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Beautiful Christmas decoration from paper tinker, can really anyone!

christmas decoration paper craft diy ideas christmas tree ornament colorful

All craft fans know that you can create many beautiful things with paper. If you want to decorate your home festively especially at Christmas, you will find 10 great DIY ideas for an attractive and individual Christmas decoration made of paper. Quickly folded, glued or cut out, your own crafts will make the Christmas season even more beautiful.

Craft Christmas decorations out of paper – DIY snowflake

christmas decoration paper craft instruction cutting technique different shapes

Beautiful winter decoration for your home you can create with paper snowflakes. Whether as a decoration for the Christmas tree or as a window decoration, the paper snowflakes are a real eye-catcher. Get the necessary craft materials and choose the shape of your snowflakes. Watch the video to see the different folding and scissor-cutting techniques you can use to make a charming and festive paper Christmas decoration.

paper christmas decoration snowflake folding cutting out cutting technique

For the homemade paper snowflake you will need the following materials:

white paper

christmas decoration from paper easy last minute cut out

Craft Christmas decorations from paper -fir tree made of paper and wooden skewer

diy ideas christmas decoration from paper fir tree

For our next DIY project, you will need the following materials:

Wooden skewer

paper christmas decoration fir tree wooden skewer squares glass chestnuts


To make them, first cut out the paper into rectangles and squares. The size of each additional figure should be slightly smaller than the previous one.

Now you can put the cut out figures on the skewer. Start with the largest one.

Fill the jar with chestnuts and stick the wooden skewer in the middle.

Craft angel wings out of paper

christmas decoration for window made of paper angel wings feathers fir tree ornament

Materials needed:

Clay cardboard

christmas decoration from paper angel wings cut out ornaments


Lay the clay card in front of you and draw the outline of the angel wings on it. Then cut them out.

Glue some feathers on it. Tie a string or cord through the middle of the wings and make a loop for hanging.

Fold angel out of paper

paper christmas decoration harmonica folding bow

For the cute little paper angel you will need the following:

Paper strip

christmas decoration paper angels paper folding wings form

To make the cute paper angel, you first need to fold the entire sheet of paper into a harmonica.

Then cut the sheet lengthwise through the middle.

christmas decoration from paper strips diy ideas angel craft fir tree ornament

From the two elongated parts, create the wings by folding one third of the harmonica outward.

christmas decoration angel harmonica folding paper strips rolling

Roll the paper strip tightly and glue it between both wings.

christmas decoration paper instruction angel folding ornament diy

Finally, thread a thin ribbon or bow through the paper roll.

Craft garland for Christmas

christmas garland paper ornaments cord

Materials needed:

Quilling paper strips (various colors).

quilling paper strips folding paper garland christmas crafting

First, glue the two quilling paper strips together and fold them as shown in the video.

Now glue the two ends of the paper figure together.

Thread the twine through the created figurines.

Making stars out of paper

paper christmas decorations to hang up fir tree ornaments

If you are about to create Christmas decorations out of paper, you just can’t pass by the beautiful stars.

Materials needed:

Yellow clay cardboard

christmas decoration paper stars folding harmonica diy instruction

Fold the clay cardboard into a harmonica.

Fold the harmonica through the center and cut the corners.

christmas decoration paper stars folding corners cutting tying

Tie a ribbon through the center.

Now glue the free-standing sides together to make a star.

christmas decoration with paper stars folding gluing diy ornaments

Make a hole with the needle and thread the string.

Craft Christmas tree ball

paper ornament craft christmas tree diy christmas decoration

Materials needed:

Paper (different colors)
Bow compass

christmas decoration from paper make your own circles glue fir tree ornaments diy

Using the bow compass, draw 30 circles of the same size and cut them out.

Fold the circles through the center and glue them together as shown in the picture.

christmas tree ball paper christmas decoration paper circles glue

Make a hole in the paper with the needle and thread the string.

Make decorative fir tree from paper and toothpick

paper christmas decoration christmas tree clay cardboard toothpicks

Necessary materials:

Green clay cardboard
Curved compass

christmas tree clay cardboard circles toothpick decoration for christmas do it yourself

Using the bow compass, draw circles of different diameters on the clay cardboard and cut them out.

Thread them on the toothpick and the cute decorative Christmas trees are ready.

DIY ideas for Christmas decorations made of paper – Christmas star crafts

christmas decoration from paper folding cutting glitter stones decorating

Materials needed:

3 pieces of red clay cardboard with different sizes
Hot glue gun
glitter stones

Here’s how to make the beautiful poinsettia:

Fold the sheets of clay cardboard into squares and then into triangles.

paper christmas decoration christmas star folding cutting out

To make the typical poinsettia leaf shape, draw an arc on the triangle and cut along the line. Repeat the same process with the rest of the clay cardstock.

christmas decoration paper diy christmas star cutting punching threading decorating

Now punch holes in the three “flowers” and thread the cord. Finally, attach the glitter stones.

Make a Christmas wreath out of paper

christmas decoration paper diy christmas wreath funnel fir cone glitter

For the Christmas wreath you need the following materials:

Clay cardboard
Curved compass
pine cone
Hot glue gun
Craft glue

christmas decoration paper diy instruction wreath funnel pine cone glitter

First, draw a circle with the bow compass. This will be the base for your Christmas wreath.

Now you need to twist the white paper into funnels. Fold the sheet of paper through the middle and divide it into two using the ruler. Shape into funnels and glue the edges.

paper christmas decoration instruction funnel shape glue wreath

Glue the paper funnels in a circle on the base. Make a second row and attach the funnels with the hot glue gun.

Glue the pine cone in the center.

paper christmas decoration make your own wreath glitter decorate

Finally, apply craft glue to the edge of the funnel and sprinkle glitter over it.