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Christmas 2022 table decorations: festive table decorations with these effective last minute DIY ideas

You have put up the Christmas tree and the Advent candles are burning on the windowsill. Now you need to put something Christmassy on the table! No problem, because with the next last minute DIY ideas for table decorations for Christmas, you can put together an effective table decoration at the last minute. And that with household items, of course.

Table decoration for Christmas: Make a table garland

Christmas table garland

A table garland made of natural materials will give the festive table decoration that certain something. For the garland you will need conifer branches, eucalyptus, rose hips and wooden beads. To do this, proceed as follows: Organize a trip with the family in the nearby forest or go for a walk in a park near you. Collect natural materials there.

First, place the twigs in the center of the table. Tie the ends of the branches together with floral wire. Then drape eucalyptus , rosehip branches etc around the garland. Thread wooden beads onto twine and use it to tie the natural materials together.

festive table decoration 2022

If it should go really fast or if you do not have enough materials for a garland, then you can arrange the natural materials arbitrarily on the table runner. Looks puristic and gives the table decoration a Scandinavian touch.

Arrange Christmas decoration on cake stand

Festive table decoration 2022 Decorate cake stand

You have a cake stand? Then you can decorate it as you like. First, line the stand with green napkins. Simply arrange fir and cypress branches on it. Fill ceramic cups with cones and twigs, lean gingerbread in the shape of deer against the cups. Decorate the stand with vintage Christmas tree balls in antique silver. Paint several acorns white and place them between the cups. Ready is the creative and simple Christmas decoration!

Christmas decorations for the festive table: creativity is capitalized in 2022!

Salt shaker festive decorate for Christmas

This year, creativity is at the forefront of Christmas decorations. Whether it’s a winter wonderland in a salt shaker or a homemade garland of fairy lights and wooden stars on the table – the possibilities are simply endless. Look around and think about how you can repurpose the available household items. For example, you can make a mini Christmas tree from the top of a bottle brush.

Table garland with fairy lights and wooden stars

By the way, you can also stamp the napkins with different Christmas motifs. Or just paint them as you like. Also a cool idea is to write the names of the guests on the napkins using the lettering technique. This way it also works as a place card.

Make and decorate candle holders

Table decoration at Christmas candle holder tinkering

Candles add coziness and a contemplative atmosphere to the Christmas table. You have plain white stick or pillar candles? Then you should stage them effectively. For example, in wine glasses that you have provided with homemade labels in Silver and embellished with satin bows. Or you can jazz up plain glasses with fir trees made of felt or clay paper.

Christmas 2022 table decoration: folding napkins

Napkin Christmas tree folding instructions

A very important part of the Christmas decoration on the table are the napkins. Cloth napkins look classy and can be folded in different shapes. Thus, creative figures are created in a few steps. For example, a Christmas tree, which you can decorate with a wooden star.

Napkins folding fir tree step by step instructions

But you can also decorate the fir tree with small decorative balls. Or just cut a garland and drape it on the napkins. These imaginative DIY ideas are sure to earn you compliments. Our tip: First practice the folding technique before the festive occasion. This will ensure that you will keep all the steps in mind and then it will go faster on the day of the festive lunch or dinner.

Christmas tree napkin folding instructions

At the end of the day, everyone wants the most stress-free holidays possible to spend with family and friends. Therefore, it is best to think about the overall concept of Christmas decorations one – two days in advance. What goes on the table and especially where, so that there is enough space for cutlery, dishes and of course the food.

Christmas table decorations folding napkins

This includes not only folding the napkins, but also arranging the plates and glasses. By the way, if you want to fold the napkins into beautiful Christmas motifs, then you should choose plain fabrics.

Christmas napkins folding tutorial

If you ever need to speed things up, you can simply tie the napkins together with a napkin ring made of decorative ribbon and gingerbread. This idea is super easy to implement. You can also bake cookies and use them as a napkin ring. The cookies will then also serve as a little giveaway for the guests.

Make your own gingerbread napkin ring

You want to spice up an empty corner on the dining table or maybe just set accents? Then you should opt for an arrangement with artificial snow. Even the most inconspicuous vase will become a real highlight if you decorate it with artificial snow. You can also use a spray to decorate natural materials such as flowers, fir branches or cones. In this way, you can quickly and easily create a white, fairy-tale Christmas decoration.

classic Christmas decoration 2022 for the festive table

At Christmas, we want to sit down with family and friends and enjoy the beautiful time together. We offer several ideas on how to conjure up a quick table decoration for the festive occasion.