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Candy cane decoration ideas for a sugary and unforgettably beautiful Christmas season

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During Advent, people often decorate their own four walls with edible Christmas decorations . Citrus fruits and nuts find their place of honor in homemade centerpieces on the festively decorated table and fragrant Christmas cookies act as ornaments decorating the Christmas tree. Below we have compiled for you many ideas for beautiful Christmas decorations with candy canes. The candy cane decoration is incredibly multifaceted. See for yourself!

Ideas for candy canes decoration – Craft pretty Christmas tree ornaments

candy canes ornaments craft beads threading loop

What would Christmas be without a magnificently decorated Christmas tree? We all stay true to this tradition every year and let our creative imagination run wild when decorating. The beautiful ornaments add a festive and magical touch to the fir tree and make the Advent season quite colorful and attractive. The candy canes are a great decoration for the Christmas tree, along with fir trees, stars and elegant Christmas balls. With the typical colors of white and red, the delicious sticks fit perfectly into the festive atmosphere.

beads pipe cleaner deco candy canes ornaments crafting

Whether you decorate the Christmas tree with real edible candy canes or recreate the sweets is entirely up to you. Both options are perfect for Christmas decorations. You can craft great candy cane ornaments from a variety of materials. For example, these cool candy canes are made from white and red beads and pipe cleaners in no time. Decorated with a beautiful bow and a small star, you give the finishing touch to the handmade ornament.

candy canes decoration fir tree ornaments yarn pompons

Candy canes for Christmas decoration are made from paper, fabric, felt, jute, clay, craft wire and yarn, etc. in no time. Also, when it comes to last-minute decorations, you can use craft materials that you just find in the craft box for making the cute white and red sticks. Be creative and willing to experiment. Stuff from everyday life can almost always be used in other ways. For example, you can paint pasta any color you want and use it to make the candy canes. A candy cane is quickly cut out of clay cardboard and glued with small noodle shells or farfall.

candy cane decoration clay noodles dye craft material

christmas ornaments crafts noodles wreath christmas star sugar stick

candy cane decoration paper noodles glue on ornaments

fabric christmas tree ornaments candy canes decoration do it yourself

candy cane decoration DIY fir tree ornaments wire fabric white red wrap

candy cane decorations jute ideas for christmas

jute candy cane deco craft hot glue instructions

Make child-friendly candy cane decorations yourself

reindeer from candy canes pipe cleaner wiggle eyes pompon

Candy canes are always well received by children. Adolescents are hugely excited about the long-lasting sucking pleasure. The joy will be doubled if you turn the candy canes into cute decorative figurines. Attach two wiggle eyes and a small pompom for the nose and create the antlers from a piece of brown pipe cleaner. Your child will love the adorable Rudolf reindeer. These cute animals also make excellent hostess gifts.

candy cane decoration reindeer rudolph pipe cleaner pompons wiggle eyes

craft material pipe cleaner wiggle eyes pompons candy cane decoration reindeer rudolph

candy cane decoration reindeer pipe cleaner wiggle eyes pompon

diy projects children felt candy canes decoration mice crafting

candy canes elf figurine paper cap candy canes

mini fir tree decoration candy canes decoration rhinestones felt star

christmas decoration craft ornaments felt garland beads candy canes deco

Candy cane sleigh craft

sledding candy canes candy gift ribbon

You can use candy canes and various candies to make great sleighs that can be placed under the Christmas tree, on the table, or on the windowsill to complete the rest of the winter decorations. The candy sleds also make cool gifts that will sweeten the post-Christmas season for your loved ones. Get two sticks per sleigh and candy in various sizes.

candy cane decoration do it yourself sled candy

You will also need scotch tape and some nice ribbon. First, build the sleigh by gluing a KitKat or similar sized chocolate bar to the two candy canes. Now you can load the sleigh to your heart’s content. You can embellish the finished sleigh with a decorative ribbon at the end.

