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Advent wreath without fir do it yourself: 6 modern alternatives to the classic Advent flower arrangement

Traditionally, the Advent wreath is made with fir greenery and decorated with red candles. You find the design boring and want to try something different this year? Then go for a modern Advent wreath without fir. We give you several ideas for Advent arrangements made of different materials.

Advent wreath without fir tinker: The variants at a glance

Advent wreath from eucalyptus tinker instruction

You want to surprise family and friends with a special wreath this year? Then you can tinker one of the next ideas. Because there are numerous materials with which you can tie an unusual wreath. For example, eucalyptus. The plant spreads a wonderful fragrance and is very long-lasting – the wreath will stay fresh for up to three weeks.

Eucalyptus can be combined with dried flowers (and blue thistles), as well as with other herbs and fragrant plants such as chamomile or baby’s breath. Exotic flowers like orchids also look good together with eucalyptus branches. For the base of the wreath, you can use a willow wreath. Simply wrap the eucalyptus branches around the willow wreath and fix them with wire.

Make your own wreath from balls

Advent wreath from balls modern tinkering

Another modern alternative to the classic with fir greenery is the Advent wreath with balls. You don’t have to be a crafting expert to create a festive arrangement. Choose a matching candle holder, preferably made of metal, in gold or copper. Combine it with red stick candles and several Christmas baubles in red, gold and white.

Advent wreath without fir modern tinkering decorate

In principle, this is enough to create an effective modern decoration. Perfect for the apartment decorated in a minimalist style. Modern Advent wreath cuts a fine figure both on the windowsill, and on the festive table. And it has one more decisive advantage: it will easily last until Christmas.

Advent wreath without fir tinker: Variant with moss and cones

Advent wreath with moss do it yourself instruction

Take a ceramic bowl and fill it with nutrient-poor soil with acidic pH. Plant moss and decorate it with cones of different sizes and shapes. Insert four stick candles into the substrate. Water the moss regularly to keep it green and place it in an off-sun place in the room. The plant likes it cool, moist and dark. Combine it by embellishing it with pine cones and dried flowers.

Minimalist design with decorations made of paper

Advent wreath modern do it yourself instruction

An Advent wreath in a purist style: this is the best way to describe the next idea. Take plain white stick candles and put them in a candle holder made of porcelain. Arrange several decorative figurines made of porcelain in addition. Decorate with homemade origami paper flowers. Number the candles by writing the respective candle number on labels made of brown clay cardboard. To keep the design from looking too sterile and boring, you can arrange individual fir branches or moss between the candles.

Wreath from dried flowers for a nostalgic touch

Advent wreath from dried flowers make yourself

Hardly any other idea exudes so much romance as the decoration with dried flowers. Whether from your own garden or from the florist store, dried flowers bring a touch of nostalgia to your own four walls. An Advent wreath with dried hydrangeas, moss and phalaris is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher on the festive table. Prima to fit stick candles tone-in-tone with the colors of the wreath. The dried flowers, if not exposed to direct light, will last a long time. On the window ba nk the flowers become brittle and fade quickly. On the dining table, where it is off-sun, the wreath can stay all winter. Important: dried flowers are often treated with chemicals that are highly flammable. Therefore, you should use only LED candles. Never leave burning candles and LED candles without supervision, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

Fancy ideas in accent colors

Advent wreath in purple make yourself with dyed plants

If you want an unusual design, then you can go for an Advent wreath made of barbed wire plant. Its branches will bring the so-called frosty effect. You can also opt for different colored dried grasses. Or show off succulents to great effect. Experiment with colors – purple, green or blue accentuate and will compliment the modern interior.

Advent wreath from eucalyptus craft ideas

Unlike the classic Advent wreath, where several elements are combined in a festive ensemble, the modern version usually consists of 1 – 2 materials. Here, the Advent candle holder plays a crucial role in the final result. Because it provides the framework, the basis for creative designs. You can wrap around the candle holder fresh eucalyptus branches, they will unfold their fresh aroma. In addition, the leaves also look particularly attractive when they slowly turn wine red. You can also decorate with Christmas balls. Choose baubles that are matched in color. Only in this way will the ensemble create a harmonious overall picture. Of course, you can also use other materials. For purists, moss offers itself as the main material. It makes a visual difference and can be used planted or dried, as desired. On the other hand, the wreath looks romantic if it is made of dried flowers. Hydrangea, roses or exotic orchid flowers – everyone can choose what he likes the most.