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Christmas decoration for the entrance to the house: how to decorate the front door and entrance area modern 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s already high time to clear away the autumn decorations and make room for Christmas decorations! There are less than 3 weeks left until the popular holiday and the festive mood is just everywhere. Would you like to join in too? Then get started on your Christmas decorations for the front entrance! We have gathered several modern ideas that will instantly create a Christmas atmosphere at the entrance.

Modern Christmas decoration for the front door 2022

House entrance modern decorate for Christmas ideas

If you are just starting to decorate for Christmas, the front entrance is the perfect area to start. Especially if you receive family and friends for Christmas every year, a festive entrance is ideal to welcome them.

Christmas decoration for the front door real poinsettias and garlands and red bows

Our idea for a modern decoration necessarily includes classic Christmas elements, as well as traditional colors and natural materials. Get inspired by our ideas for Christmas decorations for the front entrance 2022!

Natural and chic with a touch of red

Christmas decoration for the front door modern with Christmas trees in red pots

A touch of red always goes down well during the Christmas season, as it brings cheerfulness and life to the dreary winter months. Combine dark red planters with a red bow on the Christmas door wreath and a doormat with red accents. Wooden decorative elements go perfectly with this, such as lanterns or decorated wooden boxes. Add some real or artificial fir trees and a fir garland and the decoration for the front door is ready!

Nordic elements for a modern touch

Entrance Christmas decorate with lanterns garlands and large stars

You can also take inspiration from Nordic Christmas decorations and stick to a limited color palette of white, green and black on your home entrance. Large white stars are a great Christmas accent for mismatched planters framing the front door, and a simple pine garland creates a welcoming entrance. Instead of classic candles in your lanterns, you can create whimsical Christmas scenes in the lanterns with white artificial snow , green branches and miniature forest animals.

Artificial snow and fairy lights for Christmas decorations for the entrance to your home

Christmas decoration idea for the house entrance with artificial snow firs and fairy lights

In winter, darkness still falls in the afternoon and even the most beautiful outdoor decorations become invisible without lighting. That’s why it would be great if you put some fairy lights and lighted lanterns to use to create a beautiful, glowing home entrance. Be sure to choose those fairy lights that are suitable for outdoor use and use them to decorate the door frame, door wreath or a few potted Christmas trees in front of the door. For the lanterns, you can use battery-operated LED candles or fill them with subtle fairy lights as well.

Christmas decoration 2022 for the entrance to the house: ideas for the front door.

Bright decoration for the front door with three wreaths sleigh and Christmas trees

Welcome your guests with an inviting decoration at the front door! In addition to the classic door wreath, you can also opt for a door decoration or decorate the door with other elements such as a bow or beautiful garlands. Two interesting ideas follow.

Modern door wreath made of greenery and tangerines

DIY door wreath made of tangerines modern Christmas decoration

December is the time of tangerines! Their beautiful fragrance fills our homes and reveals that Christmas is coming. The fruit is suitable not only for consumption, but also for creative Christmas gifts, as well as for a fancy Christmas decoration.

As with other fruits, sometimes it can happen with tangerines that they do not taste so good because of unripeness. Do you just have a bag of tangerines that are not exactly delicious, then you can use them to decorate your door wreath! Use thin craft wire to attach the fruit to the wreath. Don’t worry about the tangerines going bad. As long as it’s cold outside and your wreath is not exposed to direct sunlight, then the citrus will stay fresh for a long time.

Door decoration for Christmas – simple idea as an alternative to the wreath.

DIY Christmas decoration for the front door door decoration from natural materials

A door decoration at the entrance to the house is part of Christmas. If you want a change from a traditional wreath, this simple Christmas door decoration is a fantastic alternative. It doesn’t take much time to make, and the result is beautiful.

A lovely mix of different wintry branches tied together with beautiful Christmas ribbons – what could be more inviting at Christmas? Now we’ll explain how you can make this door decoration yourself.


  • Juniper branches
  • Eucalyptus, preferably with berries on it
  • Willow catkins
  • Ribbons of jute and silk
  • Garden shears
  • Steel wire

Design the door decoration as follows:

  1. Place the larger juniper branches in the back.
  2. Place the larger branches in front of the eucalyptus and willow.
  3. Tie all the branches together at the top with steel wire that you wrap around the stems of the branches several times.
  4. Cut the stems at the top so that all the branches are the same length.
  5. Then wrap the ribbons around the wire and tie a knot or bow.
  6. Then your decoration is ready and you can hang it on the front door!

Just think, a few twigs and some pretty ribbons can make your door look so inviting this Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Put together this beautiful Christmas decoration for your door today!