Candy cane decoration for the festive table tinker

original ideas placeholder sleigh craft candy canes name plate candy

The candy cane sleds can also act as creative placeholders. If you want to celebrate Christmas with friends and relatives big, you kill two birds with one stone with such a name tag holder. On the one hand, you’ve created an unconventional table decoration, which is also very personal, and on the other hand, the great sled is a lovely and sugary guest gift.

table decoration candy canes shield holder original craft ideas

table decoration christmas candy canes vase deco

Flowers as part of the festive arrangement always add a touch of freshness and extra festivity. With the candy canes, you can give a vase a unique makeover that will catch everyone’s eye. For this fascinating wintry decoration, you will need a vase with a regular shape, enough candy canes (the number varies depending on the size of the vase), rubber band and a nice gift ribbon.

candy cane deco glass vase decorate craft ideas for christmas

First, place the rubber band around the vase and start attaching the candy canes between the vase and the rubber band until the entire surface is covered. Finally, tie the ribbon over the rubber band and place the bouquet in the vase. You can match the color of the candy canes to the rest of the decorations at the table.

centerpiece table decoration craft candy cane vase spice up bow flower arrangement

paper candy cane decorations christmas table wine glass decorations

christmas diy ideas decoration candy canes cupcake box

candy cane decoration craft box create cupcakes

Create pretty garlands from candy canes

candy canes decoration garland heart shaped diy simple christmas

Candy canes also cut a good figure when arranged as a garland and bring color and mood into play. You can simply hang the treats loosely or tie them together to form different figures. You can create an attractive garland that impresses with great texture using small white and red felt pompoms. Glue alternating red and white pompoms to create a candy cane. To create the typical curve, you should glue the felt pompoms together at a slight angle at this point. Finally, you need to thread the yarn into the needle and thread each candy cane through the top pompom.

garland candy canes decoration diy pompons

pipe cleaner candy cane shape garland decoration idea christmas

christmas decoration ideas pinata craft candy cane shape

Christmas wreath times different

candy cane decoration wreath bow diy idea simple

You can make an unusual festive wreath from candy canes in less than 30 minutes. For this great craft project you will need 18 candy canes, ribbon for hanging, hot glue gun and a nice bow or snowflake ornament to decorate the wreath. Form a heart out of two candy canes and glue them together. Repeat the same process with the remaining sticks. Then glue the hearts together in a circle and attach the ornament to the center of the wreath. Now you can hang the beautiful wreath on the door, over the table and anywhere you want.

decoration candy canes wreath craft christmas star silver

wall decoration christmas candy canes decoration wreaths diy

Create a Christmas tree from candy canes

fir tree craft styrofoam candy canes decoration ideas

If you are looking for alternatives for the traditional Christmas tree, you may be able to implement this original decoration idea. For the unconventional Christmas tree, you will need a styrofoam cylinder, candy canes, candle holders, glue, a large lollipop and a nice ribbon. Attach the cylinder to the candle holder and stick the lollipop to the top of the cylinder. Then glue the candy canes around the cylinder and decorate the “branches” as desired with small decorative elements such as stars, beads, etc. For a snowy look, you can cover the cylinder with 3D fake snow.

christmas decoration wall ideas fir tree alternative garland candy canes

Ideas for candy canes decoration XXL

sugar stick deco xxl craft tube floating noodle

giant candy canes decoration self make instruction tube

candy cane deco xxl instructions hose adhesive tape

candy cane decorations do it yourself tube floating noodle

candy cane deco big paper roll decorate winter colors bow

Illuminated candy canes for garden decoration

lighted candy canes decoration outdoor flower pot

candy cane decoration lighting garden decoration ideas

Decorate the outdoor area with giant candy canes

candy canes decoration outside house entrance festive red white

candy cane decoration outside door decoration tulle red white

christmas decoration ideas door candy cane decoration craft

candy canes decoration outside wall door house entrance wreath

candy canes decoration outside clay pots winter motifs artificial snow

candy cane decoration garden christmas arrangement fir green figurine