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Advent wreath on a tray make yourself: easily make a beautiful Christmas decoration!

The magical Advent season and, of course, the Christmas season itself are getting closer. Are you already as excited as we are? Then you will surely can hardly wait to make the first preparations: Advent calendars, the first Christmas decorations and, of course, the beautiful Advent wreath! And for this nowadays, apart from its traditional form, there are the most diverse variants from modern to Scandinavian to purist and lush and colorful design to hanging. Today, in turn, we show you how to create an Advent wreath on a tray.

Homemade Advent decoration – Practical, beautiful and individual

Square base decorated with candles and Christmas tree balls

If you imagine something complicated under the Advent wreath on a tray, you are very mistaken. It is a simple project that anyone can try, because it does not need to be specially stitched as with classics. Possible are both purist and more lush arrangements, because tablet provides enough space to create and can be round, square or rectangular as you like. Especially convenient is also that you can easily rearrange the entire arrangement at any time without ruining anything. So get started right away, collect any decorative materials and, of course, candles and create your own individual design.

Make your own Advent wreath on a tray – you’re spoiled for choice

Red Advent wreaths match the color of the Christmas celebration

If you want to decorate the complete arrangement for the Advent wreath on a tray yourself, you can basically use anything that you associate with Christmas and that you like. Really anything! Place four pillar candles, gladly also in different sizes and provided with numbers. Then spread the rest of the materials around them. Fir greenery and cones, for example, Christmas tree balls, cinnamon sticks or baked cookies/salt dough shapes, berries, Christmas figures such as angels, deer or fir trees and, and, and….

Craft idea with cans

Advent wreath on a tray do it yourself with cans and table candles

  • 4 empty and clean cans without labels
  • 4 candles
  • white acrylic paint and sponge
  • Christmas paper
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • sand, earth or other filling material
  • felt-tip pen, ruler, pencil, scissors
  • coarse-grained sea salt
  • Decorations such as ribbons, pine greenery, nuts, balls, artificial snow.

Advent wreath on a tray - instructions for crafting a rectangular model

Paint the cans in the white color. If you also wrap them with the paper afterwards, you don’t need to paint the entire can, just the edges where the metal will be visible. Then measure the circumference and height of the cans and cut the paper. It should be slightly longer than the can circumference so it can overlap. It’s best to use double-sided tape to attach the paper strips to the cans.

DIY idea for Advent and to give as a gift

Then fill the tins with your chosen filler material, stick the candles inside and top up with fake snow to cover the material. Stick in some more green branches all around and decorate with any other materials such as ribbons, bows and the like. Place the candle holders on the tray and spread other decorations around it.

Craft a beautiful backdrop

Advent wreath on a tray modern design with backdrop of houses

You can use cardboard to craft a beautiful backdrop for your Advent wreath on a tray. Whether it’s a row of houses or fir trees doesn’t matter. It gives the wreath an extravagance that surely no one else in your circle of acquaintances will have. Such silhouettes can also be bought ready-made in craft and decoration stores, so all you have to do is put them up.

Advent wreath on a tray – Quick variant for the Advent season

Purchased Advent wreath on a tray arrange for the table

But even if you are not the craft type, you can assemble an Advent wreath on a tray. Just use a ready-made wreath, which you simply place on any tray. Or for a more purist model, just get a candle holder, place it on the base and decorate around it.

Advent wreath on a tray or plate round and with flower arrangement

As an alternative to the tray, you can also use a flat decorative plate. On it put a wreath or make your own arrangement in the colors you want. Keep in mind that the Advent wreath on the tray will also decorate the festive table on Christmas Eve, so it’s best to color-coordinate it with the table decorations.

Fancy Advent wreath in rectangular shape with cones made of wood as fir trees.

Advent wreath on a tray rectangular arrange with trees and fir greenery

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated to make a great impression. Get a candle holder and glue them to the tray with hot glue. Do the same with some cones made of wood – modern fir trees. Then you can spread real or artificial fir greenery around it.

Make a lush candle tray for Advent yourself.

Lush arrangement for a wreath for Advent on gold

If you like to work with plants, you can also make your own flower arrangement and use for this purpose, for example, succulents or but artificial plants.

Advent wreath ideas – modern and puristic decorating with pine cones or succulents

Advent wreath on a tray modern design - puristic with pine cones or succulents

Succulents are also perfect for modern Advent calendars on the tray. However, if you like it not only modern, but also puristic, you rely on as few decorative elements as possible. A few twigs and cones around pillar candles, for example, are optimal.

Advent wreath on a tray – round decoration with metal candlestick

Modern wreath with metal stand for table candles in gray and puristic decoration