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Christmas decoration in the glass make yourself: Several simple craft ideas for creative Advent table decorations

Whether as a window or table decoration: the next DIY ideas for a Christmas decoration with glass guarantee the good mood of the guests. Whether as a snow globe or as a hanger for the Christmas tree: there are many variations on how they can effectively set a jam jar or its lid in scene.

Christmas decoration in a glass with lights and edibles tinkering

Advent decoration with gingerbread and other cookies tips

When looking for a suitable table decoration for Christmas, jam jars should definitely not be missing. They can be creatively staged and give the festive table that certain something. Particularly well makes itself edible in the glass. For example, gingerbread or cookies in different shapes.

Christmas decoration in jam jar craft ideas with fairy lights

In the first craft idea gingerbread plays the main role. At Christmas, you can bake gingerbread yourself or buy it in a bakery or pastry shop. There is a wide range of shapes and colors to choose from. But especially beautiful look two Christmas trees (different sizes) and a figure of a deer. Proceed as follows: First, put some sugar in the jar. Then arrange the gingerbread in the jar, sticking them in the sugar. Close the jar and wrap it with a mini fairy lights.

Craft decoration in the glass with fairy lights chain

Christmas decoration in the glass with fairy lights tinker

By the way, you can effectively stage the string of lights in the glass. Take a light chain, which is called a bottle light. These models fit prima both in wine bottles , and in jam jars. They are battery operated and can easily replace the soft light of candles.

Modern decoration idea with string of lights in green

Christmas decoration in the glass tinker tutorial ideas with fairy lights

A last-minute decoration idea: fill several Christmas balls in a jam jar and drape a string of lights around them. The classic version is for a decoration in green, red and white. Modern gives the jar, if it glows in green and is filled with balls in green and purple.

Make your own table decoration with jam jars

Christmas decoration in the glass with snowman and art Christmas tree

You can vary the same idea and instead of gingerbread, arrange small decorative figures in the jar. For a “Winter Wonderland” style decoration, opt for a snowman (made of two wooden balls glued together) and a Christmas tree made of bottle brush. Decorate the mini Christmas tree with gold beads. Fill enough sugar or sea salt in the jar to completely cover the bottom of the jam jar. Then arrange the figurines and close the jar. You can decorate the lid with a satin ribbon or twine.

Christmas decoration in the glass make yourself with toys

By the way, you can also fill the jam jars with children’s toys. For example, vintage cars look very nice. On the lid you can still glue a clip made of metal. Lace also makes a good figure on the jar.

Our tip: Combine the individual decorative figures so that they also provide a coherent overall picture in terms of color. The color scheme red-green-white has a classic effect. Modern is the color palette of white and gold.

Advent decoration in the lids of jam jars tinker

Decorate the lid with Christmas motifs to hang up

Alternatively, you can arrange the mini decorative figures in the lids of the jars. For this purpose, you first need to clean the lids, then decorate them with a glitter spray and then attach the decorative figures. You can use hot glue to attach them. Take absorbent cotton as artificial snow and create beautiful Christmas pictures in the style of winter wonderland.

Make snow globe yourself

Snow globe with Christmas motifs do it yourself tips

You can turn the old jam jars into beautiful snow globes. For this purpose, first glue on the inside of the lid various decorative figures (you can use hot glue for this). Then fill the jars with distilled water, add a dab of baby oil and glitter to the water. Then close the jar, turn it over so that it stands on the lid – and you have a beautiful decoration for the festive table, windowsill or mantel.

Christmas decoration in the jar with candle tinkering

Floating candles in the glass stage useful tips

Floating candles can be arranged prima in the glass. Together with fir greenery and rose hips, they form a charming ensemble. You can put several such jars on the table. They will bring a touch of romance to the dining room.

typical Christmas decoration with candle and check fabric in the glass

It will be even easier if you put a stick candle in the jar and decorate it with check fabric, twine, cones and fir branches. You can also tie a bell if you wish. The decoration looks harmonious and festive and is the perfect complement to a country style table decoration.

Christmas decoration in a jar: make a snow globe with a photo

family pictures as snow globe ideas for Christmas decoration in glass

You want to surprise the family with a creative decoration or even make a small gift for grandparents? Then the next idea is just right for you. You will need: Laminated family photos, a jam jar, distilled water and baby oil (you can also use glycerin, by the way). Follow the craft instructions for a snow globe above and conjure up charming decorations.

Drape fairy lights in the jar

Christmas decoration with jar light chain drape

You can also embellish the jam jar with just a string of lights. Glue decorative ribbons with sequins on the lid and paint the jar in a dark color.  Then drape the string of lights in the jar and close it.