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Advent wreath make yourself: Create a cool alternative to the classic with jars

The Advent season will soon be here again and even the corona virus can’t scare away the anticipation of the coming Christmas. Are you also impatiently waiting for Christmas? Then you can start preparing a little earlier this year. Since Advent already starts at the end of November, Advent wreaths and Advent calendars are great craft projects for this month. In today’s article, we’ve collected ideas and instructions on how to make an Advent wreath yourself using jars. Get inspired and give the starting signal for this year’s Christmas crafting!

Make Advent wreath yourself – classic or modern?

Advent wreath DIY with glasses ideas

The traditional Christmas decoration includes, of course, the Advent wreath. It is usually designed as a table or hanging decoration and denotes the Sundays that remain until Christmas. The classic Advent wreath consists of fir branches (natural or artificial), poinsettias and especially baubles and decorations in red. The four Advent candles are placed on it and every Sunday before Christmas one of them is lit. However, if you want to design your Advent wreath differently this year, you can opt for alternative materials such as wood, concrete or glass. Below we have collected the best ideas for the popular Advent decoration with glasses.

Make a simple Advent wreath with glasses

Advent candles simple do it yourself in jars

Even an unusual Advent wreath doesn’t have to be complicated. An Advent wreath made of glasses is usually easy to recreate and is also considered quite safe. Since the candles burn in glass holders, there is virtually no risk of fire. For starters, we’d like to show you a simple craft project that is sure to work for anyone.

Materials simple Advent wreath from glasses

You will need:

  • 4 glasses
  • 4 pillar candles (candles and glasses must be of similar size)
  • thick paper
  • jute yarn
  • 4 small numbers (for example made of wood, metal or plastic)
  • hole punch or punch pliers
  • hot glue (optional)

DIY advent wreath in jars simple instructions

First, cut four equal-sized labels out of paper and punch a hole at the very top of each label. Then attach the numbers. This is best done with a hot glue. Alternatively, you can use self-adhesive numbers. Then thread a long string through each label and wrap it around the jar. Finally, place a pillar candle in each jar and the simple Advent wreath is ready.

Make your own Advent wreath with wine glasses

Use wine glasses as candle holders for Advent candles

Wine glasses are wonderful for quite a few craft projects. We have already shown you some beautiful craft ideas for Christmas decorations with wine glasses. Now we’ll go one step further and present this idea for DIY Advent wreath made of wine glasses.

What is needed:

  • 4 wine glasses
  • Hot glue
  • Miniature Christmas trees, little houses, polar bears or other Christmas decorations of your choice
  • Epsom salt and regular salt for the snow
  • paper
  • white pillar candles
  • Napkin glue
  • wooden box with low rim
  • string of lights
  • artificial needle branches

Decorate candle holders from wine glasses as mini snow globes

Draw circles on the paper using the wine glasses and cut them out. Coat the glasses with napkin glue and dip them in the Epsom salt.

Then glue any winter landscapes onto the paper circles. Then fill about a quarter of the jars with a mixture of Epsom salt and regular salt. In the next step, glue the paper circles with the decoration to the rim of the jar and turn the jars upside down. This creates a kind of snow globe that looks really cute.

Advent wreath from wine glasses modern and elegant

To finish the Advent wreath, you should now arrange the wine glasses in a matching wooden box. To make the decoration look even more beautiful and festive, decorate the places between the glasses with a thin string of lights and a few fir branches. Now it only remains to put the candles on the created Advent chandelier and you’re done. This Advent wreath looks really fabulous, don’t you think?

Advent wreath crafting with glass tealight holders

DIY advent decoration new ideas for advent candles

Would you like to make a simple yet playful Advent wreath yourself, then you can try this idea. Small glass tealight holders decorated with classic Christmas decorations of needle branches and berries serve as candle holders here. In combination with stand candles, these candle holders look very festive.

necessary materials DIY Advent wreath with tea light holders

Materials needed:

  • 4 tea light jars
  • 4 stand candles
  • thin decorative ribbons with Christmas motif
  • stars made of cardboard, craft clay or salt dough
  • golden marker
  • artificial fir branches and berries as decoration
  • white natural stones with a grain size of approx. 1 to 4 mm

Advent wreath DIY with glass tealight holders instructions

First, craft the small tags with the numbers of each Advent. To do this, you can cut out four equally sized stars from cardboard, or make them yourself from white craft clay or salt dough. Then number them with the numbers from one to four. Each star should also have a small hole for tying.

Then thread the yarn through the holes and tie a knot. Tie the stars to the glass necks and conceal the yarns with the help of beautiful decorative ribbons. These can be in a classic Christmas color or have a popular Christmas motif.

Advent wreath decorate yourself tea light holder with twigs and berries

Add small decorations of green branches and berries and tie a simple bow to keep the decorations in place. Finally, fill the jars halfway with decorative stones and place the candles inside. Make sure the decorations do not reach the flame. If it does, you will either need to make the decorations smaller or use larger candles, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

DIY Advent wreath made from jars of jam

Advent wreath DIY from glass decorate in shades of pink

Weck jars are practical and at the same time very decorative. Not for nothing they are used in numerous craft projects. So, if you want to make your own Advent wreath and you have already decided to use glass, then jars of jam are perfect for this. They come in many shapes and sizes, and this DIY project uses cylindrical jars of Weck.

