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Advent wreath with tea lights make yourself: 9 ideas for a simple & inexpensive Advent decoration 2021

There is little time left until the first Advent, but you still lack the Advent wreath? How about making the classic Christmas decoration a little different this year ? Instead of the usual stick or pillar candles, you can use simple tea lights to count down the weeks until Christmas. The Advent wreath with tea lights is easy to make and can be decorated any way you like. Here are some lovely ideas to try.

Advent wreath in natural look with tea lights in flower pots

Advent wreath tealight holders pots decorate with moss and natural materials

This Advent wreath is not the classic Advent arrangement with green branches. Nevertheless, nature is not missing from the decoration and appears in the form of green moss, red berries and small pine cones. The usual tea light holders were replaced by small clay pots arranged on an elongated tree disc. The red tea lights placed on the moss serve as a nice accent. So make this Advent wreath with tea lights yourself if you want to bring a rustic touch to your home for the pre-Christmas season.

DIY Advent wreath with tea lights in a jar.

Simple DIY Advent wreath from glass tealight holders

If you already have some glass tea light holders, you can decorate them for Christmas and use them to make a beautiful Advent wreath yourself . For a quick project, simply tie some jute twine around each jar and hang a numbered tag. Then arrange the jars in a matching bowl or on a piece of wood and continue decorating the Advent wreath as you please. For a classic look, combine red tags on the jars with some green pin branches in between.

Instead of colored pillar candles: paint glass tealight holders.

Tealight holders from glass paint colorful and make an Advent wreath yourself

You can also paint the plain glass tealight holders in any colors you like to add color to your Advent wreath. The easiest way to do this is to color the jars from the inside. To do this, you’ll need craft paint for glass, which you mix with a splash of water and pour into the jar. Then swirl the paint up and around the tea light holder, wiping off any drips on the outside. If the paint doesn’t stick, you put too much water in and should add more paint.

When the inside is completely covered, pour off the excess paint and let it set according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place one tea light in each of your new tea light holders and tie a simple wreath of evergreen branches around it.

Idea for classic Advent wreath with tea lights

DIY Advent wreath from fir green flowers balls and tea lights

Instead of making a modern interpretation of the Advent wreath, you can tie a classic arrangement of natural materials and Christmas decorations and arrange tea lights in the center instead of pillar candles. It is essential that the tea lights are in matching tea light holders, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

Advent wreath with tea lights elongated design

Advent wreath elongated with tea lights and nature decorations

Do you like the classic Christmas colors? Then this idea for a DIY Advent wreath with tea lights is a great option for Advent decorations that are traditional and modern at the same time. Here, the colors red and green play the main role and are complemented by some natural elements.

Christmas decoration for the table Advent wreath with tea lights

To make the Advent wreath modern, you can simply go for a different shape. The elongated Advent arrangements are very popular right now and are wonderful as festive table decorations for the pre-Christmas season. All you need to make this Advent wreath yourself is an oblong tray, four glass tea light holders and artificial decorations in a natural look such as conifer branches, pine cones, cranberries and decorative mushrooms. Simply arrange the tea light holders on the tray and place the decorations in between until you have decorated the entire tray. For another accent, you can fill the tea light holders with red pebbles.

Make jam jars Advent wreath yourself.

Decorate small glasses for advent lights

Even without pillar candles and lush wreaths, you can make a pretty Advent decoration yourself. If you’re just looking for a quick and inexpensive project, you can try this idea with empty jam jars. They make perfect tea light holders and can easily replace the large candles for your Advent wreath.

DIY Advent wreath from glasses with tea lights

First, wash the jam jars thoroughly and remove any stickers. Then let the jars dry completely and think of a suitable decoration for them. It’s very easy to do, for example, with decorative tape or washi tape. You can also use small decorative elements such as stars, hearts, etc. to decorate the jars. Fill each jar halfway with sand or artificial snow so that the tea lights are not directly on the ground. Now all that’s left is to arrange the Advent tea lights and you’re done.

Tip: For a coordinated look, you can use colored tea lights in the same color as the ribbons.

You can fill larger jam jars as tea light holders for the Advent wreath with fir branches and red berries to give them a festive look

Advent decoration glass tealight holders decorate with needle branches

Modern Advent wreath with tea lights in wine glasses

Advent wreath DIY with tea lights in wine glasses

The small tea lights are also super suitable for modern Advent wreaths. For example, you can use some wine glasses as tea light holders and arrange them on a Christmas decorated tray. With festive decorations in white, green and silver, your Advent wreath will get a really stylish touch that would harmoniously fit into a modernly decorated apartment.

Simple last minute idea for Advent decorations.

Make simple advent wreath yourself from tea light holders and stars

However, if you’re not a fan of elaborate decorations, you can simply arrange your plain tea light holders on a tray and scatter some decorative elements all around. Just use whatever you have on hand at the moment. Stars are just one possible idea. Other elements such as bells, snowflakes, fir trees, etc. are also ideal for such a simple DIY Advent wreath with tea lights.

Tealight holders made of frosted glass look very nice with a winter decoration

Milk glass tealight holders for Advent candles decorate with wooden snowflakes