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Advent wreath in bowl 2021: 17 beautiful ideas how you can combine candles and decorations.

A bowl decorated as an Advent wreath can be a great alternative to traditional Advent wreaths. All you need is a suitable bowl, four candles and decorations of your choice. You can choose the style and colors that best suit your taste. You like it white and simple or modern and stylish? It is the accessories that largely determine the look of your Advent decorations. Decorate the bowl with cones, Christmas balls, figurines, mini apples, decorative snow and glitter. You can also use small vases with flowers like orchids and poinsettias. Spread cinnamon sticks and star anise on them to bring a delicious Christmas scent to the living room. Get inspired by our ideas for an Advent wreath in a bowl!

Modern Advent wreath in bowl in warm orange tones

Here is a nice idea with a decorative bowl in copper. Due to its warm metal look, it spreads a particularly pleasant atmosphere. As a contrast to it best fit four white pillar candles. Orange orchid flowers in small vases then blend in wonderfully as floral accents. Make sure they do not come into contact with the candles. Now place the larger elements around the candles. Then add the smaller cones, decorative apples and holly berries. Finally, you can sprinkle the whole thing with artificial snow to create a wintry look.

Combine decorations in purple and gold

Advent wreath in purple tones with orchids

Orchids as cut flowers are characterized by a very long shelf life. In the vase, they can last from 2 to 4 weeks. To keep them beautiful longer, cut the stems fresh more often and avoid a location near the heating.

Design the Advent wreath modern in berry tones.

advent wreath in berry tones arranged in bowl

Fashionable berry colors from purple to pink bring elegance to Christmas decorations. For this Advent wreath, pillar candles in taupé were combined with a white ceramic bowl and decorations in berry tones. The golden acorns set beautiful accents.

Advent wreath in bowl make yourself

advent wreath in bowl do it yourself

To make candles and decorations stand stably in the bowl, you can create a base from modeling clay. On it, place the four candles. Cut the fir greenery into small pieces and spread them on the clay. To fix the branches, bend some 8 cm long pieces of floral wire into a U and insert their ends across the branches into the modeling clay. Then arrange the other decorations between the candles, depending on their size.

A forest landscape as an Advent wreath in bowl

advent wreath in bowl as winter landscape

Quickly and easily create a charming Advent decoration in the forest look for a fairy-tale atmosphere at home. You will need a bowl, moss, four mint green pillar candles, larch cones, snowberry branches, branches with red berries, e.g. dwarf medlar or hawthorn, alder cones and small plastic fir tree figures. Place the candles on the bowl and cover the rest of the bowl with moss, preferably with a slight difference in height, so that it looks like a slightly hilly landscape. Decorate with pine cones, berries and small Christmas trees to create a small forest. If you use real moss, be sure to spray it with water occasionally.

Decorate Advent candles with cinnamon sticks and fir greenery.

advent wreath bowl ideas forest landscape

For a nice Christmas scent, you can decorate the pillar candles with cinnamon sticks and fresh fir greenery. In addition, you can put a few drops of scented oil on green painted foam balls.

Deer figurines look very cute and perfectly fit the forest theme

Advent decorations in a monochrome color palette

advent wreath in bowl with fir green and green decorations

Advent wreath in bowl with extra long stick candles

advent wreath in ceramic bowl decorate with natural materials

Pillar candles stand very sturdy and are usually the preferred choice for Advent wreaths. However, if you are arranging your Advent decorations in a deep bowl, you can also use classic stick candles. Extra long candles make Advent wreaths even more elegant and unusual. Just make sure they are tucked deep enough into the bowl and stand sturdily. Alternatively, you can use special candle holders for stick candles.

Small bird figurines are in trend in 2021

advent wreath bowl decorating with golden stick candles

Black candles to golden baubles look especially chic

advent wreath in bowl with black stick candles

Purist Christmas decorations in white

alternative advent wreath in bowl with moss and led fir tree

Purist Christmas decorations are also very popular in 2021. White stick candles look particularly beautiful in a bowl with moss. To emphasize the purist look, add other decorations in white, such as white cut flowers in small vases, decorative snow and paper stars . To make your Advent decorations look even more magical, add other glowing decorations like LED mini trees or LED fairy lights.

White Christmas candles and crystal figurines look even more magical in candlelight

advent wreath in bowls with gray candles and white poinsettias

Candle holders for stick candles made from glass bottles are practical

alternative advent wreath with glass bottles

Satin ribbons in cinnamon add more pep to white candles

advent wreath in bowl with fir green and bronze decorations

Boho Advent wreath in bowl

A boho style advent wreath is totally in for 2021. You can also interpret the look in a bowl. As a basis for the arrangement, a white or black bowl is best. Then go for a combination of dried flowers and grasses that have a pleasant beige color palette. Pampas grass, silver leaf (lunaria), hare’s tail (velvet grass) and wheat stalks are ideal for the casual boho look.

The natural beige color fits perfectly with the relaxed boho style

boho advent wreath with pampas grass

Advent wreath upcycling

puristic alternative advent wreath in vintage bowl

If you don’t want to buy a new bowl for your Advent wreath, there are other DIY variations you can try ! Old cereal bowls, soup bowls as well as rusted baking dishes for example are a good solution. Since these are usually not so large in diameter, it is best to use stick candles. Again, it is very important that the candles are stable in the bowl.

Old baking dishes find new use

advent wreath bowl silver from cake form

You can put the candles in potting soil and then cover them with moss

advent wreath in copper baking dish homemade