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Advent wreath vintage do it yourself: beautiful ideas for Christmas decoration 2021

We have already presented you with various ideas for Advent arrangements and wreaths. In today’s post we explain how you can make an Advent wreath Vintage yourself. Combine natural materials such as dried flowers, bird feathers and cones with Christmas bells and Christmas balls in Shabby Chic style. A wrought iron or silver candlestick will effectively complete the romantic ensemble.

Advent wreath vintage do it yourself

Vintage Advent wreath with dried flowers (1)

Vintage style decoration is a great way to bring a touch of romance from bygone times into your home. There are several important decorative elements that should not be missing:

  • Vintage candlesticks: heirlooms add distinctive character to the Advent wreath. If you don’t have a candlestick from your grandparents, you can find one at a flea market. Alternatively, you can find candlesticks in the Shabby Chic style. Shabby chic is about mass production, the old look is faked. Nevertheless, most candle holders in Shabby Chic look like unique pieces.
  • Dried flowers: dyed roses or lavender are best.
  • Fragrant fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves
  • Beads (real or glass)
  • Vintage plate, tray or wooden board with a rustic look

Advent wreath with dried roses in vintage style (1)

You will still need the following materials and supplies:

  • Willow wreath as a base
  • a pair of garden shears
  • craft wire
  • pillar or stick candles

Advent wreath in vintage style tinker: Here’s how:

  1. First, insert the candle holder into the vine wreath and secure with craft wire.
  2. Distribute large pink rose petals evenly between the candles. Then trim the green branches and wrap them around the wreath. Fill in the gaps with lily of the valley and moss.
  3. Decorate the Advent wreath even further as desired. For example, with glass beads, Christmas ornaments made of crystal or silver, with suitably colored bird feathers and so on.

Vintage Advent wreath in pink tinkering

pink advent wreath in vintage style do it yourself

When it comes to a vintage Advent wreath, the color scheme plays a very important role. White creates the perfect background for accents in pastel shades (pink, light blue, lavender). Gold, brass or copper candlesticks enhance the festive arrangement. In recent years, however, tone-on-tone ensembles made of natural materials have also been in vogue. In this case, you can completely abandon needling greenery and instead rely on unusual materials such as bird feathers.

Vintage Advent wreath from dried flowers make yourself

Advent wreath vintage make yourself with dried flowers and cones

For fans of vintage home style, dried flowers are simply part of the decoration. They should not be missing on the Advent wreath. Together with dried grasses and filigree Christmas balls, you give the classic vintage decoration a new twist.

Advent wreath with pink candles and bird figurines make yourself

Also animal figures may not be missing on the wreath. As a special detail: a bird figurine. Something very different from the classic made of fir branches and red Christmas balls. Our tip: Tie the vintage Advent wreath as loosely as possible. The ensemble should look festive.

Advent tray in vintage style

Advent wreath decorate with vintage Christmas balls

An Advent tray in gold or a candle holder with integrated tray offer support surface for creative decorations in vintage style. Clear the stage for the crystal Christmas balls from childhood, which are the absolute highlight of the vintage Advent tray. Together with cotton and crystal Christmas decorations, you can complete the festive decoration. By the way, you can fake the vintage look of Christmas baubles with glitter and metallic paint.

Advent wreath: modern, but with a vintage touch in pink

Advent wreath pink metal make yourself

Modern, but with a vintage touch: for the next Advent wreath, all you need are bird feathers in different shades of pink, which you glue to a modern metal candle holder. Our tip: don’t cover the candle holder completely. This way, its beautiful old gold color will come out especially well.

Advent wreath vintage design: Pink candles as the Christmas trend for 2021

Advent wreath vintage pink tie from dried flowers and grasses

Hardly any other color looks more vintage than pink. Popular color partners to the soft pastel shade are sand color and beige. However, it can also be combined very well with purple. Here’s how to really set off the pink color: several pink flowers as color accents or pink candles that set the tone of the festive arrangement.

Advent wreath vintage style do it yourself tutorial

However, it does not necessarily have to be pink: The trend color taupé can also be effectively staged with gray or silver.

An extravagant combination

Advent wreath in vintage style with marble candlestick make it yourself

A candlestick with clear lines, white stick candles and modern-looking decorations: at first glance, the next Advent wreath appears minimalist. Ferns and palm leaves bring a touch of exoticism to the ensemble, while native grasses add a country touch. Visually, the ensemble is held together by its specific color scheme. The light shades on top create a charming contrast with the dark candlestick made of natural stone.

Advent wreath in Scandinavian vintage style.

Advent wreath with laurel leaves instructions for tinkering

There are fundamental differences between vintage style in Europe and America. In the US, a lot of emphasis is placed on flowers and colors. In Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries, accent is put on a puristic ensemble. It does not have to be anything complicated and elaborate. For the Scandinavian Advent wreath, it is enough to drape several branches of eucalyptus loosely around a modern candlestick.

Advent wreath vintage style do it yourself tutorial

Vintage style Advent wreath is something very special. Its charm is particularly effective in a country house, vintage or shabby chic style interior. Vintage Christmas wreath can also be effectively staged in industrial style interiors.

Advent wreath in vintage style do it yourself from fir greenery

Tinkering enthusiasts who are willing to experiment can also try to use it to integrate a style break into the minimalist interior. If you choose to do so, you can create a link between vintage and modern by using a matching color scheme.

Advent wreath in shabby style with vintage candle holder

Purists will reach for fresh natural materials like moss or eucalyptus leaves. They will dry directly on the wreath, but even then look very beautiful.

Advent wreath with dried flowers do it yourself tutorial