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Advent wreath in gold modern design: These 3 ideas for Advent decoration are simple and succeed everyone

Christmas is slowly but surely approaching and the anticipation of the popular holiday increases with each passing day. If you have not yet started preparing, now is a good time to do so. Start with Advent decorations first, because there are less than 3 weeks left until the first Advent. With us you will learn how to make your own Advent wreath in gold modern, to give the decoration a personal touch.

The Advent wreath is a classic decoration for the pre-Christmas season, which should not be missing in any home. However, if you want to take a step away from the classic wreath made of fir, you can opt for an alternative Advent wreath. Take a look at our examples and DIY ideas for a modern Advent wreath in gold and get inspired!

What all do you need for a modern Advent wreath?

Classic Advent wreaths consist of fir greenery, candles and colored accents

Advent wreaths have been a part of the German tradition at Christmas time since the 19th century. Not only do they serve to decorate the home for the holiday, but they also count down the weeks until Christmas. This role is played by the four candles that are lit each Sunday.

The classic Advent wreath still consists of fir branches and other (usually red) decorative elements such as bows and baubles. However, since this classic decoration does not always fit well in our modern furnished homes, you can already find a variety of modern Advent wreaths that are in line with the latest home decorating trends and still fall back on tradition.

A modern Advent wreath is also much easier to make than the classic one. You don’t need to tie real wreaths and weave twigs in the process. Just the four candles arranged on a beautiful tray and decorated with decorations of your choice are enough.

Decorate modern: Advent wreaths in gold, which can make anyone.

Simple idea for the Advent candles

Along with red and green, gold is one of the classic Christmas colors. If you want to make a modern Advent wreath yourself, without completely breaking with tradition, you can add gold elements in your decorations. Here we offer a few quick and very simple idea on how to achieve this.

Here’s how to make a super simple advent wreath yourself in gold

Advent wreath gold modern make yourself - fast and super easy

Admittedly, most of us are not crafty at all. But does that mean you can’t craft your own decorations? Of course not! For all those who have two left hands, the following idea is perfectly suitable. Because crafting without cutting, gluing, binding, etc., anyone can do, right? Here’s how!

First, gather the following materials:

  • a golden plate or tray
  • white Advent candles (pillar candles) in the same or different sizes
  • golden pearl necklace
  • small golden Christmas balls (matt, shiny and with glitter)
  • white stars


  1. Clean the plate and polish it with a soft cloth. Gold has to be shiny!
  2. Then place the candles on the plate. Whether in a square, semicircle or in the middle, decide for yourself. For an interesting effect, you can choose candles in different sizes to give the wreath more dimension.
  3. Add a string of beads by wrapping them around the candles on the plate. Finally, fill the empty spaces with gold Christmas ornaments and white stars.
  4. Find a suitable place for the modern Advent wreath in gold and wait until the first Sunday of Advent to light the first candle.

Note: Since the candles and decorations are not fixed, you should be careful when moving them, so that the jewelry and candles do not fall off. But for this you can use the individual elements elsewhere after the feast or just carefully pack them until next Christmas.

Gold accents made easy: quick DIY Advent wreath tinkering.

Advent wreath in gold do it yourself with spray paint

If you still prefer the classic round shape of the Advent wreath, but unfortunately can not tie a wreath yourself, then you can use a simple trick. Buy a cheap, basic wreath, for example, made of willow. Get some more small golden decorative elements from the decoration store, golden or white pillar candles and candle holders with pick, as well as a bottle of golden spray paint. Don’t forget the glue either! The hot glue gun can just work wonders for little craft projects like this!

From here, it’s easy: first spray paint all the parts you want gold and let the paint dry. For this step, we recommend going outside. Then just insert the four candle holders into the wreath at equal distance from each other, glue the decorations in between and finally add the candles. That’s it!

Fancy, child’s play idea for the Advent wreath in gold.

Quick DIY Advent wreath in gold do it yourself

No expensive materials are needed for this unusual wreath. No crafting or gluing at all, all this DIY project requires is 5 minutes of time and a few decorative elements you may already have in your Christmas box.

This modern Advent wreath in gold is elongated and is arranged in a basket. However, you can also apply a small box or something similar. Furthermore, you will need gold fabric. This can be a cloth napkin, a table runner or a scarf. In the basket first put the pillar candles – one for each Advent. If you can’t find candles with numbers, you can simply put gold number stickers and paint the numbers on. The gold fabric is then placed in the basket and tucked between the candles so that the bottom of the basket is out of sight. The spaces between the candles can then be decorated with small decorative figures in gold and silver, such as baubles, fir trees, angels, stars, etc. To make the Advent wreath glow even when the candles are not lit, you can then wrap a thin string of lights around the basket. Was it complicated? Not at all.