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Alternative Advent wreaths 2021: 23 modern variants from simple materials for DIY

The first Advent is almost here and you still have no idea for this year’s Advent wreath? Should it be classic, natural, elegant, boho or completely unconventional? Get inspired by these 20 ideas for alternative Advent wreaths and create your own version of the classic Christmas decoration.

Alternative Advent wreath made from tin cans

alternative advent wreath in empty cans

Various everyday objects and recycled materials work well as candle holders and are therefore ideal as an alternative to the classic Advent wreath. A good example are old food cans. Wash the cans, put the candles inside, fill them up with filler, tie a string all around and the decoration is ready!

The tins can look even more elegant with a coat of black paint

modern advent wreath alternative made of empty tin cans

Alternative Advent wreaths made of ceramic tea light holders

Alternative Advent wreath in white ceramic tea light holders on windowsill

Simple ceramic cups and candle holders can also be very easily transformed into modern Advent wreaths. You can attach self-adhesive numbers to the smooth, straight walls or paint them on with a permanent marker for porcelain. You can read more about painting cups in this article.

As a filling you can also use fresh fir branches

Stick candles in ceramic tealight holders instead of Advent wreath

Again, it is very important that the candles are straight and stable in the selected vessels. The height of the candle holder should be at least one third of the length of the candle. In cups with a larger diameter, such as old tea cups, pillar candles also fit quite well. They are more stable and burn down more slowly.

Old tea cups can also be used very creatively as candle holders

advent wreath alternative with vintage teacups

Alternative Advent wreath decorated in bowl

Advent wreath in bowl - attach candles with nails

Would you like to decorate a bowl as an Advent wreath? Then you can try the following idea: glue four nails vertically on the bottom of the bowl and stick the stick candles on it. This way you make sure that the candles do not fall over. When it comes to decorations, you’ll then be spoiled for choice. You can get inspiration from the ideas in this article.

A hyacinth bulb in the middle of the bowl is a beautiful eye-catcher

Advent wreath in brass bowl with moss and hyacinth

Bowls with a larger diameter, of course, provide space for several decorations. If you have one, you can place a hyacinth bulb between the candles and admire the beautiful flower even at Christmas.

Alternative Advent wreath decorated in a stone bowl on foot

Candles in stone bowl on foot combined with natural materials

Succulents are a popular addition to modern Advent wreaths in 2021. They have a cool, urban vibe and can add a stylish finishing touch to any arrangement. We have collected beautiful ideas for a succulent Advent wreath in this article.

An elongated tray is also a great alternative to the classic Advent wreath

Alternative Advent wreath - four candles in tin bowl

If you want to stage your Advent wreath on a long, rectangular table, then elongated bowls and trays are better suited for the arrangement. These also take up less space on the table.

Advent wreath in a rectangular tart shape

Advent wreath alternative - candles in bowl with gingerbread cookies

Since the candles in this case are in a row, it is best to decorate them somehow. You can use different materials – fresh fir branches, jute twine, cinnamon sticks and even gingerbread cookies!

Advent arrangement in an old wooden box in vintage look as an Advent wreath.

Advent wreath in country style elongated on moss

What a pretty table decoration with country charm! If you don’t have time for a big creative project, you can make an Advent wreath out of a wooden box, moss and candles.

A piece of birch wood as a candle holder

Advent wreath alternative on birch wood

White birch wood exudes special Nordic charm and is popular for natural decorations of all kinds. With a special drilling attachment recesses for the four candles must be milled and ready is the rustic candle holder.

Alternative Advent wreaths from transparent glass bottles

Alternative Advent wreath purist for windowsill

Do you want to decorate for Christmas rather simple and natural? Then the decoration formula is: Glass, white and green. For fans of purist Christmas decorations, these DIY candle holders made of transparent bottles and long candles are ideal.

An original alternative to paper tags are numbers made of gingerbread.

alternative advent wreath with empty bottles and stick candles

To make it easier to twist the candles into the neck of the bottle, you can first warm the wax a little. A bow and a green branch around the neck of the bottle will finish it off perfectly. To make the decoration even sweeter, you can bake gingerbread cookies and paint the numbers on them with icing. By the way, they are also wonderful for the Advent calendar .

The branch in the bottle

advent wreath alternative with glass bottles and water

To set the fir branches even better in scene, you can fill the bottles about up to the neck with water. Then immerse the branches completely in the water and put the candles in the neck of the bottle. The water creates an interesting effect and makes the branches look bigger and greener.

Dried orange slices make great accents

modern advent wreath alternative with candles and transparent glass bottles

The color black makes your Advent decoration look solemnly noble

advent wreath alternative with glass bottles

The fancier the bottles, the more eye-catching the result

advent wreath alternative with glass vases

Mini pots as candle holders for alternative Advent wreaths 2021

advent wreath alternative for windowsill with mini teracotta pots

Small flower pots are another beautiful idea for alternative Advent wreaths. For a natural, rustic look, use mini clay pots. Flower pots in the plain concrete look, on the other hand, look especially modern.

Concrete look and green moss are also great partners for a modern Advent decoration

Alternative Advent wreath 2021 - candles in mini pots

Arrange alternative Advent wreath in a decorative plate

Advent wreath alternative on a decorative plate

Quite natural is this ensemble with candles and natural materials on a decorative plate. Spray the moss and pine branches with water occasionally to keep them beautiful longer.

White and gold is a classy and classic combination for Christmas decorations

Advent wreath alternative in white and gold

Do you want a little more glitz and glamour? Then choose a decorative plate in gold, silver or copper and match the decorations on it. The candle flames will reflect in the metal surface and make it look even more magical.

Craft Christmas candle holders from red apples

unusual advent wreath - candle holders stuck in red apples

Shiny red apples and snow-covered terrain are a beautiful sight. One is involuntarily reminded of the fairy tale of Snow White. The long candles are held by matching plugs. You can also place the apples on a wooden tray and arrange nuts around them. Then it’s almost like grandma’s time!