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Advent wreath elongated do it yourself: Modern ideas for Christmas arrangements with a natural look

Whether lush with pine boughs, conifers, seasonal flowers and cinnamon sticks, or more subdued and modern: At the beginning of November, most online stores, flower stores and even supermarkets already have a wide selection of Christmas flower arrangements ready. As beautiful as the variants in stores are, a homemade Advent wreath is something special. We give you some ideas on how to make an Advent wreath elongated.

Make the advent wreath elongated: Ideas for modern Advent arrangements

Advent wreath on plate do-it-yourself ideas and instructions

With a puristic Advent wreath you will bring coziness to your home. Here’s how you can make an Advent wreath on a plate by yourself:

First, arrange the four candles in a flat metal plate. White plates cut a particularly good figure. Heirlooms from grandparents or flea market finds add a vintage touch to the decor. Then drape the pine greenery around the candles. As a substitute to the fir greenery, other long-lasting varieties work great. Cypress branches or fragrant eucalyptus bring a Mediterranean touch to your own four walls. Green juniper bush branches create exciting contrasts to the white candles. Of course, you should color-coordinate the rest of the table decorations with the Advent wreath. Rather, decorate sparingly and avoid shiny Christmas tree ornaments. Instead, rely on homemade Christmas decorations made of wool, felt or leather.

Ideas for Advent wreath modern design in tray

If you make the Advent arrangement elongated, then it will be much easier for you to replace individual branches later. Put the Advent wreath outside overnight, then the fir greenery will last much longer.

Advent wreath ideas: modern arrangements in the tree trunk.

Advent wreath elongated do it yourself ideas with tree trunk and silent candles

Instead of on cypress or fir branches, you can embed the candles in a tree trunk between moss and ground covers. The natural Christmas decoration gives itself purist and makes a good figure on the windowsill, on the coffee or dining table.  To help you recreate the look, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 4 white LED candles (about 25 cm high)
  • a tree trunk, divided into two
  • Grasses, ferns, tillandsias and other plants of your choice
  • small pine cones and cinnamon sticks

How to make the Advent wreath: chop a tree trunk about 20 cm in diameter. Let the log rest overnight at room temperature. The next morning, drill four holes in the trunk and insert the candles. Be sure to use LED candles, otherwise there is a risk of fire! Nevertheless, never leave the Advent wreath lit without supervision.

Advent wreath on plate make yourself

Advent wreath self make traditional and elongated

A modern interpretation of the classic Advent arrangement: with four pillar candles and treasures from nature, you can arrange a purist Advent wreath on a plate. You will need the following materials:

  • A plate or tray made of metal, glass or porcelain.
  • Four white pillar candles
  • four decorative ribbons in red and white
  • four porcelain pendants with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Nature treasures of your choice

elongated Advent wreath DIY ideas with natural materials in wine box

Organize a trip in the woods and collect cones, rosehip twigs, fir branches and other nature treasures to match the theme. Place the four candles on the plate, tie the decorative ribbons and loosely arrange the fir branches around the candles. Add variety with succulents or sage leaves, which will spread a spicy scent throughout the room. Also chic and modern look juniper bush branches, which will give the “flower arrangement” a noble look.

Advent wreath do it yourself: Modern interpreted version on wooden cutting board.

Advent wreath modern and elongated do it yourself On cutting board

For the next Advent wreath, a beautiful wooden cutting board will be misused. Simply place four lanterns on it and decorate festively. Four jam or baby cereal jars and natural materials of your choice are all you need for the next craft idea. Here’s how to craft the lanterns:

1.Clean the jam jars and let them dry.

2. create four templates in the shape of a star and cut out a number in the center of each star (from 1 to 4).

3. Place a template on a jam jar and spray it with freeze spray. Wait a minute and carefully remove the template.

4.Using crayons for jar, you can paint more Christmas designs on it once the paint is completely dry.

Advent wreath craft: Modern design without natural materials

Advent wreath modern tinker in house from concrete instruction

Puristic perfection: this is how the next “Advent wreath” can be described. Four little houses made of concrete (you can also cast the little houses yourself) serve as candle holders for extra long white candles. If you don’t like it so minimalist, you can paint the little houses with acrylic paint or drape a garland of paper snowflakes around them. Our tip: It looks especially charming if you do not cast the little houses the same size. Houses of different heights create an exciting ensemble.

Create an elongated Advent wreath: Try out a modern color scheme!

Modern elongated Advent wreath do it yourself ideas in purple

At first glance, the next Advent wreath appears quite classic, but on closer inspection, it turns out to be a modern Christmas decoration and glows in delicate pink and lavender tones. Experiment with colors and materials. You can use not only fir branches, but also hydrangea flowers, lavender and other flowers for the festive arrangement. There are no limits to your own imagination!

Advent wreath in the tree trunk with rosehip and cypress branches.

Advent wreath modern do it yourself in tree trunk idea

Advent wreath with moss and other dried grasses

Modern advent wreath DIY instructions on plate or tray

Advent wreath elongated design and festive decoration

Advent wreath elongated do it yourself ideas and instructions

Rustic advent wreath

Advent wreath elongated design ideas rustic in tree branches