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Are there alternatives to the Christmas tree for more sustainability? – Fancy ideas for every taste

Would you like to try some creative alternatives for the most wonderful time of the year instead of a conventional Christmas tree? For this you have a lot of sustainable and still chic options. Since the fir tree has looked pretty much the same for centuries as a symbol of the Christmas season, many people are longing for new fancy variants. If you are also one of those who focus on creativity and sustainability, you can get inspired by the following examples.

Why you should use alternatives instead of Christmas tree

make dried tree branches in suitable lengths look like a rustic fir tree with decoration

Natural Christmas trees are undoubtedly indispensable elements of a contemplative Christmas, but nowadays upcycling can be just as enjoyable as an eco-friendly concept. Moreover, such a Christmas tree alternative can also be beautifully decorated with twinkling lights and shiny baubles. Thus, you can create a Christmas atmosphere in your home without having to buy a real fir tree. Most often, this stands in the center of a living room or in front of a window. Although everyone loves the good old fir with the star on it, you would be remiss not to explore other options.

decorate a pot with a cactus as a christmas tree with fairy lights and christmas decorations

Whether you’re limited on space in your home, want to do your part to reduce tree cutting, or are just looking for a refresh, there are alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree that can excite you. From modern installations worthy of an art gallery to rustic upcycling, the following stylish suggestions are too good to pass up.

Classic option made from repurposed wooden planks.

upcycling old wooden boards to make diy christmas tree alternative as sustainable variant

If you have a pile of unused wood in your shed or garden, you have the perfect medium for an alternative DIY Christmas tree yourself. By attaching graduated lengths that mimic such a shape, this variation can be easily created. Accordingly, with the wood around a center dowel, you get the silhouette of a traditional fir tree with a minimalist and cool look. Moreover, you can either keep your DIY project minimalistic or decorate it with lights and ornaments as you would with a real Christmas tree. Of course, you can also use small tree branches instead of wooden boards.

How floating ornaments instead of Christmas tree alternatives could be

shape and imitate christmas balls hanging on wire and floating in the air as a fir tree

This is another creative and fancy idea that you can create with hanging decorations in the shape of a Christmas tree. Such an alternative looks chic and precious and is also modern and quite creative. To recreate the look, you can hang ornaments on transparent fishing wire. Then, attach them either to your ceiling or to a base that stands over your head. For even more visual appeal, play with a variety of sizes, shapes and ornaments, as with this composition.

Alternative Christmas tree from rustic items

use rustic objects like boxes and suitcases and create alternatives instead of a christmas tree

Believe it or not, you don’t need anything remotely Christmassy or tree-shaped in your home to get into the Christmas spirit. By creatively and sustainably arranging old books or suitcases as a shelf in the shape of a fir tree, you can easily achieve the goal. Accordingly, a collection of green household items and contrasting white items can be used for this purpose. Thus, on the basis of contrasting colors, you easily create a version of the traditional tree. Imaginatively placing reused items to create a tall triangle will give the feeling of a tree, while red additions could act as ornaments.

Decorate a cactus like fir tree

instead of christmas tree try alternatives with big cacti and decorate them like tree

Whether or not you’re celebrating the holidays in a desert, swapping out the traditional pine tree for a cactus can also be quite whimsical and fun. Bring the quirk with real cacti or make your own with foam and garlands. Also decorate them with ornaments, tinsel and lights for a traditional Christmas touch. The hardest part will be deciding whether you want a green Christmas cactus or a vintage-style silver one.

Create sustainable Christmas tree alternatives through optical illusion.

how to create alternatives instead of christmas tree from old objects as an optical illusion

If you browse through loose odds and ends, you’re bound to find a plethora of stackable items in all shades of green. That, by the way, is all you need to fake a Christmas tree throughout December or even create an imaginative Advent calendar for your partner or kids. To recreate such a look, you can stack books, trays, and various boxes from the largest to the smallest to match. The key is to place them against a mirror for the magic part to create the illusion of a pyramid. The finale is just abstract enough that you’ll probably leave it there for the whole year.

Make an alternative Christmas tree yourself out of cardboard

create sustainable and in pink alternative to christmas tree from recycled cardboard

Surely you can put a pile of recyclable boxes that have already accumulated at your house to good use for a creative and sustainable DIY project. Do your best alone or with your kids to transform unusable cardboard boxes into a Christmas element. To do so, sharpen your scissors and cut some templates to recreate the look. The best part is that you can paint your cardboard alternative Christmas tree any color to match your home’s aesthetic.

Create a mural as an alternative to a Christmas tree

make a decorative mural as a diy christmas decoration with recycled materials and paints

Such a painting can be technically designed to support your child’s development. In addition, you can count ornaments with your family, train the senses and teach fine motor skills. However, this adorable artwork will be cool enough to gain valuable wall space for adults as well. Painted on a clean piece of cardstock, with ornaments hanging from shiny pencils, such a star tree can be a treat for young and old alike.

Prepare edible alternative to the real Christmas tree

appetizing edible christmas tree suitable for festive christmas table with cookies and berries

Why should your Christmas tree only be a feast for the eyes? An edible version can be both beautiful and a tasty twist on the traditional Christmas tree. To recreate this for your own holiday table, you can bake a handful of star-shaped cookies in various sizes. Then stack them from largest to smallest and secure them with green icing. Embellish your edible Christmas tree with berries to create appetizing ornaments.

Spiral alternative to Christmas tree craft with plant leaves

create spiral christmas tree alternatives with plant leaves and fairy lights in a minimalistic way

Last but not least, you can get inspired by another minimalist idea for alternative Christmas tree. This variant not only looks cool and simple, but also does not skimp on holiday spirit. Using a wire twisted into a spiral shape, you will create the silhouette without much effort. Then use vines or leaves to add a natural element to it. Decorate the tree with twinkling lights, with which you will bring the nostalgia and cheerfulness of the Christmas season.