can make an effective Christmas decoration yourself. Let the following ideas inspire you!

Christmas decorations with floating candles and natural materials make yourself.

DIY floating candles in glass Last Minute Deco Christmas

Candlelight sets the right Christmas mood, and these candles floating on a bed of wintry flowers and shrubs add to it. Three tiers, to be exact, as glass vases of varying heights create a candle arrangement that’s both elegant and cheerful. The floating candles make a beautiful focal point when placed as a set, but you can also scatter them around the room to spread joy.

What you’ll need:

  • Clear glass cylinder vases
  • Colored glass beads (red, blue, or silver, for example)
  • artificial greenery
  • artificial flowers
  • wire cutters
  • water
  • floating candles

Here’s how to craft the decorative candles step-by-step:

  1. Carefully place 1-2 inches of glass beads at the bottom of each glass cylinder. The glass beads are not just for decorative purposes. They add weight to the bottom so the tall candle holders don’t topple over. They also provide space for flower and shrub stems.
  2. Using wire cutters, cut a piece of greenery that will fit inside the glass container without going over the edge. Place the shrub in the container and tuck the end into the glass beads to hold it in place. Add other elements that can be tucked into the beads, such as a stem with red berries.
  3. Cut the flower blossoms with wire cutters. Place the flowers in the container so that they face outward. Resist the temptation to make the container too full. The water will increase the size of the contents, so it’s important to make do with very little. Floating candles look best when you can actually see some water, not just flowers and shrubs.
  4. Pour water into the glass cylinder to about an inch below the rim. At this point, you can check to see if you are happy with the amount and placement of the flowers and make appropriate adjustments.
  5. Place the floating candle on top of the water. Be sure to choose a candle that can float on the water. Such candles are available in home decor and craft stores. The candle should stand horizontally on the water. If it is crooked because a flower is in the way, adjust it or remove the flower until the candle is straight.

Festive Christmas decoration with candles in glass

While these floating candles are perfect for the holidays, you can adapt the idea for any time of year by changing the color and type of filling in the glass containers.

Floating Candles: Christmas decorations for the table with a wow effect.

Original decoration idea for Christmas floating candles in vases

These floating lights look elaborate, but you really only need a few utensils to create them. Would you like to try them too? Then gather the materials and get started.

What you need:

  • Glass vases
  • transparent water beads
  • large bowl (for soaking the water beads)
  • distilled water
  • small decorative elements to fill the vases, e.g. mini Christmas balls, stars, candy canes, fir trees, cones, etc.
  • floating candles


  1. Soak the water balls for six to eight hours according to the instructions on the package. Distilled water is better than tap water for holding the beads.
  2. After the beads have fully expanded, pick up three or more clear glass vases and begin placing the beads on the bottom, creating a base layer of water beads.
  3. Add the decorative fills by gently dropping the jewels into the vase.
  4. Repeat the last two steps until your vase is filled almost to the brim.
  5. Fill the vase with water, leaving about an inch at the top.
  6. Place a floating candle on top of the water, light the candle and enjoy the great decoration!
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  • For visual interest, it’s best to work with vases that vary in height.
  • Use colors that match the aesthetic of your home and your Christmas decor, such as decorative blue and silver fillers or Christmas red and white or green ornaments. The ideas are just endless!
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DIY table decoration for Christmas with floating candles