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Advent wreath Scandinavian design: DIY ideas for a hygge Christmas decoration

Christmas is getting closer, soon it will be the first Advent. Now it’s time for the craft enthusiasts: make an Advent wreath yourself . In today’s post, we explain how to make an Advent wreath Scandinavian and use it as a decorative element in the interior. This Scandinavian Christmas decoration brings a hygge flair into the house and apartment!

Advent wreath Scandinavian design: Simple and as natural as possible

Advent wreath on tree disc decoration ideas for Christmas 2021

So much for red Christmas balls, fir greenery and golden candles: a Scandinavian Advent wreath is simple and kitsch-free. Naturalness stands with the neighbors in the highest place. The wax candles are therefore often staged on tree slices. The decoration comes from nature: moss, nuts and decorative figures made of oak wood form a puristic ensemble.

Advent wreath on wooden tray stage decoration ideas

The candles clearly play the main role. Those who dare can also cast their own Advent candles. Alternatively, scented candles are an option. In the north, the candles are decorated with natural materials such as pine branches.

Advent wreath modern design with decorative bowl and baubles

A candle holder made of ceramic and wood with an integrated bowl in the middle is the Christmas trend for 2021. Twisted stick candles tone-in-tone with the bowl form the perfect background for a creative decoration. The bowl can accommodate small paper stars, vintage Christmas ornaments, lighted Christmas balls and succulents, depending on your taste. Ready is the Scandinavian Advent tray with a vintage touch.

Advent wreath Scandinavian design: Arrangement tone-on-tone

Advent wreath puristic design instructions and ideas

Scandinavians love stick candles. They add that certain something to even a plain Advent wreath. The wreath itself may be a little more simple. Instead of colors, the neighbors in the north like to play with different natural materials. Instead of fir branches, pine or cypress branches are often used. Eucalyptus leaves give off a gentle scent and fill in gaps between the fir greenery.

Craft simple Advent tray with few materials.

Advent wreath Scandinavian design ideas with gold colored candles

The next craft idea is for all DIY enthusiasts who want to make a beautiful decoration just before the first Advent. You will need the following materials:

  • Tray, vintage in old gold
  • fir greenery
  • white pillar candles
  • Metallic paint spray
  • battery-powered fairy lights

First, spray the candles with the paint spray and color the bottom half of each candle gold. Then place the candles on the tray and drape the pine greenery all around. Then wrap the string of lights around the candles.

Hanging Advent wreath Scandinavian design

Advent wreath Scandinavian design ideas for hanging

Hanging candlesticks enjoy increasing popularity in recent years. Decorated with fir greenery and cones, the Advent wreath is puristic. A hanging candlestick in a rust look fits perfectly with it.

Advent wreath Scandinavian design with nuts and tree branches

Many hanging candle holders also have legs and can be staged on the windowsill or on the table. Simply decorate the candle holder with fir branches, pine cones and golden paper stars and equip with Advent candles.

Advent wreath Scandinavian hanging with fir branches

Alternatively, the simple candle holder can be spiced up with candles in powdery pastel colors. Several pine branches, casually draped around the candles and the hanging decorative figures made of wood and paper look delicate and festive at the same time. Such an Advent wreath can be combined with both modern , and vintage interior styles.

Scandinavian style Advent tray with moss, succulents and cones.

Advent wreath Scandinavian with moss in bowl

If you do not like the classic Advent wreath, you can opt for the next DIY idea. You will need a ceramic bowl in accent color, wet stick foam and moss. Cut the stick foam, water it and place it in the bowl. Then cover it with moss. A few succulents and small cones, as well as four plain stick candles, will effectively complete the purist ensemble.

Advent wreath Scandinavian design in tray

Alternatively, you can add nuts and chocolate balls. Several fir branches sticking out above the tray edge will give the Christmas decoration a casual look.

Advent tray Scandinavian design: The calendar candle

Advent wreath Scandinavian with pillar candle with numbers and pine branches

The Danes celebrate Christmas extensively and decorate their homes festively as early as mid-November. With the Danish candle “Kalenderlys” is guaranteed to increase the anticipation of the coming holiday. They are tall stick candles on which the numbers from 1 to 24 are written. In Germany, they are called calendar candles. Such a calendar candle is lit for the first time at the beginning of December. It is usually staged on a tray together with Christmas decorations and fir greenery. The arrangement is a purist alternative to the traditional Advent wreath.

Make Advent candle yourself

Advent wreath Scandinavian design instructions and ideas

The first Advent is approaching and you have not found suitable Advent candles? Cut out the numbers from 1 to 4 from metal foil, poke a hole in each number with a compass and wrap them around the candles with craft wire. Spray several cones with gold spray or glitter and place them around the candles. You can fill in gaps with chocolate balls.

Craft Scandinavian Advent wreath for outdoors

Do you want to craft an Advent wreath for outside? Then you can arrange stick candles on a metal tray together with fresh flowers and tree branches.

Advent wreath Scandinavian make yourself instructions and ideas

An Advent wreath in Scandinavian style attracts attention with its puristic look. Besides the natural materials, the candles also play the main role. The pillar candles are painted as you like, decorated with natural materials or decorated with numbers made of metal foil. The tall twisted stick candles add a noble touch to the puristic ensemle. Danish calendar candles look especially beautiful as soloists on a tray.

Vintage trays, wooden discs or hanging candle holders form the basis of a Scandinavian Advent wreath. They are then decorated with moss, fir greenery and nuts as desired. In doing so, one should not forget the rule of thumb: Less is more.