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Advent wreath boho style: the traditional Christmas decoration is interpreted in a modern way in 2021

The first Advent is approaching, the Christmas markets are already open and Christmas spirit is spread everywhere. Even at home, a beautiful Advent wreath heralds the holiday. In addition to the classic with fir branches, there are now numerous other designs. Particularly trendy is the Advent wreath Boho Style. With its casual, informal charm, it has already conquered the hearts of decoration enthusiasts. Whether made of dried flowers, with pampas grass or with bird feathers: the boho wreath gives itself wild and creative.

Advent wreath boho style do it yourself: This is the Christmas trend for 2021

Advent wreath Boho tie yourself instructions for Christmas decoration

The Boho style stands for casualness and a casual coziness. It interprets ethnic elements in a modern way and sets them as accents in the interior. No wonder that boho and country style go very well together. But boho accessories often decorate vintage or industrial style interiors as well. If your interior is inspired by hippie chic, then seasonal decorations should also match it.

Make boho Advent wreath from dried flowers yourself: Possible combinations

Advent wreath in Boho style tie yourself tutorial

Go for natural materials: the combination of dried and fresh flowers and plants, cones and bird feathers makes the charm of the boho Advent wreath.

The dried flowers are true classics and can be used in many ways. Dried and dark colored eucalyptus branches add an elegant touch to the arrangement. Use phalaris, craspedia drumsticks or cape straw flowers to add accents. Bleached pepper berries are the perfect gap fillers. Possible combinations include:

Advent wreath Boho Style tie yourself ideas with wheat stalks

  • Wheat stalks, straws, dried grasses that match in color and bleached oats.
  • Pampas grass, straw flowers, dried ruscus and silverleaf twigs, bleached thistles and flax flowers
  • Pampas grass, stabilized eucalyptus twigs (they look confusingly similar to fresh eucalyptus), various ferns and bird feathers
  • Pampas grass, bleached oats or wheat stalks, cotton twigs, and bleached sun wing flowers

Examples of color schemes: Bronze, sand color and various shades of brown, pink shades combined with cream, sand color and azure blue, various shades of green.

Advent wreath boho style: ideas with succulents and tillandsias

Advent wreath with succulents in boho style do it yourself

Advent wreath in boho style should meet two important criteria: It should be creative and look casual. So, instead of tying complicated arrangements, you can opt for the next sustainable DIY idea and make your own Advent wreath from succulents and tillandsias. It is very durable and can easily remain on the table even after Christmas. You have two options and can either take a wicker wreath as a base and decorate it with tillandsias or fill a tray with a high rim with soil and insert succulents of your choice.

Advent wreath boho style do it yourself: A traditional Christmas decoration with a difference

Advent wreath with cotton and pillar candles with Boho motifs

If the ethnic look is too special for you, you can incorporate style-defining elements into the traditional Advent wreath. Candles with embossed folklore motifs or cotton branches and dried grasses make a nice contrast to the evergreen fir branches.

Advent wreath Boho style on a wooden disc stage

Advent wreath boho style do it yourself tutorial

If you are fascinated by Christmas decoration in boho look, then you can recreate it. You will need various decorative elements of your choice (dried flowers, grasses, fresh flowers, feathers and so on), white LED stick candles, a wooden disc and a metal candle ring. Proceed as follows:

  • Use a wood drill bit with a center point to drill holes in the wooden disc and screw the wooden ring in place.
  • Tie the Advent wreath unevenly. Different branches can stick out, the branches can be of different lengths. The main thing is that it looks casual.

The arrangement looks especially charming if the candle ring shimmers in brass, copper or gold. You can also buy a candle ring in stainless steel look and then spray it with metallic spray.

Advent wreath in boho look with bird figurines and dried flowers

Advent wreath boho style with birds figures do it yourself tutorial

The special thing about the boho Advent wreath is that it looks festive even without seasonal decorations. You can decorate it not only with dried, artificial or fresh flowers, but also embellish it with various animal and bird figurines.

Advent wreath with birds and decorative grasses and feathers make yourself

Advent wreath do it yourself: Which candles should you take?

Advent wreath from dried flowers white tie instruction

For a boho wreath, you can use both pillar and stick candles. Our tip: it is best to take LED candles. The dried flowers are treated with special bleaches and chemicals, some of which are highly flammable. Fortunately, there are LED Advent candles in the craft stores, which are made of real wax and look confusingly similar to the original.

Tying Advent wreath with eucalyptus

Advent wreath Boho style do it yourself instructions and ideas

An Advent wreath with eucalyptus adds an exotic touch. The fresh twigs give off a pleasant scent and have a long shelf life, but are difficult to work with. Beginners should therefore resort to dried eucalyptus. It fascinates with its dark green leaves with a silver undertone.

Advent wreath in beach look

Advent wreath in Boho Style ideas and instructions

For those who dream of blue sea and white beaches, the next DIY idea. From driftwood, decorative balls and dried exotic flowers and fruit capsules can conjure up an Advent wreath in beach look. Add four plain white pillar candles – and the casual boho look is complete.

Last minute Advent wreath craft

Advent wreath between classic and boho style DIY ideas

A cool last-minute idea: buy a fir wreath and decorate it with cinnamon sticks, cones and dried flowers. Cotton branches with capsules can break up the strict classic look.

Advent wreath DIY from dried flowers in boho style tie ideas

Wild, charming and unique: this is how to describe the Advent wreath in the trendy boho style. It does not necessarily depend on the materials. Great importance is attached to a casual, natural look.