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Christmas decoration for windowsill outside: 25 beautiful decoration ideas for your flower box

Welcome your guests with a stylish Christmas decoration! We will show you how to decorate the window sill flower boxes suitable for the holidays and make them shine. These ideas for Christmas decorations for windowsill outside are easy to imitate and perfectly suitable even for complete beginners. There are many things to choose from to create: natural materials such as rose hips, berries, pine greenery and pine cones, as well as seasonal Christmas tree decorations and even fairy lights. Let your creativity run wild and give your guests a warm Christmas welcome!

Christmas decorations for windowsill outside: Traditional decoration idea with fir greenery and holly holly.

Christmas decoration windowsill outside flower box decorate Christmas with red ribbon and Christmas balls

Christmas is a celebration in which numerous traditions play a major role. Closely associated with it are certain evergreen plants and trees, because they symbolize eternal life and hope. However, an atmospheric decoration with evergreen natural materials not only has a symbolic value, but is extremely practical for outdoor use. After all, pine branches and fir greenery are extremely durable and can easily withstand snow and frost. Even the strong wind does not bother them. But to make your Christmas arrangement look exciting, you can add variety with boxwood, holly holly and berry branches. Stick the branches in florist’s foam to provide them with water. When you arrange the arrangements, leave enough free space in the front center for Christmas balls, small decorative figures or bows.

Classic Christmas decoration for windowsill outside: Illuminated mini fir tree

Window sill outside Christmas decoration with fairy lights and mini fir tree and red check ribbon

A mini fir tree is a real all-rounder, because it makes a good figure not only in the small apartment. Even in the window box on the windowsill, the Christmas tree in small format automatically attracts all eyes. Depending on whether you have a small or a large flower box, you have several arrangement options to choose from. For example, you can group several Christmas trees and decorate them with fairy lights. Fill in the gaps between the Christmas trees with fir greenery, pine cones and rosehip or berry branches. Tie a red bow and place it in the center front of the flower box and glue it in place with hot glue. Ready is your new long lasting winter and Christmas decoration for windowsill outside. Starting in April, you can transplant the mini fir trees into flower pots. If the available space is not enough for three Christmas trees, then you can stage a fir tree as a soloist.

Purist Christmas decoration for windowsill outside do it yourself

Christmas decoration windowsill outside purist decorate with LED candle and rosehip and pine branches and pine cones with artificial snow

Glittering Christmas decorations, twinkling fairy lights, garlands in rainbow colors: The world of Christmas decorations offers yes some kitschy color and material combinations. If you want to escape the kitsch trap, rather rely on stylish purist Christmas decorations. Following the motto “less is more”, pine branches are combined with berries and eucalyptus in the white flower box – bringing a breath of fresh air to the festive outdoor arrangement. An LED candle gives the decoration the final touch and effectively rounds off the Christmas ensemble.

Modern Christmas decoration in petrol blue and fir tree made of driftwood

Christmas decoration windowsill outside craft ideas for fir tree made of wood and blue Christmas balls in flower box arrange

Red was yesterday. Nowadays, more and more interior designers, bloggers and decoration professionals are turning to colors like purple, pink or blue. The new color palette creates exciting contrasts and brings modern flair to Christmas decorations. The combination of fir green and petrol blue is particularly effective, because the blue hue looks very classy and highlights the natural beauty of the fir green. Subtle white accents such as mistletoe branches and fir cones sprinkled with artificial snow add variety. A fir tree made of wood also fits well into the overall concept.

Christmas decoration windowsill outside craft ideas with natural materials and large Christmas balls and pine cones

A similar color combination that works very well in combination with natural materials is green and silver. Here, several Christmas baubles of different sizes come into play. The special thing about the Christmas arrangement is that each ball has a different surface. From matte to shiny, the baubles effectively complete any arrangement made of natural materials. The final result looks super stylish and cuts a fine figure even on the facade of minimilastic houses.

Christmas decoration in English style for the windowsill outside

Christmas decoration ideas for windowsill outside red Christmas balls and red check bow and fir greenery and berries and cypress branches in flower box arrange

Checked decorative ribbons, bird figurines, snowmen: in Great Britain, great emphasis is placed on effective Christmas decorations. The decorative elements with classic English motifs look good not only as soloists, but can also be combined perfectly with already existing tree decorations. The important thing is not to overdo it and keep the Christmas decorations as natural as possible. The color scheme in England is fixed on red and green. The arrangements look very voluminous. Combined are not only typical seasonal natural materials such as rosehip and berries, but also cypress branches and succulents.

Christmas decoration for windowsill outside: Lights create a cheerful mood in the evening

Window sill outside decorate Christmas with natural materials and lights ideas with long lasting materials

A stylish Christmas decoration for windowsill outside creates a cheerful mood and makes the anticipation of the coming holidays greater. But if, in addition, it is illuminated, the window sill flower box becomes something special. Traditionally, the string of lights is simply wrapped around the fir branches as a garland, but in recent years another alternative has become popular. In the US, it is hung either on a metal silhouette or directly around the window frame.

Window sill outside and flower box Christmas decorate with natural materials quick craft ideas for winter decoration

For outdoor use, however, only light chains that are specially noted as lights for outdoor use are suitable. The form of the light chain itself does not matter, in the trade are both LED tuft light chains, as well as wire light chains to find. Many do not need a direct power connection, but are powered by batteries. Which variant to choose depends more on personal preference and the arrangement.

