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Advent wreath from pine cones, pine or spruce cones & other materials tinker

Everything revolves around pine cones, pine greenery and other natural materials . Nothing looks more cozy, nostalgic and romantic at Christmas time than what nature has to offer. While some prefer more modern decorations and look for a touch of elegance, others attach importance to the classics to get into the Christmas spirit. If you belong to the latter, we are not surprised that you landed in today’s article. And we’re guaranteed to amaze you with our delightful ideas for a DIY Advent wreath made from pine cones, pinecones or other types of cones! The fact that the wreaths are wonderfully easy to make on top of that is an added bonus you’ll appreciate. Get started right away!

Advent wreath from pine cones do it yourself - ideas with spruce cones and pine cones

Whether you want to use a ring of stick foam , a wire ring, cardboard ring or even no blank at all – pretty much any variation is possible with cones. In addition, such an Advent wreath looks great both completely from cones, as well as in combination with other natural materials. But just look for yourself and choose your favorite Advent wreath made of pine cones. Of course, you can use any type of cones for any of our ideas. For example, our first tutorial is about spruce cones, but fir, pine or larch cones are also possible.

Advent wreath from fir cones or spruce cones and pine branches

Advent wreath made of fir cones or spruce cones, fir greenery and poinsettia

Just because you’re using the cones from a particular coniferous tree doesn’t mean the branches have to come from that tree, too. For example, we just love the following variation with spruce cones and pine branches. You can combine whatever you like! A poinsettia has been placed in the center, but you can leave it out for a more purist wreath.

  • Plastic plate
  • Straw ring
  • brown adhesive tape/parcel tape
  • hot glue
  • cones
  • artificial moss
  • 4 candle holders for sticking, as you like for table candles or pillar candles
  • thin wire
  • conifer branches and thuja twigs
  • artificial branches with berries
  • candles
  • at will other decorations such as Christmas tree balls, stars, etc.

Stick cones and evergreen twigs to a straw ring

If you want to make this Advent wreath from pine cones, spruce cones or pine cones , start by wrapping the ring with the tape. Then glue it to the plate. Then along the outside with the hot glue stick the artificial moss and then in front of it, standing upright, stick the cones. The top of the ring is still bare and visible at this point. Change this by covering it alternately with the branches. For this, this time, do not use glue, but pieces of wire that you bend into a U-shape and use to pin it.

Crafting instructions with pine branches, spruce cones and red Christmas star in the center

Then stick the four candle holders into the wreath at equal distances from each other. The Advent wreath made of pine cones already looks beautiful this way and if you want, you can use it this way. In this case, you do not need a plate, as it will serve as a coaster for the flower. However, you can continue with the decorating. In the center, place a poinsettia, after which you spread artificial branches with red berries and other decorations here and there.

Here you can learn how to properly care for the poinsettia afterwards .

Tying Advent wreath without a blank for tea lights

Advent wreath from fir cones without blank make yourself with ring from cardboard

You want to spontaneously make an Advent wreath from pine cones yourself, but have no blank at home? Then improvise! Simply find cardboard, cut out a ring and glue and/or tie to it lanterns, the cones and any other materials you have at home. You can make the cardboard ring sturdier by wrapping it a few times with wide parcel tape.

Then add fabric in a matching color (for an Advent wreath made of pine cones, for example, in brown), any gaps will be less noticeable later.

Advent wreath elongated do it yourself

Alternatives Advent wreath from pine cones in läglicher form it pillar candles

Rustic or rather modern… you can not decide? This idea for an elongated shape as an alternative to the classic combines both and creates a really beautiful table decoration that you will still enjoy using next year. You can paint the cones any way you like or leave them natural and then simply arrange them on the tray.

Instructions for Advent wreath made of pine cones on a wooden disc.

Instructions for Advent wreath made of pine cones on a wooden disc with table candles

Naturally beautiful and through the table candles at the same time elegant looks this idea for fancy Advent wreaths. Simply arrange different cones on a wooden board. So you can create the alternative to the Advent wreath from pine cones, but also with pine cones. These you simply glue with hot glue on a wooden board or a wooden disc.

DIY tutorial with fir or pine cones on a wooden board

You also glue the candle holders there. To get different heights for the candles, you can glue one or two of the candle holders to the disk and the others to pine cones, which you can shorten as you like beforehand. In the picture instructions above you can see what is meant.

Advent wreath with branches and cones for hanging

Advent wreath from pine cones to hang with white poinsettia and hanging cones

If you want to make an Advent wreath yourself with pine cones, a hanging version is also a really wonderful idea. For this, first make a wreath from fir greenery, to which you tie cones with wire. Glue smaller cones to twigs and pin them to the wreath as well. If you want, you can add more elements, such as artificial poinsettias in white color.

Hanging advent wreath made of pine cones and twigs with table candles

Lush wreath made entirely of cones

Rustic Advent wreath made of fir cones and white stick candles

Inspirations for Advent wreaths made from natural materials.

Beautiful Advent wreaths with different types of cones and pillar candles

Spruce cones and evergreen branches

Idea with lanterns, spruce cones and evergreen thuja branches

Combine different cones and natural materials

Tie or make natural Advent wreaths with cones and hazelnuts

Create pine cone scales with golden glitter

Noble Advent wreath with accents in gold - design cones with glitter or paint

Advent wreath made of pine cones with pine branches as accents

Paint cones white and imitate snow for romantic Advent wreaths

Golden arrangement with table candles

Advent wreath made of pine cones with gold paint and stick candles

Red accents

DIY Advent wreaths in traditional colors - red and green

Wreaths in pink with white painted cones

Elegant feminine wreath for Advent with pink and white baubles