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Advent wreath trends 2022: So beautiful are the current ideas for Advent decorations to copy!

Soon the Advent season begins again and you are still missing the right decoration? Or maybe you want to surprise family and friends with a stylish homemade gift? No problem, because the Advent wreath trends for 2022 offer numerous inspirations to recreate. Modern or romantic, with dried flowers, fancy or puristic in Scandi-Shic: We have looked at the current variations on the classic Advent wreath and explain how you can recreate them.

Advent wreath trends 2022 at a glance

Advent wreath blank with knitted cover

It’s already mid-November and all friends are thinking about how to design our Advent wreaths this year. If you too are sitting on the sofa at home and asking yourself a similar question, then you surely know the problem: you want to try something new and surprise the family, but nothing comes to mind. Fortunately, as every year, there are certain trends that present different variations to the classic Advent wreath.

From modern and fancy to vintage romance and country charm, this year Advent decorating trends are more diverse than ever. It’s no longer about crafting a new model, but rather giving already popular designs a modern twist.

Advent decoration with knitted

This year, for example, the classic Advent wreath with a blank is decorated with knitted items. You can wrap the styrofoam blank with a white sleeve from an old sweater. Home-knitted or purchased accessories such as cones, stars and decorative ribbons are then simply sewn or glued on. LED stick candles are mounted individually in candle skewers on the wreath.

Puristic Advent wreath for hanging

Advent wreath to hang with tea lights and fir branches

Several fir branches, wire and tea lights in jars – that’s all you really need for your next Advent decoration. Cut a 1 meter long piece of wire and bend it. Wrap fir branches around it and tie them together so that they completely cover the wire. Hang the glass tea light holders with wire from the fir branches. You can then additionally decorate the purist Advent wreath with circles and stars made of white clay cardboard.

Advent decoration with dried flowers: hydrangeas.

Advent wreath with dried flowers do it yourself with hydrangeas.jpg

In recent years, Advent decoration with dried flowers has been successfully established. However, instead of embellishing the blank with various dried flowers, grasses and fruit capsules, this year we rely on dried hydrangeas. As they dry, their flowers turn a golden brown. There are also specimens that turn ash green, and also those that retain their original white color. Combine blooms in different shades to create an effective ensemble.

Edible Advent decoration

Modern Advent wreath with nuts and origami stars design

Want to create an effective Advent decoration? Then arrange pillar candles on a tray (preferably with the simplest minimalist design made of metal). Fill the gaps between the candles with nuts, candies and nougat. Add several origami stars and place a few more pieces of pine branches. The decoration is ready. Tip: To make it look harmonious, choose different shades of one color. Example – powder, soft pink, gray and purple. You can also add shades of berries.

Fancy Advent decoration with liquid wax candles and exotic flowers

Advent wreath with scented oil candles and dry moss

Fancy, colorful and very decorative: that’s how the next DIY idea for Advent wreath made of dried moss, fresh exotic flowers and liquid wax candles presents itself. This Advent wreath is an absolute eye-catcher, looks very decorative and brings variety to the classic design. Tip: Decide on two accent colors, such as golden yellow and lavender.

Candles in different shapes

Advent wreath with different keryas

Traditionally, candles are the connecting element in an Advent wreath. However, if you want to try something new, combine candles in different shapes and stage them with fresh flowers and natural materials. The color scheme should pick up the candle color. Simple ensembles of green and white look best.

Advent wreath trends: stage candles in glasses and cups.

Advent wreath with crystal glasses design tips

If you are expecting guests and want to quickly craft an Advent wreath from available materials, you can stage stick candles in crystal glasses or vintage china cups. Fill in the gaps with natural materials from the garden or nearby park: pine cones, moss, small twigs, rose hips and even bird feathers can add accents.

Advent wreath with candles in ceramic tea cups and moss

An Advent wreath made of tea cups can be staged on the table as desired. The cups themselves are the most important thing in the decoration: they may stand out a little more. Especially charming look porcelain tea cups with floral patterns. If you do not have matching cups, then you can also take plain white and then paint . It is also a nice gift idea, because the cups will remain as a beautiful memory even after the Christmas season is over.

Advent wreath trends in modern country style

Advent wreath in a wooden bowl create with artificial snow

Modern, simple and yet feels country charm: this is how the next ideas for Advent wreaths can be described. However, in order for the decoration to look stylish, you should skillfully combine the modern with the rustic elements. Stage white candles in a wooden bowl filled with artificial snow. Arrange small reindeer silhouettes and fir tree figurines between the candles.

Advent wreath with fruits in country style

Or place a rustic metal candle holder with a rust look on a wooden disc. Paired with seasonal fruit like apples and berries, it looks especially good. Keep the rest of the table decor to the minimum so the Advent wreath can take the spotlight.

Advent wreath in a wine box with candles with numbers

Or arrange four candles together with gingerbread in a wooden wine box. The elongated Advent wreath makes a lovely gift and is guaranteed to earn you compliments.