Advent wreath make your own from tall jars materials

Here are the necessary materials:

  • 4 cylindrical lintel glasses with round rim
  • 4 large pillar candles (their diameter must correspond to the diameter of the glasses)
  • mother-of-pearl coloring spray
  • Yarn and decorative ribbons
  • Christmas decorations such as baubles, small garlands, beads, etc.
  • Sticker stars
  • Scissors
  • Glue

cylindrical jar decorate with stars tutorial

To make the wake-up jars look like real candle holders, you can embellish them a bit first. Stick some stars (or any other motif you like) on each jar and spray the jars with the coloring spray. After the paint dries, peel off the stickers.

DIY candle holder for advent wreath idea for decoration

Then decorate the jars as you like to create your Advent wreath and place the pillar candles inside. Now all that remains is to find a suitable place for them. For example, how about in the middle of the table like a festive table decoration ? Or maybe better on the mantel? This decision is up to you.

Advent wreath from filled jars

Advent wreath ideas with glasses and floating candles

A homemade Advent wreath does not necessarily have to be difficult to make. In filled jars, for example, you set the Advent candles beautifully in scene, without wasting much time and effort to craft and decorate. We offer you two simple variants:

Advent wreath DIY with floating candles in glass

Fill jars with water.

This idea works super fast and you don’t need any special materials or tools. It simply requires four canning jars, which you first fill halfway with water. Then add something green to the water – for example, fir branches or rosemary sprigs. Since the combination of green and red is classic for Christmas, add a handful of red berries to the greens as well. Then fill the jars up to the brim with water and place a floating candle in each jar. Done! There is also minimal fire risk with these Advent candles.

canning jars advent wreath do it yourself minimalist

Fill with artificial snow or decorative stones

Simple, yet elegant – in this example, the canning jars are simply filled with artificial snow. The material keeps the candles in place and looks beautiful at the same time. With a jute ribbon around the neck of the jar, the Advent decoration gets a natural look.

Decorate canning jars for the Advent wreath.

Preserving jar as a candle holder for Advent candles DIY

Instead of filling the jar, you can decorate it on the outside. In the following tutorial, the canning jar for the Advent candle is embellished with the help of lace ribbon and spray paint. Simply tie the lace around the jar, spray paint it and remove the lace after the drying time. The result is a beautiful DIY lantern that is perfect for the glass Advent wreath.

Instructions for decorating preserving jars with lace

Hanging advent wreath DIY with glasses

hanging advent wreath with glasses

Are you also a fan of hanging decorations? This variant for home decoration is perfect for small apartments, where there is simply not enough space for opulent decorations. In this project, the Advent candles are again arranged in jars and then hung at eye level.

Materials DIY Advent wreath from glasses simple

You’ll need:

  • 4 jars of weck, without lids
  • 4 tea lights (or pillar candles for longer burn times)
  • Baker’s twine
  • Washi Tape with Christmas motifs
  • a metal ring
  • decorative stones
  • a stick, about 50 cm long, painted white

simple macramé flower hanging baskets tutorial

In the first step you create a kind of hanging basket for the Advent candles. To do this, cut eight 70 cm long strings from the baker’s twine. Tie them all together with a big knot, about at 10 centimeters. This knot will later be at the bottom of the jar.

Then, in pairs, tie all two strings together – about 2 centimeters from the first knot. Now you should have four new knots. Then repeat the same thing again, with the new knots about 3 centimeters below the previous ones.

ready-made hanging tealight candle holder flower hanging basket

About 8 centimeters from the last knots, now tie four cords together, creating two new knots. At the end, tie one more knot from all the cords. Repeat three more times to create a traffic light for each Advent candle.

Weckglas Advent wreath make yourself simple

In the next step, decorate the jars for your Advent wreath. Fill each jar with some decorative stone, decorate the tea lights as desired and place them in the jars.

macramé cord knot on ring tutorial

Now you come to the assembly of the Advent wreath. To do this, cut three long pieces of string and tie them to the metal ring as shown in the pictures. Then tie the ends of the strings to each end of a painted stick.

hanging advent wreath do it yourself from jars hanging flower pendant

Now place the jars in the pre-made hanging baskets and hang them on the stick. However, to hang the Advent wreath, you will need a suitable hook on the ceiling.

DIY Advent wreath from bottles

Painting bottles as candle holders for Advent candles

If you like the look of classic table candles for an Advent wreath better, you can use glass bottles instead of canning jars. However, you will need to find suitable candles that fit exactly in the neck of the bottle. You can then decorate or paint the glass bottles any way you like so that they match the rest of your Advent decorations.

Make your own Advent wreath from glass bottles and tea lights

Advent wreath DIY from glass bottles

Glass bottles with a more ready neck, on the other hand, can be filled with beautiful Christmas decorations and used as candle holders for your homemade Advent wreath. Mini Christmas balls, decorative ribbons and tree of life branches are wonderful for this.

Make a simple Advent arrangement with jars

simple advent arrangement in wooden box DIY

If you want to make your own Advent wreath with jars, but still don’t want to completely forgo the classic look, then this idea is just for you. Use four canning jars for the Advent candles and arrange them on some fir branches. Decorate the Advent wreath with red Christmas balls to give the Advent decoration a traditional look.