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Advent wreath on wooden disc do it yourself: how to decorate the tree disc for Christmas!

As an element of festive decoration of the pre-Christmas period, it increases the anticipation of the coming holiday. Advent wreath with its sparkling candles creates a relaxed, cozy and cheerful atmosphere. You can find a wide selection of designs in stores. But if you really want a personalized arrangement, then you should make it yourself. In today’s post, we’ll explain how you can arrange an Advent wreath on wooden disc. Get inspired and craft charming wreaths with a rustic touch.

Advent wreath on wooden disc for a rustic touch

Advent wreath with dried flowers and eucalyptus leaves

Do you have a wooden slice that you rearrange every season and don’t know what to put on it in winter? Instead of keeping the tree slice in the closet, you can use it as a base for a creative Advent wreath. In our house, this idea has always garnered compliments and we like to try a new design every year. The idea can be implemented in so many ways that you can craft both modern and romantic-playful Advent wreaths. By the way, totally in trend are arrangements with dried flowers.

You will need a wooden disc , preferably with bark, with a diameter of 60 cm. But you can, if you do not have such a wooden disc at home, use a round cutting board as a substitute. Take four candle holders with skewers and hammer them into the disc. Then insert stick candles into the candle holders. Once the candles are firmly attached to the tree disc, you have the basic framework for the Advent wreath.

Our tip: Use LED candles to avoid a fire hazard. Never leave burning and LED candles without supervision, because there is a risk of fire. Avoid burning candles in contact with flammable materials such as dried flowers, pine cones and the like. Make sure the candle holders are stable and the candles are well secured.

Advent wreath on wooden disc do it yourself instruction

Now it’s time to decorate. There are no limits to your imagination. You can choose natural materials, as well as a modern decoration made of Christmas tree ornaments. If you choose natural materials, then loosely drape the individual branches around the candles on the disc. Or you can make a wreath out of dried flowers. It is guaranteed to last longer. Plus, the dried flowers won’t be damaged by the heat of the candles. However, hot wax must not drip on them in any case, because there is a risk of fire.

Idea with stick candles and natural materials

Advent wreath on wooden disc with moss and self-painted candles

Crafting a beautiful Advent wreath is not a difficult task. For the first arrangement you will need four white stick candles, candle holders with skewers, a tree slice with bark, several pine cones and moss. You will still need the so-called candle pens with beeswax to paint the candles. You can apply the colored wax directly from the tube on the candles and paint beautiful Christmas motifs.

Proceed as follows: First, attach the candle holders with skewers. Then paint the tops of the pine cones with white paint (you can use watercolors) or spray them with artificial snow. Paint a fir tree on each candle and put them in the candle holders. After that, it only remains to scatter the moss on the wooden disc and decorate with the pine cones.

Advent wreath on wooden disc modern design with copper wire

puristic advent wreath on tree slice do it yourself

If you really need to go fast, then you can opt for the next modern DIY idea. All you need is white stick candles, pine cones, the tree slice with bark and copper wire. Attach the candles, place several pine cones in the center and wrap thin wire around the candles. The wire will shimmer attractively and reflect the candlelight.

Advent flower arrangement with eucalyptus and dried flowers

puritic advent wreath on wooden disc with natural materials

An Advent wreath made of eucalyptus branches and dried flowers will impress you not only with its effective, puristic arrangement, but also with the fresh, slightly spicy scent it scatters. In this regard, the natural materials make the charm of Advent decoration, the ensemble does not really need more. At the same time, such an arrangement lasts for about several weeks. The wooden disc provides the perfect background for Advent wreaths made of natural materials.

Advent wreath with succulents and ivy

Advent wreath from ivy and eucalyptus self make on tree disk

Thanks to the exotic appearance of succulents and attractive leaves with white veins of ivy, a purist wreath does not need additional decoration. Four stick candles in brass candle holders in the center of the wooden panel, ivy branches loosely draped around – that’s all it takes for a purist Advent wreath.

Winter wonderland with Advent decoration with tea lights

Advent wreath on tree disc do it yourself instruction

For the next idea for a beautiful Advent decoration, you need a wooden disc, dried or fresh moss, a small garland in gold, a string of lights, pine cones, rose hips, four tea lights in gold and a wooden house. Start with the moss: Drape it on the wooden board. Place the wooden house in the center, arrange the four candles around it. Fill in the gaps with pine cones and rose hips. Drape a string of lights around and under the moss and decorate the festive “Advent wreath” with the garland.

Simple with pillar candles

Advent wreath with tree balls and cones and stump candles tinkering

Pillar candles with a wooden trunk look are perfect for making an unusual Advent wreath. Place the candles in the center. Paint pine cones in white. Arrange the cones together with small Christmas tree balls in different colors (as additional decoration). Actually looks equally modern and rustic and is done very quickly.

Advent wreath on wooden disc stage

festive advent wreath with dried flowers lasts longer

If you love natural style and like to craft with materials from your own garden, then you certainly have dried flowers lying at home. However, it will look much more interesting if you arrange the Advent wreath with dry grasses or wheat stalks.

Advent wreath from wheat stalks on wooden disc tie yourself

For once an exciting alternative to the classic with fir branches: The four stick candles are fixed in the center and are then framed by wheat stalks, dried ferns and ornamental grasses. It creates a harmonious, natural ensemble , which is guaranteed to attract the eyes.