Christmas decoration windowsill outside fir branches and autumn leaves and illuminated metal snow blocks arrange in the flower box

Yet another variant is available in stores – stars or snowflake silhouettes made of metal, which are illuminated in the evening with small LED lamps. If you are talented in crafts, you can also make the beautiful decorative elements yourself. Simply pierce the star or snowflake in several places and attach the small lamps there. Optionally, a piece of wire can be made into the desired shape and then wrapped with a string of lights.

Window sill outside Christmas decorate star with lights and long pine cones and pine branches and driftwood

From wooden strips can also be made beautiful stars. During the day, you give the festive arrangement a rustic touch, and in the evening they make it glow. Here’s how to make a wooden star: two strips of equal width and length are needed for each star beam. Simply glue the individual wooden strips together and then assemble the star. When the wooden star is finished, let it dry and then pierce it, attach the LED lights and display it on the windowsill.

Vintage Christmas decoration for windowsill outside do it yourself.

Winter decoration ideas with natural materials like dry hydrangea flowers and fir greenery and pine cones

If you want to decorate the windowsill with winter decorations that will enhance the exterior even after Christmas, go for a vintage Christmas decoration with dry flowers. Hydrangeas, for example, have beautiful blue, white or pink-purple flowers. When they dry out, they quickly lose their colors and turn golden-beige. This is the perfect shade for winter decorations. Just leave the flowers in a vase with 2 inches of water in a dark and well-ventilated room. Within a few days, the water will evaporate completely and the flowers will then dry out.

Christmas decoration for windowsill made of natural materials in earth tones.

Christmas decoration windowsill outside fir cones and fresh leaves and fir greenery and Christmas bells in the flower box arrange

If you decorate the windowsill with festive floral arrangements made of natural materials, then you should make sure that they look as natural as possible. First of all, simply place plug-in foam (available in all flower stores) on the soil in the flower box, and then put the fir branches in it first. Arrange cypress branches and other plants whose branches will begin to droop after some time outdoors in front. On top of these, you can place long pine cones or glue the cones to shish kebab skewers and then insert the skewers into the tuck-in foam. Fill in the gaps with other evergreens such as boxwood, eucalyptus leaves, mistletoe or holly leaves. Tie Christmas bells together with twine and drape them over the fir and pine branches like garland.

Driftwood as an accent and illuminated fir garland on the windowsill.

Christmas decoration windowsill outside rustic decorating idea with lights and driftwood and pine greenery

Driftwood makes a good figure not only indoors. Birch wood is extremely durable and also brings a fresh touch to the windowsill. Matching the decoration in shabby chic style: an illuminated garland of fir greenery. Other combinations with decorative elements in the style “magic forest” are also possible: arrange, for example, small birdhouses and bird figurines on the tree branches or decorate with elves and fairies. Hedgehogs, reindeer, foxes and other animal figures can also find a place on the windowsill.

Shabby Chic Christmas decorations for outside: metal stars decorate the windows

Christmas decoration windowsill outside metal stars and deco balls and fir branches arrange

Numerous Shabby Chic decorations are also available in stores. They all successfully imitate the worn look of vintage decorations. Metal poinsettias with partially chipped paint, wooden decorations with signs of use or Christmas balls with scratched surfaces bring a romantic touch of bygone times to the garden. Perfectly matches a gas lamp or lantern with a candle. But be careful: never light gas lamp and lantern with candles, because there is a risk of fire.

Whether modern, vintage, purist or traditional: a Christmas decoration for windowsill creates a cheerful mood and awakens the anticipation of the coming holiday. Let your imagination run wild. In the photo gallery below you will find more examples of seasonal decorations, which you can also make yourself.

Perfect for north-facing windows, Christmas baubles add Christmas cheer while letting sunlight into the room

Windowsill outside Christmas decorating ideas with large baubles

Classic color scheme: Christmas decorations in red, green and silver.

Christmas decoration ideas for window box outside apple and silverne Christmas balls and different kinds of berries and fir branches arrange

Illuminated decorative balls set accents

Combine lights berry branches and cypress branches and fir branches

Not only rosehip makes a good figure outside, also different berry varieties bring variety

Seasonal Christmas decoration for windowsill with flower box outside

Completely natural winter decoration, which you can leave on the windowsill even after the holidays

Winter decoration for balcony combine fresh flowers and plants in window box

Amateur gardeners can also plant the window box with winter flowers and plants

Planting flower box in winter ideas for charming plant arrangements

Seasonal Christmas decoration for windowsill outside: Door wreath made of fir greenery, garland of pine branches and fairy lights

green and bronze Christmas balls and cypress branches and pine branches and door wreath made of fir green as Christmas window decorations

Decoration with natural materials for the windowsill: If there is no flower box

Christmas decoration windowsill outside puristic decorate without flower box ideas for winter decoration with natural materials for outside

Decorate animal figures with frost spray

 Reindeer figure made of glass in frost look and fir branches and rosehip

Make your own illuminated winter decoration for the windowsill

Christmas decoration windowsill outside lights winter decoration from natural materials for balcony

Windowsill outside decorate for Christmas: Nutcracker soldiers

Christmas decoration windowsill outside lights checkered bow fir garland