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Advent wreath from eucalyptus make yourself: Beautiful ideas and instructions for a purist Advent decoration

Advent wreath is one of the symbols of the pre-Christmas season. With each lit candle, the time until Christmas Eve becomes shorter and thus the anticipation increases. Advent wreaths can already be found everywhere in abundance, but the custom becomes even more beautiful when you tie and decorate the wreath yourself. Whether classically round or rather elongated – the ideas for a homemade Advent wreath are quite diverse. Today we would like to show you how you can make an Advent wreath from eucalyptus yourself and embellish it as you like. Get inspired by these ideas in the natural look!

Pure nature: the eucalyptus Advent wreath

Tying Advent wreath from fresh eucalyptus

Are you just looking for an alternative to the classic Advent wreath made of fir greenery ? The Advent wreath made of fresh eucalyptus enchants with its puristic look and fresh scent. The rich green leaves provide more freshness in the room and in itself do not need additional decoration. The eucalyptus branches are a wonderful idea for tying wreaths, because they usually last for a long time.

Tying eucalyptus branches

Simple advent wreath in green and pink from eucalyptus

If you particularly like the natural beauty of eucalyptus, you can use it to tie a purist Advent wreath yourself. If you do not have a eucalyptus plant at home, you can buy the branches directly in a flower store near you.

However, eucalyptus branches are woody and therefore not so easy to work with. Therefore, tying an Advent wreath only from eucalyptus requires a little more skill. You need to use especially thin branches, as they are easier to bend. To tie the branches together, you need either garden twine in a suitable color, or even better – floral wire. However, it should be noted that the larger the wreath, the more difficult it is to tie.

Advent wreath from eucalyptus make yourself: how to do it!

Simple advent wreath with eucalyptus and fir artificial

If you do not have experience with floristry, you still do not have to give up a homemade eucalyptus wreath. To do this, use any wreath blank, which you decorate with the beautiful green branches and leaves. Below you will find the instructions for a beautiful Advent wreath made of eucalyptus and succulents.

You will need:

  • Wreath blank (for example, a bark wreath).
  • branches eucalyptus
  • succulents
  • small cones (optional)
  • 4 pillar candles with numbers
  • string
  • scissors
  • steel wire
  • pliers

Advent wreath from eucalyptus bind so it goes

Turn the bark wreath upside down, put a branch of eucalyptus on it and tie it with the string. Turn the wreath over, wrap the eucalyptus around the wreath and fix with string. Put the string under the leaves so that it is no longer visible. Keep doing this until you have covered the entire wreath with eucalyptus. Then turn the wreath over again and tie the two ends of the string together. Then cut off any outstanding eucalyptus stems with scissors.

To attach the candles to the wreath, cut eight pieces of steel wire with pliers, about 6-7 inches long. Insert two pieces of wire into the bottom of each candle so that half sticks out, and insert the candles into the bark wreath.

How to make Advent wreath with eucalyptus and succulents

The Advent wreath made of eucalyptus is ready! And although it looks very decorative and beautiful in itself, you can further decorate it with succulents, pine cones, Christmas balls or whatever you like.

Nature Advent wreath from eucalyptus with succulents make yourself

This Advent wreath is on par with store-bought Christmas arrangements.

Make your own eucalyptus Advent wreath with pointed candles

Pointed candles Advent wreath make yourself from eucalyptus

The Advent wreath also looks beautiful with tapered candles. Here is a simple idea using a Styrofoam ring as a base. The following materials and tools are needed for this DIY project:

  • a styrofoam wreath
  • 4 taper candles
  • 1 large pillar candle
  • Pen
  • craft knife
  • hot glue gun
  • Patent adhesive
  • branches of eucalyptus
  • a nice ribbon

Advent wreath eucalyptus DIY with pointed candles

First, cut four holes in the styrofoam wreath where you want the candles. If you wish, you can now tape the areas between the holes with green felt so the Styrofoam doesn’t show through. Next, place the sprigs of eucalyptus around the wreath and pin them in place with patent tacks until the wreath is completely covered. Finally, stick the candles in the holes and you’re done. In the center of the wreath you can put a large pillar candle, decorated with a beautiful ribbon.

Advent wreath of eucalyptus in shell: quick and easy without tying.

DIY Advent wreath in bowl made from eucalyptus branches

To make a beautiful eucalyptus Advent wreath yourself, you actually do not need to tie the branches. It’s super easy and quick if you arrange four pillar candles in a pretty bowl and arrange some cut branches of eucalyptus in between. To make it even more beautiful, tie a nice ribbon with bow around each candle.

Advent wreath from eucalyptus elongated make yourself

This idea also works well for an oblong Advent wreath. For this, use a suitable oblong bowl, arrange the candles in a row and place the leaves around it.

How to keep the Advent wreath made of eucalyptus fresh longer?

Beautiful Advent wreath in bowl with red pointed candles eucalyptus and berries

Even if you tie the Advent wreath just before the first Advent, it must remain fresh for at least four weeks. But is this possible? Cut branches of eucalyptus usually begin to dry after 3-4 days. You can keep your Advent wreath fresh longer if you spray the plants with hairspray . Nevertheless, the leaves will not remain completely fresh until the last Advent.

Even if the eucalyptus leaves dry out easily, they still look beautiful. In addition, compared to leaves from other plants, they do not fall off. If you want to make an Advent wreath from eucalyptus that will always look fresh, it is better to use artificial branches.

The most beautiful DIY ideas for Advent wreaths with eucalyptus.

Natural advent wreath pine eucalyptus green

If you like the look of a eucalyptus wreath for Advent, you can use the following ideas as inspiration for your own DIY project.

Simple DIY Advent wreath with eucalyptus and hydrangea.

Advent wreath from eucalyptus and hydrangea easy to make yourself

Colorful advent wreath with eucalyptus, red hydrangea, succulents and berry branches

Colorful Advent wreath with eucalyptus succulents hydrangea and berry branches

Natural Advent wreath with eucalyptus, fir tree, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks

Natural Advent wreath from eucalyptus fir green dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks

Simple advent decoration made of birch bark and greenery

Decorate birch bark wreath with eucalyptus fir greenery and Christmas decorations

Round advent wreath with candlestick candles decorated with fresh eucalyptus branch and pine cones

Minimalist Advent wreath with eucalyptus and cones

Two ideas for minimalist eucalyptus Advent wreath – in bowl and hanging

Eucalyptus advent wreath ideas modern

Simple idea: decorate the Advent candle holder with small eucalyptus branches

Advent candle holder decorate with eucalyptus branches and mini Christmas balls

Modern interpretation of the Advent wreath with fairy lights and eucalyptus leaves under glasses

Advent wreath with a difference made of glass lantern chain and eucalyptus leaves