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Advent wreath with wine glasses make yourself as an alternative to the classic – ideas for design

You have always celebrated Advent and Christmas in the traditional way the last few years – the round wreath on the table with fragrant orange slices, pine cones and cinnamon sticks, the magical red and green Christmas tree and the gifts wrapped in matching wrapping paper, Christmas music playing softly in the background. But this year you finally want to try it different and maybe more modern! And what better way to ring in the Christmas season than Advent wreaths – probably the first Christmas decoration you put up. Craft yourself an interesting Advent wreath with wine glasses!

Anything but an ordinary wreath!

Glasses with gnomes and wreaths made of fir greenery on coasters made of slate

Admittedly, like a classic wreath variant does not look at all (although, of course, you can still suggest a round shape if you want). The principle is the same as the classic : four candles are surrounded by Christmas decorations. However, they are highlighted by the jars in a special way. We will show you a few ideas on how to create the Advent wreath with wine glasses.

Advent wreath with wine glasses – put upside down and decorate as you like.

Make your own snow globes for the original Advent wreaths

You can put the glasses as you like, either on their feet as usual and then put a tea light in them, or make it even more interesting and turn them upside down. Namely, then you have the opportunity to use them even better.

  • The upward protruding foot you use as a candlestick.

On it you can place a tea light or a lower pillar candle. Do not choose candles that are too high, because the glasses themselves are already very high and so there is a risk that everything will fall over once. For this reason, we also recommend that you use LED candles and minimize the risk of fire.

Advent wreath with wine glasses in different sizes with fairy lights

  • You can fill the glass itself.

The hollow space that is created under the glass can be wonderfully decorated. It is enough just to put the glass over a decoration (for example, pine cone or Christmas ball). Put Christmas figures inside, decorate with artificial snow, fairy lights or whatever else you can think of and create a whole landscape if you like it.

Small winter landscape in a jar

Advent wreath with wine glasses make yourself - beautiful alternative to the classic

You can also make a permanent decoration. Glue the decorative elements you want on a nice piece of cardboard that has the same diameter as the jar opening. Add artificial snow into the jar without turning it upside down. Before that, glue the prepared cardboard with the figures facing down. Then turn the jar upside down so that the snow falls down onto the cardboard, creating a small winter landscape.

Advent wreath with wine glasses - instructions for tinkering with artificial snow, fir branch and felt

Ideas for the base of the arrangement

Advent wreath with wine glasses on a decorative plate with orange slices

Your Advent wreath with wine glasses will certainly decorate the dining table, so it is recommended to arrange it on a base that can be conveniently moved afterwards. For example, a tray is perfectly suitable, as well as a flat wooden box. Wooden discs are also very popular, which provide a rustic feel and is also perfect for Scandinavian Christmas decorations.

Advent wreath with wine glasses – Number the glasses for each Advent.

Advent wreath with wine glasses and mistletoe for the dining table

So that you always light / turn on the right candle, you can also number the glasses. Label them with paint or special pens, use stickers or cut them out of felt and tape them down. Again, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Of course, instead, you can simply write on the candles or buy ready-numbered candles.

You can also use a different height wine glass for each advent. This then also automatically makes the arrangement even more interesting, as the height is played with.

Beautiful ideas for filling

Advent wreath with wine glasses, Christmas figures and red candles

In principle, the glasses turn into snow globes, but they are not filled with water and therefore not shaken. However, you can choose any theme and decoration. To imitate snow is suitable not only artificial snow, but also polystyrene balls and absorbent cotton. Even white felt, instead of black as in the instructions above, can be enough to create the atmosphere of a winter wonderland.

Puristic Advent decoration with fir tree and artificial snow outside

To close it, you can use painted wooden discs, which are about the diameter of the glass or a little larger. Even a simple fir tree is already enough to create a romantic decoration. So that the arrangement with four glasses is not too boring, you can use different little trees or combine them with other decorations – deer, cottages, retro cars and elves, for example.

Wine and champagne glasses to create a wreath alternative for Christmas.

Very often, an Advent wreath is made elongated to create a more modern look. In principle, there are no rules. You can design your Advent decoration the way you like it, as long as it fits with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

Beautiful ideas for Advent decorations to copy

The Advent wreath with wine glasses is original and will catch everyone’s eye, we guarantee it! In addition, you do not have to invest a lot of time in crafting to get a beautiful decoration. Just imagine such a beauty on the table! Get started right away, because it’s not long until the first Advent!

Fill the glasses with natural materials or Christmas balls